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That's Not Me - Diversity and Media


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Framed around key concepts of media literacy, the That’s Not Me tutorial examines how entertainment and news media represent diversity and the impact these media portrayals can have on the value we place on individuals and groups in society. The tutorial explores how the media industry is changing to better reflect Canadian society and provides strategies for challenging negative representations and engaging young people in advocating for more realistic and positive media portrayals.

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That's Not Me - Diversity and Media

  1. 1. Facing Online Hate 1. Defining Hate 2. Why Focus on Youth? 3. Radicalization: How Attitudes Become More Extreme 4. How Youth Encounter Hate Material Targeted Hate Cultures of Hate 5. How Online Hate Does Harm 6. Strategies for Facing Online Hate
  2. 2. Defining Hate“If tigers threaten us and hurt us, all tigers are targets.”
  3. 3. Hate and the Law
  4. 4. Why Focus On Youth
  5. 5. Victims and persons accused of police-reported hate crimes,by age group, 2009Source: Statistics Canada
  6. 6. “Recruit Skins or covert activists fromPunk Rockers and from the group ofdisaffected White kids who feel “left out,”isolated, unpopular, or on the fringe ormargin of things at school (outsiders,loners). There are some very effective peopleamong such kids, and working with Naziskinheads will give them a sense ofaccomplishment, attainment, success, andbelonging.”Action Plan for Aryan Skinheads
  7. 7. Radicalization:How Attitudes Become More Extreme Radicalization: an increase in and/or reinforcing of extremism in the thinking, sentiments, and/or behavior of individuals and/or groups of individuals. David R. Mandel, Radicalization: What Does It Mean?
  10. 10. MEMBERS
  11. 11. ACTIVISTS
  12. 12. Mechanisms of Radicalization • The Slippery Slope • The Group as Family • Radicalization in Like-Minded Groups • Radicalization Under Isolation and Threat • Radicalization in Conflict With an Outgroup Based on Mechanisms of Political Radicalization by Clark McCauley and Sophia Moskaleno
  13. 13. The Slippery Slope“There’s times I’ve said to myself,‘Why? You’re mad in the head, like.’But… I just can’t turn my back on it . . .there’s too many of my friends in jail,there’s too many of my mates giventheir lives, and I’ve walked behind – I’vewalked behind too many funerals toturn my back on it now.”
  14. 14. The Group as Family
  15. 15. Radicalization in Like-Minded Groups
  16. 16. Radicalization Under Isolation or Threat
  17. 17. Radicalization in Conflict With an OutgroupDehumanization
  18. 18. How Youth Encounter Hate Material Online Targeted Hate Ideologies of Hate Forms Techniques Cultures of Hatred Cultural Norms Conducive to Hate Hate and Cyberbullying
  19. 19. Targeted Hate Ideologies of Hate “The Other” As Inferior As Threat The Glorious Past Victimhood Divine or Natural Sanction The Coming Conflict Martyrdom
  20. 20. “The Other”As Inferior “You cannot turn “Negro culture is not merely low IQ primitive, savages into First different from White culture; it is a less advanced culture and, by If World whites. practically any standard,aboriginals these inferior. It is a culture which never mental had the wherewithal to advanced to the point of a written build a great language or a civilized society. It civilization, they never saw even the barest would. But they do glimmerings of mathematics or not because they the invention of the wheel.” cannot.”
  21. 21. “The Other”As Threat
  22. 22. The Glorious Past “… revealed in this work is the one true cause of the rise and fall of the world’s greatest empires – that all civilizations rise and fall according to their racial homogeneity and nothing else.”
  23. 23. The Glorious Past “The Muslim lands, where the future Caliphate will be re-established over, covers a huge area from Spain in the west all the way to Indonesia in the East.”
  24. 24. Victimhood“Slavery had a pernicious impacton White people in America,corrupting those classes whoowned slaves and harming thoseWhites who did not… Its realdamage has been that it placed apeople in our midst who as agroup have little aptitude for our “I say, ‘Did you ever own a “Because Islamyouaever kill and slave? Did is hateful antechnology, no empathy with our violent ideologywhy arepreachesculture, no adulation for our history Indian? So which they hate and violence against ALLand heroes, and no love for us, non-Muslims make you feel guilty trying to (especially Jews, asonly resentment for perceived past it is for being White?’ Before they obsessed with us, andwrongs.” dehumanizes usI’d start telling can answer as apes and them about ZOG.” pigs), we are against ALL mosques.”
  25. 25. Divine or Natural SanctionThe Coming Conflict “God who made our Father – who is Adam, the perfect man – is Father to all of the White Northern European Men. We are descended from God and not from the Devil, as are all other men in the world.”
  26. 26. Divine or Natural SanctionMartyrdom
  27. 27. FormsWebsites “We don’t really need the media anymore… the only thing we need is the Internet.” Thomas Robb, National Director of the Ku Klux Klan
