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Introduction to coded ui testing and microsoft test manager


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Introduction to coded ui testing and microsoft test manager

  1. 1. Shai Raiten ASCVSAMMRS Sela Group© Copyright SELA software & Education Labs Ltd. 14-18 Baruch Hirsch St.Bnei Brak 51202 Israel
  2. 2. Braking the Silo’sNo More Walls Microsoft Test Manger No More No ReproMoving To MTMQASummary
  3. 3. “my testers are “we have a changed spending too long requirement, what do testing the same I need to test?” thing” “developers and testers work in silos and don’t communicate/speak the same language”“tooling is “the developersexpensive (time, say the defectslicenses, people)” are useless” “when is my software ready to ship?”
  4. 4. Generalist Specialist Manual Testing Some scripting Strong scripting skills Strong coding Expert coding skills Creates scripts to set up Some Develops fully lab, create data coding skills automated testing procedures 70% of testing happens here majority of test tools target here Team Foundation Server Reporting
  5. 5. • Standalone tool for tester – Not Visual Studio – Test Plan – Test Suite – Test Case – Test Cover – Bugs management • System Info • Action Recording • Video Recording – Lab Management – And more…. 5
  6. 6. • Test Case Steps• Action Log• Code Coverage• Intelitrace• Event Log• Network Emulation• System Information• Test Impact Collector• Video Recorder• Envirnement Snapshot 7
  7. 7. 1. Don’t’ Write your own tool – Use Existing2. Quality Center To TFS 2010 Faster and low impact on the Testing Team and 100% migration!3. A lot more solution from Migration.
  8. 8. • One Tool for Manual, Automation and Environments.• Reduce manual work to the minimum• No More No Repro using Rich Bugs• More features, less time
  9. 9. Thank You!