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Quali test


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Quali test

  1. 1. Onshore TestingMark KardashovQ u a l i Te s t V P
  2. 2. Late 90s Globalization + need to be more efficient Seek more lucrative solutions Offshoring2
  3. 3. Where are we now?• Outsourcing is an approximately $500 billion global industry in • Lost of Close to 1.1 million 2011 jobs in USA and Europe• New trends such as Captive • Offshore cost savings have offshoring - company-owned become less advantageous offshore operation • Increasing turnover and• Acquisitions by leading offshore negative press services providers• Hiring of thousands of high- quality engineers and researchers to work in the offshore offices 3
  4. 4. Known Issues with Offshore Outsourcing  Time difference  Cultural differences  Communication difficulties  Poor infrastructure  Geopolitical risks  Expensive flight rates.  Jet lag  Management overhead4
  5. 5. Near Shore Outsourcing Close to clients time zone Shares clients business culture Arriving to NearShore location will take 2-10 hours from the client location. Solid infrastructure with guaranteed up time communications Competitive pricing5
  6. 6. What is Onshore outsourcing? Onshore is an improved innovative evolution of Nearshore. Competitive prices compared to Offshore Quality and benefits compared to Nearshore Based on Build, Operate and Transfer model Onshore location is drive distance from client’s site Contributes significantly to the local economy by keeping local jobs and enlarging the local job market6
  7. 7. QualiTest OTH StrategyOnshore Test houses - The next generation of testing With 8 testing centers QualiTest is the leading Onshore testing services provider in Israel. QualiTest’s onshore model includes establishing a new Test Center for each customer according to specific needs OTH are located within walking distance for the clients’ sites The services are provided by QA and testing professionals under the guidance and supervision of QualiTests experts OTH have the highest level of security, technology and equipment.
  8. 8. Comparison Table Offshore Nearshore OnshoreTime Difference Large Some NoneCultural Differences Significant Minor NoneCommunication Significant Minor NoneProblemsGeopolitical Risks Significant Significant/Minor NoneManagement Large Major NoneOverheadPricing Low Medium LowDeliveries Quality Poor – Acceptable Acceptable – Acceptable – Excellent Excellent8
  9. 9. Israeli Test Center Market Million QualiTest Million Others9
  10. 10. T h a n k Yo u !w w w . Q u a l i Te s t G r o u p . c o m