Ross Faulkner - Future of TV Presentation


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Ross Faulkner – Creative Solutions Controller, ITV

Ross joined ITV in 2008 as a Creative Solutions Controller. Prior to this Ross has had roles as a Senior Strategists at Naked Communications, an Insight Manager at Coca Cola Enterprises & a Media Manager at OMD UK. Ross works with media, communications & creative agencies to develop & implement broader creative and multi-platform solutions. Ross will give us an insight into how ITV are bringing big live-viewing events to life on multiple platforms beyond the broadcast.

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  • These days, it seems, the bigger you are, the better you are, the more likely you are to win. And in the past perhaps we at ITV have been guilty in abusing our own position within our own particular marketplace. But as the world changes so too must we.
  • Today we are operating within a dramatically changing market place. Digital, pay TV and the internet have vastly increased viewer choice and all free to air broadcasters have experienced significant loss of audience share. Moreover there’s been no real growth in UK TV advertising for the last 10 years and this decline will be ongoing as digital supply increases. As a consequence we have needed to be more agile, more fleet of foot; more able to respond more quickly and to also adopt the behaviours of a challenger brand if we’re to continue to be a business in this new digital age. Above all else we now want to be considered as a partner rather than an enemy- collaboration rather than confrontation
  • We have known for some years now that what our successful programme brands do is provide audience engagement and scale that travel across platforms. Smart advertisers can leverage this. We also know that this phenomenon (the relationship between the programmes we call Event TV and its audience- our True Fans) is on the increase due to developments in technology, in turn creating cultural impact and generating social currency amongst our viewers. We believe that individually each of these TV formats can deliver benefits to a campaign – and by using groups of these formats in a more considered way, campaigns can deliver significant increases in engagement, impact and effectiveness. However, to do this effectively will require a new planning and creative approach- a discipline that’s understood best by those who are closest to the content creation first hand; who understand how viewers interact with content and thus, in turn, advise how best it’s used as advertising platforms or in the comms mix.
  • So, as a reminder of what this looks like when we are Big & Live… here’s a short video.
  • The biggest modern example of this is the X Factor. As it continues its meteoric rise, technology has allowed our viewers to participate more fully than at any time before. Not only do you have at its centre a huge critical viewing mass but because of this you also have an extended tail- a tail that adds extended coverage and comms opportunities. Neither is this viewing phenomenon limited to just our juggernaut shows. We’re experiencing the same type of viewing behaviour across a whole raft of programmes from This Morning, to Coronation St, to The Only Way is Essex and Downton Abbey.
  • What better way to activate an event programme than ITV creating event advertising Awareness - High Interest viewers are aware they are watching content that millions of others are glued to 2)Anticipation - People can’t wait to watch it and don’t want to delay viewing any longer than necessary 3) Ritual - like the plumping of cushions, scheduling of meals or the enjoyment of special food and drink 4) Time Sensitive - it doesn’t ‘feel right’ if it isn’t viewed live 5) Closer - it provides an opportunity for viewers to share quality moments 7% uplift in sales….
  • Content broadcast in HD Ad Format innovations IPTV… You View Video up to 30” Dynamic Spots Display Digital Formats – Banners Dynamic ad-serving and 3rd party tracking
  • Ad Formats Apple iOS & Android Google Including Tablets for max brand exposure
  • Having these platforms is exciting for us as it makes our product work harder at captivating our viewers… …& it is exciting for brands as it creates unlimited ways of communicating with an audience whilst they are sharing an experience
  • Ross Faulkner - Future of TV Presentation

    1. 1. Big & Live 11 th May 2011
    2. 2. Wanna fight?
    3. 3. Wanna race?
    4. 4. Transactional One Channel Conversational Multi Channel As TV viewing has evolved - so has the communication opportunity
    5. 5. Big & Live
    6. 6. Big & Live
    7. 7. Being where our viewers want us to be…
    8. 8. … across multiple platforms
    9. 9. Total audience 29.3 million 61% Big, Live & Growing… Other Media 4.5 million 9.4% Word of Mouth 0.9 million 1.8% Other online/mobile 2.5 million 5.2% Non-Barb (Online/mobile) 0.9 million 1.8% Other Barb 2.5 million 5.2% ITV1 Live 18 million 37%
    10. 10. Big, Live & Growing… +43% +25% +44% +55%
    11. 11. We must continue delivering ‘Big & Live’ experiences for our viewers, across multiple platforms… … as well as working with you, to think about how the excitement we generate can work best for your brands.
    12. 13. Bought Creating brand fame through mass awareness Owned Engaging people through competition & further interactions Earned Creating loyalty & advocacy, driving awareness & education Living beyond the TV
    13. 15. Building for a Big & Live future…
    14. 16. Improving the quality & distribution of ITV Player
    15. 17. Creating calls to action… <ul><li>Bespoke Text Overlay </li></ul><ul><li>Call To “Tap” / Action </li></ul><ul><li>Best User Experience </li></ul>
    16. 18. New <ul><li>Fresh design, clearer navigation & social media integration on </li></ul>
    17. 19. Product Placement
    18. 20. Extending partnerships to the point of purchase… Building strong associations with our shows, at a critical point in a consumers decision making process
    19. 21. A continued commitment to developing Big & Live content… … which means more opportunities for partnerships with brands around our most exciting content
    20. 22. Big & Live