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Is cham beijing עופר


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Is cham beijing עופר

  1. 1. 中 国 以 色 列 商 会Our Sponsors:* Founding sponsor
  2. 2. IsCham, a non profit organization, established in August 2008 .At the present of The Israeli President, Mr. Shimon Peres and The Israeli Ambassador, Mr. Amos Nadai
  3. 3. Assisting the Israeli Business Community tosucceed in China through advocacy,information, networking and businesssupport services.
  4. 4. Board of Directors:Mickey Mushinsky Adv. Gal Furer Danna Mattas- Ofer Ben Zvi Uriya Zait Applerot Chairman Vice Chairman & Legal Director Director Advisor Vice ChairmanExecutive Manager Fani Gurevich
  5. 5. 30 Business Events & Seminars
  6. 6. 30 Business Events & SeminarsAmong our events this year:• Building a Brand in China• Distribution in the Chinese Market• The Sino-Israeli Financial Protocol• Israel-China Commercial & Diplomatic Briefing• Tax: Individual Income Tax, Tax Audit, Tax and Legal Review• China’s Energy Security• Dinner with the Israeli Ambassador• Networking with 18 Chambers of Commerce
  7. 7. Contacting over 20 Israeli Water Companies and creating thebase for promoting the Israeli water skills in China by:1. Discussions with experts.2. Participation in related exhibitions as an Israeli brand.3. Meetings for sharing information, challenges and needs.4. Establishing a demo center that will act as a commercial facility and will be operated by a commercial Chinese company. The facility will receive and purify waste water from the nearby area to be treated and recycled for agriculture and industrial usage.
  8. 8.  Appointed Israelis in different cities as our Point of Contacts (POCs) in order to establish a constant source of information, support and promotion for Israeli companies. Our POCs: 1. Kunming : Mr. Yuval Gerzon 2. Suzhou: Mrs. Galia Rautenberg 3. Chengdu: Mr. Royi Shemesh 2nd-3rd Tier Cities Guide on IsCham Beijing website: Information and growth potential of 20 main cities around China.
  9. 9.  A delegation of members to Changchun city, Jilin Province. International event organized by the government of Jilin. Invites entrepreneurs from European countries to hold face- to-face meetings with Chinese enterprises and join discussions about advantages and opportunities in Jilin.
  10. 10. IsCham Beijing acknowledges the importance of Chinese tourism toIsrael and acts to promote tourism to Israel among local officials andChinese companies.The importance:1. Zionism - Promote and brand Israel in China.2. Create a base for more business cooperation between the countries
  11. 11. Connecting the young Israeli community (students and new comers) with the Israeli companies and the business activity in China:1. Internship programs in Israeli companies:  Offers Israeli interns to work in Israeli companies.2. HR service:  CVs and job opportunities in China on our website.  Service for job seekers and employers3. HR event for students:  Over 150 students attended and learned how to write their CVs when applying for a job in China, how to look for a job and how to interview.
  12. 12.  Members who start an operation in China or have already been working in this market can enjoy a large scale of professional services in a discounted price by other members: Legal Accountant HR Translation Consultant Market Research Relocation services Medical insurance
  13. 13. SME’s face all the same problems as large enterprises when entering aforeign, fast growing market but are often ill-equipped to deal with a newlegal environment, different standards and risks in foreign markets.IsCham focuses on helping Israeli SMEs with challenges they may facewhen operating in the Chinese market.IsCham Beijing holds meetings, forums, brain storming and recently begana special survey in order to help overcome the SME’s barriers in China.
  14. 14.  Special events Dinner with the Ambassador Receptions Officials visits Delegations
  15. 15. IsCham Beijing Advisory Board includes a distinguished group of professionalexperts from different areas, which are willing to contribute their time and skills inorder to assist IsCham Beijing with their experience, connections and knowledgeof China: Prof. Aron Shai Prof. Joseph Shalhevet Adv. Yitzhak Shelef Prof. Yitzhak ShichorMr. Yishai AviramMrs. Helen HuangMrs. Roberta LipsonMr. Sam Muller2 meetings (In Israel and Beijing) were organized with the advisory boardmembers, where they provided useful suggestions and insights to improve andexpand IsCham Beijing’s operations.
  16. 16.  Expending connections among Chinese companies from relevant sectors Joint activities with Chinese associations and local Chambers of Commerce New services (credit evaluation, projects information, etc.) Sectorial activity: Opening more forums with specific activity, exhibitions, meetings with specialists, etc. Enlarging the working team More members for more influence and lobbying among government offices
  17. 17. Over 60 members:
  18. 18. - Thank You –