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Definitive guide that will make you guest blogging pro


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A one stop guide to guest blogging- What is guest blogging? where to guest blog? why to guest blog? how to guest blog? choosing the blogs to guest post, list of blogs in different categories where you can guest blog, list of sites that pay you to guest post, guest blogging outreach template to download, and everything in between.

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Definitive guide that will make you guest blogging pro

  1. 1. Definitive guide that will make you guest blogging pro
  2. 2. Guest blogging is a serious affair if you want to make it on top blogs by A-Listers in your niche
  3. 3. I am not talking about getting published on “me too” blogs who accept free content from any Tom, Dick and Harry!
  4. 4. Are you scared?
  5. 5. About ... Matt Cutts's warning in his post- “The decay and fall of guest blogging for SEO”
  6. 6. But read carefully…
  7. 7. The headline says it all... “The decay and fall of guest blogging for SEO”
  8. 8. There are still many good reasons to do some guest blogging (exposure, branding, increased reach, community, etc.). Those reasons existed way before Google and they’ll continue into the future. And there are absolutely some fantastic, high-quality guest bloggers out there. I changed the title of this post to make it more clear that I’m talking about guest blogging for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes. “ Matt Cutts
  9. 9. Why be scared?
  10. 10. If you can do it ethically
  11. 11. Say no to… Keyword stuffed content Black hat link building
  12. 12. In the end, if you are using guest posting to rank for specific head terms, I don’t think it will be a good long-term strategy. …But if you use it to help build up your brand, referral traffic, and overall sales, it will continue to be a great strategy. Neil Patel “ Click to tweet
  13. 13. The big problem
  14. 14. All the businesses on internet are trying to gulp their share of audience and attention.
  15. 15. And there is cut-throat competition
  16. 16. To move ahead of your competition
  17. 17. Need to - Glisten (in quality) & create irresistible content Promulgate (in quantity) & boost content marketing
  18. 18. Guest Blogging
  19. 19. Get to the roots
  20. 20. • Which type of content marketing is more profitable? • Why? When? How? Where? • How will you reach your audience and which medium? • What is your business and its goals? Business Goals Marketin g Strategy Content Marketin g Guest Blogging The guest blogging cycle
  21. 21. Guest blogging is part of content marketing, which is part of marketing strategy and that in-turn is part of your business strategy. All this to achieve business GOALS.
  22. 22. What is Guest Blogging?
  23. 23. Guest blogging is about placing your content for free outside of your own blog to increase its reach. A guest post thus is a piece of content you write for someone else’s blog and include your author information to build exposure and awareness of your brand. Ann Smarty “
  24. 24. Why Guest Blogging?
  25. 25. Lead generation
  26. 26. When to Guest Blog?
  27. 27. Analyze your business, learn from your past and ask yourself -
  28. 28. Was content marketing profitable previously
  29. 29. How to Guest Blog?
  30. 30. • Sales/Conversions • Traffic • Link Building • Brand Value • Credibility Guest Blogging Goals Call-To-Actions Landing Pages Content Strategy Niche  Subscribe  Add to cart  Download  Learn more  Join Now…  Courses  Services  Product  Information  Features  Interview  Podcast  Videos  Infographic  Article
  31. 31. First and foremost come up with your guest blogging goals. Write down everything that you want to accomplish. Based on those goals list down the call-to-action (CTA) i.e. actions you want your prospects to take.
  32. 32.  Now, depending on your CTAs, design your landing pages. Once you start guest blogging you can easily include links to those landing pages in your guest posts or author bio.  Once you have an idea of your landing pages and CTAs it will be easy to plan your content that resonates your goals.
  33. 33.  Your content strategy will tell you the niche (s) that you need to focus on to harness the power of guest blogging.
  34. 34. Where to Guest Blog?
  35. 35. Page Rank Domain Authority GuestBloggingStrategy Followers Niche Find blogs to guest post Getting your content accepted Build Relation Research their content Know their audience Personalize pitch Match their style and voice Achieve Goals Be a human Link Social Profile Byline with CTA Interact in comments section Strengthen relation Thank you mail Link to your content within the post Authority with Irresistible content
  36. 36. 9 Things to do before short-listing blogs to submit guest posts
  37. 37. Filter Blogs- Niche Compatibility Type of content- Match interests Check Page Rank- Helps rank better
  38. 38. Check Domain Authority- Eliminate if <25 ! Avg. Social Shares- Per post Engagement- Comments
  39. 39. Fan Following- Blogger & blog Maintain database- Guest Blogging outreach Out bound links- With-in or Bio
  40. 40. Database template for guest blogging outreach Click below image to DOWNLOAD
  41. 41. How to get your content accepted?
  42. 42. Break down sorted list of blogs into 3 tiers *Refer the template Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
  43. 43. Pre- Pitch
  44. 44. Engage with blog owner Visit blog frequently Study popular posts Study & Communicate
  45. 45. The Pitch
  46. 46. One or multiple ideas Pitch/full post/ headline/idea
  47. 47. Post Pitch
  48. 48. Provide all the promised add-ons and attachments Write blog post like a pro Format for online audience who skim Include CTAs in bio to meet your goals Honor revision requests
  49. 49. What after your Guest post is published?
  50. 50. Share and market your stuff Interact and engage in comments section & social sites Track social shares and comments- look for more guest post opportunities Send a thank you mail to blog owner/editor- boost relationship
  51. 51. Finding the blogs to submit Guest posts
  52. 52. Pick from guest posts portfolio by bloggers Sites like Topsy and Klout helps to find blogs based on social metrics Click to download Epic list of 100+ sites that pays $50+ to guest post Keep adding links in the template/bookmark as you read your favourite blogs
  53. 53. Directories- AllTop, Technorati BestOfTheWebBlogs & BlogSearchDirectory Twitter search- Niche + Keyword Click List of 200+ sites that accept guest posts Google search- Search string = Niche + Keyword Find blogs from your feedreader & bookmarks
  54. 54. Key takeaways
  55. 55.  Aspire to accomplish your business goals through guest blogging.  Be prepared to invite your new audience and prospects. Get your landing pages and content strategy ready before you start to pitch.
  56. 56.  Pick authority blogs in your niche to guest post for successful goal conversion.  Strategy, quality and pillar content will get your guest post accepted.  Byline with right CTA that adds value to your guest content is the key for conversion.
  57. 57. Here is the full story… In other words- Click YOUR HANDOUT
  58. 58. @QueensQuill QueensQuill Click to connect