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Build strong HR

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Build strong HR

  1. 1. Building a strong HR “HR capacity”
  2. 2. Importance of HR in an organization• Why is HR management (HRM) important for the organization ?• Enables employees/members to contribute to the company direction/reaching company objectives
  3. 3. Attracting Selecting RecruitmentRewarding Training Organizational culture Main functions ofPerformance HR review management
  4. 4. Recruiting• Recruitment is the process of attracting and selecting a qualified person for a job Training• Preparation on specific skills/competencies that the employees need in order to perform their jobs and bring results for the organization
  5. 5. Performance review• Performance review (performance appraisal) is a method by which the job performance of an employee is evaluated (generally in terms of quality, quantity, cost, and time) typically by the corresponding manager or supervisor. Rewarding • Compensation of the employees for the results they had/contribution they brought to the organization
  6. 6. HRM in AIESECRecruitment – membership,OGX• Promotion Internal – EB External – membership• Selection positions, recruitment, PMs.• Induction OGXTraining -> supports the TMP and TLP experiences thatwe promise our members & supports education for GIPand GCDP implementation• National education cycle (conferences, trainings, LC visits, guides, webinars, online courses)• Local induction• Local education cycle
  7. 7. HRM in AIESECPerformance review• Our promise =set of skills and competencies developed in each program (TMP, TLP) by delivering the education cycle• Throughout the members experience = track the development of those skills• Offer coaching and mentoring so that members can develop and improveRewarding• National R&R strategy• Local R&R strategy• International R&R strategy
  8. 8. What is the role of HRM in AIESECGive members the• Knowledge So that they can develop• Skills (leaders and managers of tomorrow) by working• Motivation practically with GIP and GCDP• Opportunities• Recognition
  9. 9. HR plays a crucial role in the development of the organization• Strong HR => GROWTH • Results • Quality of your product (GIP/GCDP) Does this mean that we have to recruit hundreds of members? NO ----> HR efficiency (how many members deliver 1 exchange)
  10. 10. What other indicators do we use to measure HRM?• EFFICIENCY – no. people that deliver 1 exchange• HR SATISFACTION• No. people that apply for a leadership position• Retention rate• No. applicants for AIESEC
  11. 11. What about AIESEC Norway?
  12. 12. RecruitmentRecruitment – membership,OGX External –• Promotion Internal – EB membership positions,• Selection PMs. recruitment, OGX• Induction
  13. 13. Members preparation Training -> supports the TMP and TLP experiences that we promise our members & supports education for GIP and GCDP implementation • National education cycle (conferences, trainings, LC visits, guides/booklets)
  14. 14. Performance review Performance review ?
  15. 15. RewardingRewarding• National R&R strategy• Local R&R strategy
  16. 16. What about your LC?