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This is the City Partner Pack

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Big Data Week City Partner Info Pack

  1. 1. What is Big Data Week all about?We’re a festival of big ideas about data.Big Data Week is one of the most unique global platforms of interconnected community eventsfocusing on the social, political, technological and commercial impacts of Big Data. It brings togethera global community of data scientists, data technologies, data visualisers and data businessesspanning six major commercial, financial, social and technological sectors.• Media and Entertainment • Retail and FMCG• Health and Science • Public and Government• Financial Sector • Social and PersonalThe festival connects a number of global cities through locally hosted meetups, events, networkingfunctions, data visualisation demo’s, debates, discussion and hackathons. Events are designed toprovide a platform to educate, inform and inspire – organised by people who are passionate andknowledgeable about data.We’re a self organising community where anyone is able to host and create an event during thefestival; making the our platform completely open and community drivenWe live at
  2. 2. What did we do in 2012?We started something that’s going to be BIG.Big Data Week is one year old, but we have been successful in bringing together a global communityof entrepreneurs, data professionals and data driven organisations.In 2012 we were hosted in 9 major cities; Helsinki, Canberra, Berlin, Melbourne, Chicago, London, NewYork and San Francisco. We were successful in tapping into the enthusiasm of key influencers andmotivated individuals in the big data communities; creating a dynamic energy for the community to‘self-organise’ and curate over 50 events and meetups; energising and bringing together over 2000people across the festival.Big Data Week also created unique opportunities for our partners to connect with key decisionmakers in technology, business, science and media.And we are doing it all again in 2013, but BIGGER.Get Involved!
  3. 3. What we have planned for #bdw138 countries and 200+ meetups Festival format 22nd – 28th April (LONDON)We don’t do things by halves. We have partnered with media140 LONDON EVENTS GLOBALLYWorldwide – the hugely successful social event community team todesign, produce and create a BIG experience for 2013. 22nd SELF ORGANISED COMMUNITY EVENTS IN EACH CITY PUBLISHED AT BIGDATAWEE.COM Opening partyThe festival will connect major cities including 23rd Community Events• London • Shanghai • New York• Washington • Seoul • San Francisco 24th Community Events• Barcelona • Perth 25th London Conference (inc LAUNCHPAD)with others being announced in January 2013. The festival is focusing thisyear on extending it’s reach into cities in Asia Pacific and Australasia. and closing partyWe’ll be leading with six themes all design to create unique opportunities 27th Weekend Hackathonfor our community, technology visionaries, technology companies to put Cities host a 48 hour community event - showcasingdata into action in ways that can benefit each sector. 28th innovation, entrepreneurship and technology platforms.• Media and Entertainment • Retail and FMCG• Health and Science • Public and Government All the events and activities from the week are• Financial Sector • Social and Personal published online at
  4. 4. Why get involved?AS A SPONSOR AS A PARTICIPANT AS AN EVENT ORGANISERBig Data Week gives sponsors the Join 5000 others to share insights, Become part of the largest big dataopportunity to connect and engage strategies and big ideas about big data festival on the web – and bring yourwith over 5000 executives and in retail, media, entertainment, domain expertise and enthusiasm toentrepreneurs interested in big data finance, government, science and bear on a knowledge hungryplatforms, technologies and strategies. social audience.Big Data Week has an active community Listen and engage with leading industry Support your local data communityseeking direction, best practice and speakers about the future of big data. hosting events or hackathonguidance with their big data strategies. Network and meet like minded Receive financial support as a local cityHear the technology and business professionals and entrepreneurs champion during the festival (best bit)challenges customers are facing. See how big data can benefit your Attract local sponsors and mediaBig Data Week connects all of the big data business or organisation bottom line.focused communities together online and Gain recognition as an influencer in yourthrough social media. Understand how big data can be applied field or industry across different lines of businessIt is the only big data festival where a single Play a role in making big data weeksponsorship can reach a global audience. Enjoy a week of events and fun stuff! happen and feature on
  5. 5. Apply to become a partner city Connect your Big Data community Big Data Week hosts a week long festival of events each year, taking place simultaneously in multiple cities around the world, with thousands of individuals and organizations working together to host panels, workshops, talks and industry networking events. Local events are hosted by Partner Cities, who work collaboratively with leading practitioners, industry professionals, content partners, brand partners, event hosts and local advisory boards to produce events within in city. Visit host Big Data Week as a partner city? Are there upfront fees to host Big Data Week?Brand Awareness & Recognition There are no application fees or brand licensing fees for- BDW is a global community giving your organisation more exposure. hosting Big Data Week. Host teams can expect to budget for costs related to production and staffing for the week.Business Development Costs can be offset with opportunities to generate profit by- Create new and valuable relationships with clients. securing corporate sponsorships.Commercial Benefits- Opportunity to benefit from sponsorship deals.
  6. 6. Apply to become a partner cityWhat do we expect from our partners Big Data Week city scheduleSupport the BDW and work proactively to develop the brand We encourage all partner cities to work within the BDW programme guidelinesPromote a community philosophy across all events in the city where feasible, to ensure consistency for sponsors and audiences worldwide.Work with the central BDW team to develop new concepts and eventsFacilitate and encourage at least 10 events in the partner city 22nd Opening partyEngage local media outlets to promote the festivalCreate content for BDW through podcasts, video, blogs etc 23rd Community EventsWhat types of cities are we looking for? 24th Community EventsRecognised as media and communication innovation hubsEnjoy a vibrant start-up community 25th One Day ConferenceKnown for having a history of hosting large-scale globally events (inc LAUNCHPAD) and closing partyWhat types of organisations typically host BDW? 27th Weekend HackathonNetworked across multiple industries Cities host a 48 hour community event - showcasingExperience in event or conference production 28th innovation, entrepreneurship and technology platforms.Experience in securing and executing sponsorshipsCollaborative in practiceExperienced in community management and buildingHistory of producing & distributing compelling written and visual content
  7. 7. What is LAUNCHPAD LAUNCHPAD 2013 Stand out from the crowd This year we are launching a new platform for startups , entrepreneurs and early stage businesses to demo and pitch to the participants in festival. It’s called LAUNCHPAD. We are giving local companies a chance to demo new technology during the Big Data Week on the Thursday, 25th April, network with other entrepreneurs and have a chance to pitch on the day. It will be limited to ten participants initially – with a view expanding this as interested grows. Local partner cities (if feasible) can offer this as part of festival programme and provide each start-up: a table to demo, free WiFi (of course!), room for a banner and three minutes to do a pitch. Pricing for the LAUNCHPAD Dependant on local current variations Registration will be hosted at
  8. 8. Sign up for a partner city, get in touch. Get in touch with the LONDON BDW team to sign up as a partner city and we’ll help you create a kick-ass series of events for your city! +44 7876 396788 Covering Europe and the US +44 7595 264183 +61 406 727 959 Covering Asia Pacific and AustralasiaFollow us at @bigdataweek