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16 exponential graphswithsliders


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16 exponential graphswithsliders

  1. 1.   TI‐Nspire Mini‐Tutorials  Exploring Exponential Functions Using Sliders  Summary of KeystrokesCreate two sliders: c62 b1A (Repeat.)(Move 1 slider: Use `¡¢¤ to hover over slider till you see ÷ . Hold a till you see { `¡¢¤ . Use to move the slider d .)Change the settings on the sliders: (Use `¡¢¤ to hover over slider.) a/b1 (Change settings: v1 to a with range from -10 to 10; v2 to b with a range from -10 to 10. Use the e to move from one field to another. Press k to access special symbols. Press · to complete changes. Move each slider using `¡¢¤Input the generic function and manipulate the sliders: Press e several times to get to the f1 input area. ArBlX· ©2008 a.m. productions, llc. All rights reserved.