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Models of cooperation with indian it companies


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Models of cooperation with indian it companies

  1. 1. Models of cooperationfor Israeli and IndianIT companies
  2. 2. ACCEL Group Companies - Enterprise IT Solutions & Embedded Software - Customer Interfacing SolutionsACCEL - 3D Animation & Visual EffectsGROUP - Media Solutions - Staffing and Training
  3. 3. About Accel Frontline• Accel Frontline is a leading system integrator and complete ICT provider• Established on 1991• Traded on Bombay and National stock exchanges• Over 3000 employees, Year 2011 revenues reached $100M• In India 40 branch offices, 100+ service location and four development centers• Oversees offices in Dubai, Japan, US & Israel
  4. 4. Indian IT Market Size• Indian IT industry generated $88B in Y 2011• Very high growth 20% Y-to-Y growth• Most revenues generated from services• Around 70% of revenues are from export• Two very large markets: domestic and global
  5. 5. Indian IT Sectors
  6. 6. Main IT Segments• Banking and financial services is most dominant segment• Telecom, Manufacturing and retail account 45% of market
  7. 7. Cooperation ScenariosAn Indian service company perspective Maybe adopt Israeli Main scope - sales innovation Off shore product Enhance competitive position development in India or Global IT services in India & globally New business
  8. 8. A Proven Offshore Model Proven delivery model 40% cost reduction Business advantagesScalable resource pool Focus on core IncreaseVersatile expertise pool Enhanced business agility competitivenessCross value chain: IT, R&D, managed service Reduce costs Lower riskGlobal standard quality Time Zone
  9. 9. What can be Off- shored?Israeli high tech company activities Core technology 30% Core business process Core activity 70% •Development of generic hardware and software platforms & services •Integration projects None core activities •Customer requests
  10. 10. Offshore ModelsIsrael Location Customer site • Best benefits on fully India or outsourced /off-shored model • Ownership can be of module, domain or complete product • Offshore model is a function of partnership maturity level In-house Ownership Outsourced
  11. 11. Adopt Israeli InnovationIndian market• Resell Israeli brands• Known “Israeli” domains• Lower cost & “good enough” technologyGlobal Market• Solutions fit for the Indian service delivery model
  12. 12. An Israeli- Indian Joint VentureIsraeli Partner Indian Partner e-commerce cloudSupply platform application Deploy the platformSupply Knowhow Provide hosting Manage the service In India: recruit users Users
  13. 13. There are Benefits for both Sides• Indian IT industry encompass a huge local and global target market for Israeli companies• Israeli companies can benefit from the Indian proven offshore model to increase competitiveness• There is a sense to combine both cooperation models to the benefit both sides
  14. 14. Thank You