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Gleam YouTube Talent at Mediacom Engage October 2013


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Dominic Smales from Gleam explains the rise of YouTube talent

Published in: Marketing, Technology, Business
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Gleam YouTube Talent at Mediacom Engage October 2013

  1. 1. Social Talent Harnessing Influence and Engagement on YouTube @DomSmales @TeamGleam
  2. 2. 156k 295k 265k 1.2m 1.3m 2.3m
  3. 3. = 716,000 = 4,800,000
  4. 4. What is Social Talent?
  5. 5. Tutorials & hauls & Vlogs
  6. 6. Proper fame?
  7. 7. Social talent Talent YouTube Twitter Instagram Blog Facebook Pixiwoo 7m views per month 500k followers 350k followers 1m impressions per month 200k likes Jim Chapman 2.5m views per month 350k followers 670k followers 0.5m impressions per month 20k likes Tanya Burr 5m views per month 670k followers 800k followers 0.5m impressions per month 70k likes Zoella 6m views per month 730k followers 1m followers 1m impressions per month 100k likes Wayne Goss 4m views per month 190k followers 50k followers 0.5m impressions per month 30k likes Ruth Crilly 0.75m views per month 80k followers 80k followers 0.75m impressions per month 8k likes Alfie Deyes 4m views per month 600k followers 450k followers n/a 60k likes Caspar Lee 4.5m views per month 800k followers 850k followers n/a 166k likes Marcus Butler 4.3m views per month 600k followers 750k followers n/a 75k likes
  8. 8. Gleam channels • 16 ‘talent’ • 44m views last month • 12m subscribers (+18% up month on month – 1.6m a month) • 3m views yesterday (top 2 channels do 0.5m a day) • 200,000 comments a month • 1m likes a month
  9. 9. Properly engaged
  10. 10. Efficient audience • • • • • 7m views a month 93% Female 54% 18 – 44 Largest UK beauty channel on YouTube Reach more women in the UK than the combined circulations of Cosmo, Vogue and Glamour
  11. 11. Click through Tweet from Pixiwoo 1 tweet from Pixiwoo delivered 124% more traffic to site than average traffic delivered by prime time weekend ITV2 sponsorship buffers. ITV advertising
  12. 12. Reach and frequenc y Media Deep brand engagement Assets
  13. 13. Reach and frequenc y Media Advocacy and click through Deep brand engagement Talent Assets
  14. 14. Total integration
  15. 15. Social Talent