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MediaAgility Runs On The Cloud For Less Than $1/day/employee


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A free to read and share white paper on how a company drove business and culture transformation by switching to the Cloud. The operational cost of running the company was driven down to less than $1employee/day which is 1/3 the cost of a latte. G

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MediaAgility Runs On The Cloud For Less Than $1/day/employee

  1. 1. MEDIAAGILITY RUNS ON THE CLOUD FORLESS THAN $1/EMPLOYEE/DAYHow MediaAgility Achieved Process and Culture Transformation.AUTHORSRajesh Abhyankar, Co-Founder and CEOVidushi Bhatia, Manager - Enterprise Marketingversion 1.1 GA - May 2013Powered By Our Rich Culture and the CloudHQ : 360 Wall Street, Princeton NJ 08540 • (866) MEDIA V1 • • www.mediaagility.c om
  2. 2. Table of ContentsExecutive Summary! 3MediaAgility Culture! 4Born in the Cloud! 4Rich Culture! 4Google Partnership! 4Employee Productivity! 5Phased Approach! 5Google Apps - Messaging and Collaboration! 5Google+ Enterprise Social Media! 5Sales, Service and Marketing! 6Nimble - CRM! 6Hubspot - Inbound Marketing! 6Mojo Helpdesk - Support! 6Communications! 7RingCentral - Cloud PBX! 7Uber Conference - Audio Conferencing! 7People Operations! 7MediaAgility! White Paper1
  3. 3. 7Geese - Social Performance Management! 7Accounting and Finance! 8Xero - Beautiful Accounting Software! 8Expensify - Expense Management! 8Software Development! 9Pivotal Tracker - Agile Product Development! 9Teamwork PM - Project Management! 9Wunderlist - Personal To Do Lists! 9Architecture! 10Google Apps Identity! 10Economics! 11Cost per Business Function! 11Process and Culture Transformation! 12Not Just Technology Savings! 12Work the Way You Live! 12Global Community Spirit! 12Collaborative Creation of Intellectual Property! 12Conclusions! 13MediaAgility! White Paper2
  4. 4. Executive Summary1. Overview - MediaAgility is a Cloud Intelligence company headquartered in the US with offices in India, Singa-pore and the UK. Founded in early 2011, our mission is to challenge our customers to achieve their moonshots bycreating intelligent solutions powered by our rich culture and the cloud. We achieve this through our three busi-ness divisions - Products, Cloud Deployments and Enterprise Solutions. With a global strength of 130 as of May2013 and growing, our goal during our inception was to showcase ourselves as a model example of a modernlean enterprise that runs entirely on the cloud. Through this white paper we are sharing for the first time how weachieved this over a period of one year.2. Technology Transformation - We created a team of change agents that challenged every single business processand migrated it to the cloud. This required tremendous effort in evaluating numerous cloud solutions, doingpilot runs, selecting a solution and sometimes changing it within few months if required. Most important wereuser training and change management. After a year of stable operations we are now optimizing our costs at anincredible level of less than $1 per employee per month.3. Process and Culture Transformation - Through this initiative we have been able to deploy some of the latestthinking in the fields of collaboration, employee engagement, going asset-light and creating an open culturewhere innovation can thrive. This has resulted in not just technology savings but a more profound process andculture transformation.4. Purpose - The objective of this white paper is to help business and technology leaders at small, medium andeven large businesses to understand the growing trend of “Consumerization of IT” and how this can actuallybring about a cultural transformation in their organizations.MediaAgility! White Paper3
  5. 5. MediaAgility CultureBorn in the CloudMediaAgility was born in the Cloud in early 2011 with a mission to challenge our customers to achieve their moon-shots by creating intelligent solutions powered by our rich culture and the Cloud. Founded in New York by a groupof high performance entrepreneurs, the company had a clear vision of the impact of the massive paradigm shift tak-ing place in computing. By the end of this decade almost the entire global population will be connected to the Inter-net through various devices. Cloud computing will continue to rise with its massive processing power and virtuallyunlimited storage and people will find many interesting ways to connect with each other. This is an exciting time tobe part of this new paradigm to solve some of the big problems that seemed impossible to solve only a few years ago.We have helped over a 100 customers to migrate to this new