  28. 28. FormsVideos and Music
  29. 29. FormsGames
  30. 30. FormsSocial Media
  31. 31. FormsCloaked Sites
  32. 32. FormsAccidental Contact
  33. 33. TechniquesMisinformation “It is often very difficult to approach the subject of white pride or racial integrity. “What is your reason for home schooling?” they may ask. Of course, you know that it is because you are sick and tired of your kids being told to honor Martin Luther King, Jr. or to glorify homosexuals and their lifestyle. You don’t like your children’s school – day in and day out anti-white propaganda.”
  34. 34. TechniquesMisinformation: Mainstreaming
  35. 35. TechniquesMisinformation: Denialism
  36. 36. TechniquesMisinformation: Denialism
  37. 37. TechniquesMisinformation: Pseudo-Science
  38. 38. TechniquesGroup Solidarity
  39. 39. TechniquesGroup Solidarity: Nationalism
  40. 40. TechniquesGroup Solidarity: Religion
  41. 41. TechniquesGroup Solidarity: Hero Narrative
  42. 42. TechniquesScare Tactics
  43. 43. TechniquesOthering
  44. 44. Cultures of Hatred
  45. 45. Cultures of HatredProud_2B_Muslim GayPride90Who would be proud to Who is this faggot?be Muslim?He’s trying to die to get his Quit gaying up our game.72 virgins.I’m trying to kill the Muslim. I ain’t playing with a fag. Fags ruined this country.Yay. The Muslim’s dead. Run, gayboy, run!
  46. 46. Cultures of Hatred
  47. 47. Cultures of HatredWhere did all the doggies and kitty cats goSince the gold farmers started to showDon’t want to know what’s in that egg rollNot supposed to be here anywayI don’t know any other way to conveyHow much we wish you’d all just go away
  48. 48. Cultures of Hatred
  49. 49. HarmHostile Environments Hi. I was on my character LartinMuther I know, cheesy parody, hosting a guild in honor of MLK day and non-discrimination. Two people, Knox and Larigodan, entered my phase AND whispered me, spamming "WHITE POWER" and "N-----" (racial slur I refuse to repeat).
  50. 50. HarmHarassment
  51. 51. Harm HarmImpact of Hate Speech and Hate Crimes
  52. 52. HarmRecruitment
  53. 53. HarmIncitement
  54. 54. HarmMisinformation “A much more likely, and more pernicious risk to young people from hate speech online than either mobilizing or recruiting them into extremist white supremacist groups, is… its ability to change how we know what we say we know about issues that have been politically hard won.” Jesse Daniels, Race, Civil Rights and Hate Speech in the Digital Era
  55. 55. HarmNormalization of Hate Speech
  56. 56. StrategiesTeaching Empathy
  57. 57. StrategiesSocial Norming
  58. 58. StrategiesFighting Hate: Legal ApproachesMunicipalities withdedicated hate crime units: Provincial hate crimes units:Calgary Ontario Hate Crime ExtremismEdmonton Investigative TeamHamiltonOrillia Joint forces initiatives:OttawaTorontoVancouver B.C. Hate Crime TeamWinnipeg
  59. 59. StrategiesFighting Hate: Intervention
  60. 60. StrategiesFighting Hate: Reporting Hate
  61. 61. StrategiesFighting Hate: Who is Fighting Hate Online?
  62. 62. StrategiesOpen Communication
  63. 63. StrategiesOpen Communication Dealing with hate in the classroom Be prepared Address it first Don’t let hate speech go unchallenged Model questioning sources Take the time to address it fully Create a classroom environment where diversity is respected “We would be naïve if we did not recognize that language can… be used as a potent weapon. As teachers, one way we can blunt such language is to demystify it and to examine it rationally.” Leila Christenbury, Making The Journey
  64. 64. StrategiesTeaching Historical Context
  65. 65. StrategiesMedia Education “The Panel recommends that schools across Canada develop and implement media intervention programs to help youth develop the critical thinking skills to be able to identify, reject and report hate “Fostering media literacy media on the Internet.” and critical thinking is the Report of the Inquiry Panel of the most important instrument Canadian Parliamentary Committee to Combat Antisemitism to tackle hate mongers and the spread of discriminatory content on the Internet.” International Network Against CyberHate Report 2010
  66. 66. StrategiesMedia EducationKey Concept: Media Are Constructions
  67. 67. StrategiesMedia EducationKey Concept: Media Contain Ideological Messages It’s a fun game. The game is fun. Just like Grand Theft Auto, GTA2 and GTA3. I think we are all forgeting that it is JUST A GAME! Comments on “The Suicide Bomber Game” on the Newgrounds Bulletin Board
  68. 68. StrategiesMedia EducationKey Concept: Audiences Negotiate Meaning “Without an understanding of cultural history, in which power has been slanted in the direction of straight, White males, the concept seems just.” Randy Blazak, White Boys to Terrorist Men: Target Recruitment of Nazi Skinheads
  69. 69. StrategiesCritical ThinkingVerifying Sources
  70. 70. StrategiesCritical ThinkingRecognizing Bias and Manipulation
  71. 71. StrategiesCritical ThinkingAuthenticating Facts
  72. 72. This workshop was made possible withfinancial support from the Government ofCanada through Justice Canada’s Justice Partnership and Innovation Program.
  73. 73. This workshop has been produced byFor more information, contact: MediaSmarts 1-800-896-3342