Media4Math's Fall 2012 Catalog


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Media4Math's new Fall2012 media catalog.

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Media4Math's Fall 2012 Catalog

  1. 1. Fall 2012 Catalog DVD LibrariesPromethean Flipcharts Free Resources Digital Rights Available
  2. 2. Media4Math Call 1-301-841-5221 to place your order! Algebra Nspirations DVDs 2 DVD volumes 5 DVDs per volume 20 min. of video per DVD Grades: 7-10 Copyright 2011 Vol. 1 Algebra Nspirations Program 1: Linear Functions Program 2: Quadratic EquationsFor Algebra teachers looking for a Program 3: Variables and Equationsvideo resource that uses the TI-Nspire Program 4: InequalitiesCX calculator, Algebra Nspirations Program 5: Functions and Relationsprovides an ideal solution. Item #: M4MNSPRVOL1 Price: $199.99Each program in this series focuses ona key topic in algebra and uses real-world examples to explore these topics. Vol. 2 Algebra NspirationsIn addition, Math Labs allow for Program 6: Data Analysishands-on exploration of these topics. Program 7: Exponential Functions Program 8: Systems of EquationsDynamic Footage, 3D animations, Program 9: Rational Functionsand high production values make this Program 10: Logarithmic Functionsseries stand out from other Item #: M4MNSPRVOL2educational media. Price: $199.99 Digital Rights AvailableEach video includes graphingcalculator applications using the TexasInstruments TI-Nspire CX.The series covers the complete scopeand sequence of an algebra curriculumand can be used for secondary andpost-secondary instruction.Produced by the Emmy Award-winning team that producedAssignment Discovery Complete Toolboxfor Discovery Channel. for Teachers2
  3. 3. www.media4math.comAlgebra NspirationsPromethean Flipcharts 1 DVDR with 10 Flipcharts Grades: 7-10 Copyright 2011Do you use Promethean Whiteboards Promethean Flipchartin your classroom? Are you looking for LibraryActive Inspire resources for the Includes these ten titles:TI-Nspire CX? 1. Linear Functions 2. Quadratic FunctionsMedia4Math now has the Algebra 3. Variables and EquationsNspirations series available as 4. InequalitiesPromethean Flipcharts. Ten Flipcharts 5. Functions and Relationson one DVDR, which can easily be 6. Data Analysisinstalled on one computer for a single 7. Exponential Functionsuser, or a network computer for 8. Systems of Equationsmultiple users. We even have district- 9. Rational Functionswide licensing available. 10. Logarithmic FunctionsThis library of Promethean Flipcharts Single User. For use in a single class-support the new TI-Nspire CX room.handheld. Item #: M4MNSPFLP1Features include: Price: $199.99• Over 20 minutes of video per Site License. For an individual school. Flipchart• TI-Nspire graphing calculator Item #: M4MNSPFLP2 activities (all keystrokes clearly Price: $499.99 shown) District Version. For an unlimited• Hosted by internationally recognized number of users in a school district. educator Monica Neagoy. Contact us for a quote.Digital Rights Available Videos • Calculator Apps Promethean Flipcharts 3
  4. 4. Media4Math Call 1-301-841-5221 to place your order! Algebra Applications DVDs • Copyright: 2011 • Grades 8-10 Vol. 1 Algebra Applications Program 1: Linear Functions Program 2: Quadratic Equations Program 3: Variables and Equations Program 4: Inequalities Program 5: Data AnalysisReal-world applications that intro- Item #: M4MR1duce math-rich scenarios, the Algebra Price: $199.99Applications series includes dynamicfootage, 3D animations, and high Vol. 2 Algebra Applicationsproduction values. These DVDs stand Program 6: Functions and Relationsout from other educational DVDs. Program 7: Exponential FunctionsThey include graphing calculator Program 8: Logarithmic Functionsapplications using the Texas Instru- Program 9: Rational Functionsments