paradigm, delivered numerous mobile apps that havebeen downloaded over 100,000 times and are building large scale solutions on the cloud platform for Fortune 500companies.Rich CultureMediaAgility’s culture is based on our shared values of Integrity, Persistence, Passion, Accountability, Enterprisingspirit and Goal oriented approach. Every Agilite (every Agile Mind in the MediaAgility team) in the company sharesthese values as we continue to grow globally. We have challenged and re-imagined every single business process likeaccounting, HR, product development, facilities management and training. What started as cloud based technologytransformation has resulted in a much deeper process and culture transformation. This has also created an abundanceof opportunities to build amazing careers in a fun and exciting environment. For example travel around the world towork on challenging assignments, meet icons like Vint Cerf - the Father of the Internet or just relax at a Los Angelesbeach after a hard days work. Joining MediaAgility has been described by many as a culture shock!TGIF celebration every Friday Opportunity to meet the Father of the Internet Santa Monica Pier after a hard days workGoogle PartnershipSince our inception it was clear that we had to establish deep partnerships with innovative companies leading theworld into this new paradigm of computing. Google Enterprise was a perfect match for us given our mission, cultureand desire to work with the best minds in the industry.This white paper describes some of the critical business processes that have been challenged and transformed. Themessaging and collaboration process that enables employee productivity is the lifeline of any business. We startedwith this area and adopted a phased approach as we had to work on three streams - Project Management, ChangeManagement and Technology Implementation.MediaAgility! White Paper4
  6. 6. Employee ProductivityPhased ApproachA small team was put together to implement our CEO’s vision of showcasing MediaAgility as a model company torun entirely on the cloud. There was no budget or approval for hosting ANY servers on-premise in any country. Theteam began rolling out this vision in phases. The first stop was addressing the email, messaging and collaborationneeds that affect the entire company. Later phases continued to roll out cloud solutions that would cover all the de-partments. This white paper only provides an overview and detailed comparisons, pilots, selection process of indi-vidual cloud solutions is outside the scope of this document.Google Apps - Messaging and CollaborationThe founders of MediaAgility were early adopters of Google Apps (in their previous venture) ever since the productlaunched as Gmail for Your Domain. Google Apps provides a strong foundation that connects employees and mostimportantly provides a secure identity with two-factor authentication for each Agilite. The Google Apps Marketplacehas evolved into a rich ecosystem of third-party software engineered to work seamlessly with Google Apps. GoogleApps services contributes immensely across all functions in the organization. Eg. Google Sites became our Intranetand training platform. Google Drive hosts our shared document repository.Google+ Hangout Google Drive GmailGoogle+ Enterprise Social MediaGoogle+ is an innovative social-enterprise tool that is part of Google Apps. Google+ Hangouts serve as a powerfulvideo conferencing feature enabling Agilites to collaborate from multiple locations at the same time. Users can join aHangout from various devices running Android, iOS, Mac or Windows.The  social aspects of Google+ enables our marketing team to create and energize communities, educate audience,share blog posts, press releases and company updates publicly or share confidential company updates restricted tothe users within the company domain. Our Sales and Services teams also stays in touch with clients and prospects viaGoogle+.Google+ Circles are created by many teams. A new person joining the team gets added to the circle and benefits fromwealth of training material and information about their project from the conversations in that circle.MediaAgility! White Paper5
