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Nathan Kosky, AEG


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MediaCom Engage Conference
Making Sport Pay
Sport as a Marketing Medium
Edinburgh, 10th May, 2012

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Nathan Kosky, AEG

  1. 1. AEG Global Partnerships Dusk at O2 World, Berlin
  2. 2. Contents• Who are AEG• Partnerships – What can they deliver? – Rights – not just a pretty badge – Case study; Nissan at The O2 – Case study; The Black Eyed Peas & Blackberry• AEG in Scotland – Partnering the SECC to deliver The Hydro• Summary – Fundamental considerations
  3. 3. AEG Worldwide leading company for Live Entertainment and Sport.3
  4. 4. The AEG Network and content World Class Sports Content World Class Venues World Class Music Content5
  5. 5. Highlight: The O2, LondonThe Building:• The world’s most popular entertainment arena• Arena welcomes over 2m visitors p.a.• Entertainment district includes restaurants and bars, multiplex cinema, club, small music theatre, and exhibition space which attract over 7m visitors annually in combination• One of the iconic venues in the worldContent:• 190 events each year• Major sport; NBA, ATP Finals, NHL,• Music: One-off events, tours and residencies
  6. 6. Partnerships What they deliver7
  7. 7. What can sponsorships deliver• Brand awareness – especially naming rights, broadcasted events like football• Customer retention and acquisition – benefits drive loyalty beyond the brand and product• Change perceptions – association in different surroundings give brands a chance to leverage ‘cool’, ‘sporty’ or whatever the rights holder’s image offers.• Genuine engagement and a chance to touch customers and potential customers• Ownership of the community element; grass roots activation• Creativity offers almost anything you want it to, on a scale to match.
  8. 8. Our partnerships• Naming rights or founding partners• CATEGORY EXCLUSIVE• LONG-TERM• BESPOKE• AEG is NOT the brand – we just offer the platform to engage• Genuine ownership of the customer experience from buying ticket to after-show interaction• Powerful segmentation – different demographic every single performance• Our business model is centred around our partnership revenue streams our aims are led by your aims9
  9. 9. Partnerships A menu of assets at your disposal10
  10. 10. Digital and fixed signage presence
  11. 11. Signature features
  12. 12. Customer benefits programme
  13. 13. Access to the big ticket
  14. 14. Random acts of kindness
  15. 15. Community and Social Responsibility
  16. 16. Pre and post-show digital interaction
  17. 17. Enhance the customer journey
  18. 18. Hospitality – clients and consumers
  19. 19. Experiential showcase – be part of the occasion
  20. 20. Leverage your assets together
  21. 21. Once-in-a-lifetime moments
  22. 22. Entertainment venues vs. sports sponsorship• No losing fans – only happy ones• Average 1.2 visits per year to The O2 – strong reach and dwell times• Different audience segmentation by event, night after night• Biggest night out of the year – or their life?• No tribalism or alienation• Great mindset for interaction
  23. 23. Case Study Nissan at The O224
  24. 24. A year at The O2 - Nissan
  25. 25. Nissan - results• Over 1m visitors to the Innovation Station over the term of contract• Change perceptions – electric cars and sports credentials• Integrated with schools programme and curriculum• Hub for all Nissan launch activity and dealer events• Twice as likely to buy Nissan compared to consumers who haven’t visited
  26. 26. AEG Live case study: Blackberry and The Black Eyed Peas27
  27. 27. Blackberry - Show IntegrationMechanismBBM’s collected before each show‘I love what I do’ rap during each ad libs a rap from the messages scrolledResultsOver 3,500 BBM contacts from London aloneOver 1m attendees of the shows globallyHuge recall due to product integration and benefit tobeing a Blackberry owner
  28. 28. Coming to Scotland The Hydro, Glasgow29
  29. 29. The fundamentals Some key things to consider and take away31
  30. 30. Seek to bring your brand to life – not just advertiseUse the Confucian principle: Tell me and I will forget Show me and I will remember Involve me and I will understand
  31. 31. Buy the rights that achieve your goalsWhat are your goals?Don’t buy set packages, get a bespoke sponsorship that delivers what you need. Where is doesn’texist, create it – think outside that box and be different where you need to be.
  32. 32. The best ideas are collaborativeNo-one knows your brand and aims like you – no-one knows what the rights can achieve betterthan the rights holder; so work together.
  33. 33. Think long-termGenerally, long-term partnerships give you the association, reach and chance to engage greaterthan short-term ones. Unlike football, The O2 visitors come only 1.2 times per annum. It’s not ashort term media blast.Also, rights need to reflect your ability to change message throughout 3, 5 or ten years
  34. 34. Pay the right price to give you returnWork out model of ROI – evaluate value of rights
  35. 35. Set KPI’s and manage themSet out what your goals are, share them with rights holder and work together to achieve them.Review them and develop them as business strategies change and the relationship grows.
  36. 36. Great sponsorship deals are not easyBut get them right and they’ll make you and your company famous!
  37. 37. Presented byNathan KoskyDirector- SalesAEG Europe Global PartnershipsTel+44 7738 600237+44 (0) 207 757