TI-Nspire Touchpad. These Program 10: Systems of EquationsDVDs cover the complete scope and Item #: M4MR2sequence of an algebra curriculum and Price: $199.99can be used for pre-algebra, algebra 1,and algebra 2 courses, as well as post- Digital Rights Availablesecondary instruction.Algebra Promethean Flipchart Library• 27 Promethean FlipchartsSingle User. For use in a singleclassroom.Item #: M4MFLPALG1Price: $199.99Site License. For an individual school.Item #: M4MFLPALG2Price: $499.99District Version. For an unlimitedProducedof users in a school district.number by the Emmy Award-winning team that producedContact us for a quote.Assignment Discovery Complete Toolboxfor Discovery Channel. for Teachers4
  5. 5. Geometry Applications DVDs • Copyright: 2010 • Grades 8-10 Vol. 1 Geometry Applications Program 1: Points and Lines Program 2: Angles and Planes Program 3: Triangles Program 4: QuadrilateralsReal-world applications that introduce Program 5: Polygonsgeometry-rich scenarios, the Geometry Item #: M4MGEOVOL1Applications series travels the world Price: $199.99to analyze architectural and culturallandmarks to see what they can teach Vol. 2 Geometryus about geometry. These DVDs Applicationsinclude graphing calculator applica- Program 6: Circlestions using the Texas Instruments Program 7: 3-Dimensional GeometryTI-Nspire Touchpad. The series covers Program 8: Area and Volumethe complete scope and sequence of Program 9: Coordinate Geometrya formal or informal geometry Program 10: Transformationscurriculum. Item #: M4MGEOVOL2 Price: $199.99 Digital Rights AvailableGeometry Promethean Flipchart Library• 23 Promethean FlipchartsSingle User. For use in a singleclassroom.Item #: M4MFLPGEOVOL1Price: $199.99Site License. For an individual school.Item #: M4MFLPGEOVOL2Price: $499.99District Version. For an unlimitednumber of users in a school district.Contact us for a quote. Videos • Calculator Apps Promethean Flipcharts 5
  6. 6. Media4Math Call 1-301-841-5221 to place your order!Free Resources do ents in school study news and current ev ad-“Students who nd improve re dardized te sts, develop a con-better on stan dies skills, and , math, and social stu newspaper, th e ing, vocabulary dults. Use the the news as a urrent tinue to follow ision to work c the news on telev internet, even ard curriculum .” into your stand —NCTM eventsMath in the NewsCurrent events, as seen through the prism of mathematics: This is what “Math inthe News” brings every week. We look through stories that make today’s head-lines and extract the mathematical story underlying it. Each issue of “Math in theNews” can be viewed as a PowerPoint presentations, a YouTube video or as aniPad-compatible presentation.Sign up for our weekly newsletter to stay up-to-date oncurrent issues of Math in the News!Produced by the Emmy Award-winning team that producedAssignment Discovery Other Free Resources: Complete Toolboxfor Discovery Channel. PowerPoints, for Teachers Videos,6 Quizzes and More!
  7. 7. ORDER FORMComplete this Order Form and attach your purchase order. Or provide yourcredit card information below. Now accepting PayPal on our Website.Fax your order to : 301-933-9703 BILLING ADDRESS: SHIPPING ADDRESS: Credit card number: Credit card type: Expiration date: Name on card: Signature:Daytime phone :( ) M ail add : ress Quantity Item #D escription Unit Price Total SUBTOTAL MD RESIDENTS ADD 5% TAX (if tax exempt, provide your tax-exampt number) SHIPPING AND HANDLING FREE TOTALPurchase Orders: Yes, we do accept POs. Simply attach your PO to this order formand fax it to us.Online Orders: If you prefer to order online, go to Orders: If you have a special order, please contact us or 301-841-5221. MEDIA4MATH • 11506 CONNECTICUT AVE. • SILVER SPRING, MD 20902
  8. 8. www.media4math.comCall 1-301-841-5221 to place your order!