  7. 7. Sales, Service and MarketingNimble - CRMWe understood the need for a cloud based CRM very early and after testing out a couple of available tools, we settledon Nimble. We liked Nimble’s approach of Social Relationship Management where our sales reps can see all the pub-licly available social information about their contacts. The unified communications approach, social listening and theexpanding apps marketplace made us choose this over many other CRM solutions. We had initially started with ourown deployment of the open source Sugar CRM, followed by one other cloud solution, finally settling in for Nimble.With Google Apps integration, the sales team is now able to launch this tool directly from the GMail interface.Hubspot - Inbound MarketingHubspot has emerged as a clear leader in the field of Inbound Marketing.We wanted the best for our marketing team so after a trial decided to rollout this platform with deep integration with our website, blog, landingpages and Nimble CRM. With thought leadership at our core we knewwe will be producing a lot of content in terms of blog posts, videos,ebooks and white papers like this one. Being able to effectively marketthis content to generate inbound leads was a challenge till we found thissolution.Mojo Helpdesk - SupportOur requirement was to provide an online helpdesk facility for our customers to get support using a ticket based sys-tem. After evaluating numerous cloud based services and an attempt to run open source osTicket on our own, wedecided to implement Mojo Helpdesk.BrandAgility - Social Media ListeningWe identified the need of brand monitoring and de-vised an indigenous way of implementing it. We de-veloped a very powerful brand monitoring tool thatintegrates the power of Crowd Sourcing with CloudComputing. BrandAgility, nested within GoogleApps, continuously monitors the Internet for discus-sions about us, our competitors and the industry andaggregates it on a single dashboard. Our employeesengage internally and on the web over these postswhile staying right within the brand monitoring sys-tem. This new age TV style interface is compliantwith Tablets, Google TV and Touch screens for easyviewing and engagement. This tool can be used notjust for brand monitoring but also for lead generation, product ideation, compliance and employee engagement.MediaAgility! White Paper6
  8. 8. CommunicationsRingCentral - Cloud PBXTrue to our cloud policy, even our global Toll Free number and the PBX ishosted on the cloud. RingCentral is a cloud based business phone sys-tem that requires no hardware or installations. Calls can be routed toyour desk extension, cellphone or laptop sequentially or simultane-ously. Features like auto-receptionist, call handling rules, voicemailsand do-not-disturb makes this a much better solution than the tradi-tional on-premise PBX. If in the US try calling us at (866) MEDIA-V1.Uber Conference - Audio ConferencingIn line with selecting the best tools for our business, the visual dimension to audio conference calls attracted us. Dur-ing a conference call users can see names, photos and other available information in their browser. Features like re-cording calls, mute participants, or put the creative “ear muffs” on people you do not want to hear parts of the con-versation makes this solution a clear winner. This solution integrates with Google Apps and employees can launchconference calls on demands for free.People Operations7Geese - Social Performance ManagementAs is imperative for businesses to have a centralized and transparent performance management system, we imple-mented a cloud based application called 7Geese integrated with Google Apps. Our employees can now set quarterlyOKRs (Objectives and Key Results) and check-in their progress periodically. The goals may be individual or a teamcontribution and the check-ins give a fair view of the progress made on the set goals. Recognizing a colleague fortheir achievements creates a great sense of community. The private feedback system also serves as the backbone forour HR appraisal process.MediaAgility! White Paper7
  9. 9. Accounting and FinanceXero - Beautiful Accounting SoftwareAfter a lot of comparison between desktop software on-premise, hosted desktop software and cloud solutions weselected Xero. With its Google Apps integration it provides secure access to the small group of accounting and salesteam. We have implemented a workflow where the sales team is able to enter invoices and the accounting team ap-proves and sends them to the clients. With direct access to Bank Accounts the overhead to reconcile transactions isminimal.Features like multi-currency support en-ables our Finance team to manage invoicesin all our countries of operations. The soft-ware also enables our team to create in-voices, clear them for payments, scheduleperiodical payments to vendors and alsotrack credits and returns online. Rich re-porting features and access from tablets andsmartphones makes this a truly beautifulaccounting software.Expensify - Expense ManagementThis was not planned for but we came across this innovative product on the Google Apps Marketplace and decidedto implement it. With no fixed monthly charges and payment only for “submitters” of expense reports per month itwas easy