Math in the News: 10/24/11


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In this issue we look at the life and times of Steve Jobs.

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Math in the News: 10/24/11

  1. 1. 10/24/11
  2. 2. Cancer StatisticsSurvival rates for all cancers have significantly increased over the years.
  3. 3. Cancer StatisticsEven the survival rates for pancreatic cancer have steadily increased.
  4. 4. Cancer Statistics• However, the five-year survival rate for pancreatic cancer is still far below the overall average for all cancers.• A diagnosis of pancreatic cancer is still considered a death sentence.
  5. 5. But Steve Jobs’ diagnosis of pancreatic cancer hardly slowed him down. He was a relentless force.And for that let’s look at a different set of statistics, the history of the company he co-founded, Apple.
  6. 6. Apple TimelineSteve Jobs was head of Apple from its inception to the mid-1980’s. He thenreturned to Apple in 1998, marking the period of Apple’s explosive growth.
  7. 7. Apple TimelineAlthough Jobs was diagnosed with cancer in 2003, this hardly slowed him down.Nor did it keep Apple from changing the world of technology.
  8. 8. MacBook Pro iPod iPad Apple TV iTunes iPhoneApple TimelineA stunning array of products and services emerged during a seven-year period.
  9. 9. Apple’s Market CapitalizationA company’s market capitalization is the value of the company based on its intrinsicvalue and the number of shares of its stock owned. When Steve Jobs took over in1999, Apple’s market capitalization was nowhere near the top.
  10. 10. Apple’s Market CapitalizationBy the 3rd quarter of 2011, Apple became the top company in market capitalization,overtaking such stalwarts as Exxon-Mobil, Microsoft, and IBM. A stunningachievement.
  11. 11. Apple’s Market CapitalizationCompare the growth in Apple’s market capitalization from 1999 to 2011.
  12. 12. The legacy of Steve Jobs lives on.And we marvel not just at what he accomplished, but how he lived.