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  1. 1. ‫ניהול סיכונים, לוקחים את העסק‬ ?‫ברצינות‬ “And while there were many actors to blame for the situation, not least a combination of negligent lending, irresponsible borrowing and unrestrained economic expansion, poor management of risk is widely seen as an important culprit.” The Economist “Enterprise risk management is not new. But organizations truly using it to guide strategy is.” Risk Management Magazine “If there is one lesson that corporate boardrooms should take out of 2011, it is to look ever more closely across the business for single points of failure.” Financial Times
  2. 2. ‫מהו ניהול סיכונים? דגשים‬ ‫1) חיבור לאסטרטגיה העיסקית‬ “Strategic risk management is about identifying, evaluating, and managing the risk associated to your business strategy.” ‫2) מיקוד גם בהזדמנויות‬ “It includes evaluating events and scenarios that can have not only a negative – but also a positive impact on an organization’s performance.” ‫3) זמישות בתגובה‬ “The idea is to make your leadership team more agile in responding to events if and when they occur.” The Palladium Group
  3. 3. ‫סיכונים אסטרטגיים – הנעלמים והידועים‬
  4. 4. ‫ניהול סיכונים – הקטגוריה הראשונה‬ !‫לצמצם לאפס‬ Category I Risks: Events caused by employees deviating from desired, legal, and ethical behavior. These are risks that companies want to completely avoid. The goal is to reduce the probability of their occurrence to ZERO!
  5. 5. ‫ניהול סיכונים – הקטגוריה השנייה‬ !‫לנהל בהתמדה‬ Category II Risks: The risks the company is willing to accept to execute the strategy and generate superior returns External Market Operating Structure Execution  Market structure  Business model  Competitive profile  Organizational structure  Productivity  Regulatory environment  Staffing model  Rate of change  Barriers to entry  Market position  Cost  Technology architecture  Service level  Process & technical complexity  Cycle time The starting point for developing an effective risk management capability is to understand the level of business and financial risk and develop an organization’s risk profile accordingly
  6. 6. ‫ניהול סיכונים – הקטגוריה השלישית‬ !‫ללא שליטה‬ Category III Risks: The risk from non-controllable external events What are the non-controllable external events that can cause the strategy or the entire enterprise to fail? Often these are risks that “we don’t know we don’t know” Need for “risk envisionment” Scenario planning, Wargaming, Stress tests, and Tail risk meetings
  7. 7. ‫מהי מפה אסטרטגית?‬ ‫המפה האסטרטגית היא המסגרת לארגון וניהול הבחירות האסטרטגיות‬ ‫מהחלטות לביצועים...זהו למעשה..."מגרש המשחקים האסטרטגי"‬
  8. 8. ‫ניהול אסטרטגיה עסקית עם הסיכון?‬
  9. 9. ‫הפרספקטיבות של המפה האסטרטגית בראי‬ ‫הצפי והאימפקט של הסיכון‬ ‫לקוחות‬ ‫פיננסי‬ ‫שכיחות‬ ‫אימפקט‬ ‫שכיחות‬ ‫אימפקט‬ ‫למידה וצמיחה‬ ‫תהליכים פנימיים‬
  10. 10. ‫התאמת היעדים העסקיים לסיכון‬
  11. 11. ‫שיטת ניהול הסיכונים האסטרטגיים‬ ‫מבית פרופ' קפלן‬ Develop an understanding of key risk areas (operational, strategic, financial, human, etc.) Develop a Risk Map and SRIs links to the Strategy Map and KPIs identified in the strategy management system Understand Risk Integrate Risk Management into the Strategic Governance Process Measure Risks Govern Risk Risk Management Develop contingency plans to address key risks. Include these risks in the risk register Assign accountability Mitigate Risk Use evaluation tools to prioritise risks and identify the most critical risks to address and when Assess Risks Underpinning the framework is the Execution Premium Risk Management Model (XPR™)
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