to fit this into the target budget.This app is most useful on smartphoneswhere one can keep track of expenses andalso use the smart-scan system to take a pic-ture of receipts. By the end of the businesstrip the expense report is ready for reviewand submission.Expensify guarantees electronic receipts forexpenses up to a certain amount thus elimi-nating the need for paper or photo basedreceipts. The innovative feature based onGoogle Maps makes it easier to record ex-penses for mileage using personal vehicle.We have created policies for Expensify in each country of our operation and the system highlights violations to theuser. This makes the entire expense management process painless.MediaAgility! White Paper8
  10. 10. Software DevelopmentPivotal Tracker - Agile Product DevelopmentOur software development methodology is captured in our proprietaryMoonshot Process Framework. This framework allowstailoring of our software process based on client needsranging from a complete Agile to a more traditional Uni-fied model. Pivotal Tracker is an agile project manage-ment and collaboration tool used by our software devel-opers when adopting an Agile methodology for develop-ment. Many of our customers adopted this product afterthey were introduced to it through our teams. This is essen-tially a single page application with Current, Backlog andIce Box column views of the agile stories. Getting the globalteams and the client teams literally on the same page helpsproduct development to become truly agile.Teamwork PM - Project ManagementFor those teams outside of product developmentand where clients require a more traditional ap-proach we decided to adopt TeamworkPM projectmanagement tool. We use this extensively fortime tracking, setting up milestones, task alloca-tions, task specific file management, calendarsharing and more. TeamworkPM allows eachmember and stakeholder to individually tracktheir respective projects from a single dashboard.Integration with Google Drive provides access to key project documents. Risk Management features let project man-agers record the project risks and mitigation plans.Wunderlist - Personal To Do ListsAfter trying a dozen of To Do applications wesettled on Wunderlist as an optional free servicefor those who wish to use it. It is beautifully de-signed and available on all platforms. Data syncacross all devices is seamless. The way this prod-uct is delivered across devices in a beautifulpackaging is an inspiration to our product devel-opment teams.MediaAgility! White Paper9
  11. 11. ArchitectureGoogle Apps IdentityThe heart of our architecture is the Identity management provided by Google Apps. With two-factor authenticationenabled, it is a very secure mechanism to access all the cloud based services. The Google Apps Marketplace has en-abled third party solution providers to integrate their applications with this Google Apps identity. We made carefulselection of our solutions with preference given to those that make use of this tight integration. Some products likeTeamworkPM do not support Google Apps Single Sign On yet (they do have basic support for OpenID). We have tomanage user accounts on these systems manually. Our MediaAgility lab is always busy testing latest developmentsin cloud, mobile and social like the Google Glass.MediaAgility! White Paper10Google Apps Single Sign OnMediaAgility LabsTesting Latest TechnologyAccountsExpensifyXeroSalesNIMBLE CRMgoogle driveMARKETINGHUBSPOTBrandagilityphoneringcentraluber confer-enceHR7Geesegoogle driveservicemojo-helpdeskgoogle driveMURALLYasanalucid chartgoogle cloud-printPROJECTMANAGEMENTpivotal trackerPROJECTMANAGEMENTteamwork-pmApps Not Yet SupportingGoogle Apps SSO
  12. 12. EconomicsCost per Business FunctionAll prices are in USD and based on list price published on the respective websites of the cloud solution vendors as ofMay 1, 2013. Actual price paid by MediaAgility might be different, based on the plans available when we signed upand/or any discounts related to volume or business partnerships with these vendors.FUNCTION SOLUTION UNIT PRICE USERS MONTHLYMessaging and Collaboration Google Apps $50 /user/year 130 $541Sales Nimble $15/user/month 10 $150Marketing Hubspot $700/month.$2000 one timeNA $866Service MojoHelpdesk $50/month NA $50Social Monitoring BrandAgility $99/month NA $99Communications RingCentral $30/month ProPlus.$5/month per digital line.NA $45Communications UberConference Free NA $0Website, OpenLDAP, CVS Not published Not published NA $154HR 7Geese $7/user/month 130 $910Accounting Xero $39/month/company 3 companies $117Accounting Expensify $5/submitter/month Avg 10 $50Payroll US Intuit $29/month. $1.5/employee 10 $44Payroll India Not published Not published 120 $43Project Management TeamworkPM $99/month NA $99Project Management Pivotal Tracker $100/month 25 $100Total - $3,268/monthEmployees - 130Per Employee - $25/employee/month.Less than $1/employee/dayMediaAgility! White Paper11
