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MEDTECH 2014 Executive Breakfast Presentation


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President of SUNY Research Foundation, Dr. Timothy Killeen, presented on academic and industry partnerships in MEDTECH 2014's Executive Breakfast.

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MEDTECH 2014 Executive Breakfast Presentation

  1. 1. MEDTECH 2014: Redefining Innovation in the Face of Healthcare Reform September 15, 2014 Tim Killeen Vice Chancellor for Research, State University of New York President, Research Foundation for SUNY
  2. 2. 80 million gross square footage $19.8 billion in economic impact The largest comprehensive university system in the United States Over $1 billion in sponsored research 3.6 million students, alumni and employees SUNY is… 7,669 degree and certificate programs
  3. 3. PEOPLE 468,000 Students 88,000 faculty and staff 3 million alumni INFRASTRUCTURE 64 Campuses 6 Centers for Advanced Technology 8 Centers of Excellence 17 Incubators TECHNOLOGY Over 1,000 issued patents Over 700 active licenses 72 active startups
  4. 4. 1950s Heart-Lung Machine 1960s Implantable Cardiac Pacemaker 1970s Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) 1980s ReoPro: SUNY’s 1st FDA Approved Medicine 1990s Bar-Code Scanning Technology
  5. 5. Vision for Working with Industry Identify areas of excellence Leverage our diversity Look at industry and societal problems to be solved Foster interdisciplinary collaboration
  6. 6. Topical Areas Funded: Drug Discovery Novel Antibiotics Enhancing Lifespan Lipid Transport Proteins Treatment of Tuberculosis Hand-held Biosensors Neural Disease Health Record Data 3D Printing Tissues Personalized Organ Transplantation 25 proposals submitted 6 awarded Nearly 90 faculty involved Participation from 9 campuses Total award value: $900k.
  7. 7. New NSF Science and Technology Center X-Ray Bioimaging Technique The University at Buffalo, representing a national consortium of eight research universities and institutes, has been awarded $25 million from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to transform the field of structural biology, including drug development, using X-ray lasers.
  8. 8. Over 125 faculty 34 Proposals submitted 8 Projects Awarded Total award value: $800k Topical Areas:  Ultra-thin implants  Eye/brain dynamics  Risk factors for neurological disease  Brain function visualization  Genetic disorders  Computational modeling  Cell generation
  9. 9. The activity of SUNY M&AM will impact medical, health, military, transportation industries, etc Create and build:  BioMaterials, Green, Energy, Functional & Responsive Materials  Flexible Electronics  Green, Digital and Additive Manufacturing Over 50 research faculty Participation from 8 campuses Awards will be announced in August
  10. 10. Gov. Cuomo Announces the NY Power Electronics Manufacturing Consortium (PEMC)  GE leads PEMC to develop next generation of materials and processes used on wide band gap semiconductors in partnership with SUNY CNSE – 6 inch SiC wafers - beyond silicon!  100 private companies; Investment of over $500M  Open innovation facility
  11. 11. STARTUP-NY Campus Planning
  12. 12. Innovation at Scale “This is the evolution of education in action…this is the delicate balancing act – systems and institutions learning to become leaner, smarter, stronger, and more resourceful through the very kind of hard work that SUNY is leading. And this is innovation at scale.”
  13. 13. SUNY Technology Accelerator Fund Advance SUNY technology from lab to market Mobility Assist Device for Improved Quality of Life Out of Stony Book University Helps people who have trouble standing up or sitting down Partnership with Biodex Medical System New Microphone Design for Hearing Aids Out of Binghamton University Based on hearing of a fruit fly, has potential to improve hearing aids Exploring partnership opportunities
  14. 14. Governor’s Innovation Agenda Innovation New York Network
  15. 15. The NY Opportunity and Challenge Innovation New York Network
  16. 16. Innovation New York Network In NYS, • University R&D is focused on the hard sciences • Venture capital is focused on IT and non-academics • There is a major disconnect • But also a major opportunity
  17. 17. Innovation Online Network INYN – Online Network Identifying, seeding, cultivating, connecting, empowering and quantifying New York State’s Innovation Ecosystem Research • Startups • Financing Infrastructure • People and Talent (Design version)
  18. 18. Innovation Showcase
  19. 19. SUNY Incubator Network 17 incubator programs, across 11 campuses 22 program directors and staff 540,000 ft2 of incubator space across the state Over 550 companies and 2,100 jobs currently supported Over 480 graduated companies since 1990 Stony Brook Buffalo Downstate Fredonia
  20. 20. Southern Tier High Technology Incubator A partnership of Binghamton University and federal, state and local partners, the Southern Tier High-Technology Incubator will provide new opportunities for high-tech businesses to grow and succeed in the Southern Tier. • 21,000 square feet net space set to open in September 2016 • Focus areas: electronics, energy and health innovation@binghamton
  21. 21. SUNY startups are attracting the best investors
  22. 22. Summary • Alignment with  Governor (NYS)  Board/Chancellor  Research Council: Based on system-wide faculty interests, capabilities, and aspirations • Build partnerships among SUNY’s research enterprise and statewide commercialization and technology community, federal government, private industry, international community • Re-invest in Multi-disciplinary Research, Research-enriched education, and Innovation. • Thanks for your guidance!
  23. 23. Engage with us: Bryan Allinson, Vice President of Innovation and Partnerships (518) 434-7061 Heather Hage, Esq., Senior Director of Innovation and Partnerships (518) 434-7061 Jeffrey Boyce, Director of Research-Supported Economic Development (518) 434-7061 Thomas Moebus, Director of Investor Development (212) 317-3570 Gregory O’Connor, Director of Business Services (212) 364-5788 Angela Wright, Director of Government Relations (518) 434-7065 Matthew Mroz, Assistant Director of Innovation and Partnerships (518) 434-7175 Kimberly Eck, Manager, Collaborative Proposal Development (518) 434-7291