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What is Joint Entrance Exam (JEE)?


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All the information you must know about Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) if you want to get admission into B.Tech program offered by IIT and other reputed engineering colleges in India.

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What is Joint Entrance Exam (JEE)?

  1. 1. JEE stands for Joint Entrance Examination, an all India level entrance exam conducted by Indian Institute of Technology to select candidates for undergraduate engineering programs offered by premier engineering colleges of India, including all the IITs. What is JEE? Presented by: JEE Exam DetailsNext
  2. 2. There are two levels in the exam: JEE Main and JEE Advanced. JEE Advanced is required if an student aspires to get admission into undergraduate engineering programs offered by the IITs. The exam paper contains multiple choice questions, and it is designed to test applicant's knowledge in several subjects related to science and engineering. JEE Main Exam StructureNext
  3. 3. Structure of the JEE Mains Exam JEE Main consists 90 multiple-choice questions and the time given to solve the papers is 3 hours. The paper is divided into 3 sections: Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. Each section having 30 questions of any one subject. 4 points awarded for every correct answer and 1 point deducted for each wrong answer. So it's better to leave a question unanswered if you are not confident about answer being correct or not, and of course, avoid guessing. JEE Advanced Exam StructureNext
  4. 4. Structure of JEE Advanced Exam The JEE Advanced is quite different than the mains exam, although the questions asked in the paper are based on same 3 subjects: Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics. The advanced exam contains 2 separate exams, each of 3 hours duration, and divided into three sections. JEE Advanced Paper 1Next
  5. 5. JEE Advanced Paper 1 Paper One contains 3 sections, first will have 10 multiple choice questions with only one correct answer, second will have five multiple choice questions with two or more correct answers, and third will have five questions for which the answer can only be a single digit (from 0 to 9).. JEE Advanced Paper 2Next
  6. 6. JEE Advanced Paper 2 Paper Two also consists 3 sections: First section contains 8 multiple choice questions with only one correct answer, eight questions will be asked from the 4 paragraphs given in the section 2, and Section 3 contains Matching List type questions (there will be two lists with matching options coded as a, b, c, and d and students are required to choose options according to the given code). Get JEE Exam HelpNext
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