  13. 13. Process and Culture TransformationNot Just Technology SavingsOur goal for this initiative was not to just gain technology savings but achieve process and potentially culture trans-formation. This section provides an overview of such transformation through some examples. This should trigger theimagination of what can be achieved with a strong cloud based technology platform.Work the Way You LiveIndustrial age thinking of 9 to 5 working hours has made it very difficult to collaborate with other time zones that is arequisite for most global businesses. With our platform we have made it possible to break the 9 to 5 cycle such thatwork happens when it has to happen. Balancing work and life has never been easier. It is not uncommon for an Agil-ite to walk their dog in the morning and join a Google+ Hangout on their phone with colleagues winding their day inIndia. Product development teams are working from Florida, India and Thailand at hours that suit them the best. Thegame changer is the ability to use the same modern devices and services at work that you are used to in your per-sonal lives.Global Community SpiritWith tools like GTalk, 7Geese, Hangouts and Google+ for the company it has become very easy to forget who worksfrom what time zone. Once we are on a Hangout within few minutes the time zones disappear and we are collaborat-ing on a solution architecture or just enjoying some music with colleagues on the other side of the planet with a glassof beer on a friday evening.g|India 2012 TGIF Global Musical Hangout Bonfire at the Annual DayCollaborative Creation of Intellectual PropertyThis is possibly the biggest cultural change. When we start a new document the first question that comes to mind,even before we type the first word, is “who can I share this with?” Who are the best people in the company anywherein the world that have expertise in this area that I can tap into. Eg. A solution architecture using Google BigQuery andApp Engine on the front end can be put together within hours when all the experts share the same document andedit, comment or review whenever it is convenient for them.There are numerous other examples like our entire Intranet, Training System, Purchase Process, HR Database, Re-cruitment process, MIS Reports and Surveys that run on Google Apps. This platform just keeps on giving!MediaAgility! White Paper12
  14. 14. ConclusionsMediaAgility is a new paradigm company and embarked on a journey to run all of their business operations entirelyin the Cloud to showcase the power, security and affordability of the latest technology. It was a long and hard task ofchallenging every single process and re-imagining it on the Cloud.Today we are able to optimize the license and operational cost of running our IT systems to less than $1/employee/day that is 1/3 of the price of a Latte. If we get creative by calculating the soft ROI like increased productivity, re-duced travel costs, time saved in searching old mail archives and ability to work from anywhere on any device, weare sure the true cost of our innovative solution might be approaching $0!Beyond just a technology transformation, this has resulted in a total process and culture transformation for us. Thefirst thing that comes to mind when we start a new document, even before typing a single letter is, who can I sharethis document with.Our extensive research in selecting the best of the cloud technology is now released through this white paper and wehope small and medium sized companies around the world benefit from our experience. Feel free to contact us withany help required in implementing your culture transformation project - your cloud moonshot.Enquiries about this white paper -Vidushi BhatiaManager, Enterprise Marketingsales@mediaagility.comAbout MediaAgility: MediaAgility is a Google Enterprise Premier Partner with global resellerrights to provision and deploy Google Apps, Search, Geo and Cloud Platform at small, mid andlarge enterprises. Other services include providing New Paradigm solutions for cloud comput-ing, cloud backed smartphone app development and leveraging the new app economy for theirclients. With 100+ clients in over 9 countries and offices located in USA, India, UK and Singa-pore, all solutions are provisioned by industry experts. For more details, Copyright of all logos and images used in this white paper belong to their respective owners and havebeen used from their publicly available websites only for illustration purpose.MediaAgility! White Paper13