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Private Label Peptide Skin Care from 4ce of Nature


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Private Label Peptide Skin Care from 4ce of Nature

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  2. 2. Who Are We?A fully credentialed manufacturer of highperformance skin care products andhealth benefiting supplementsWe offer a stock line of low minimumproducts (6 units per product)Our products are labeled and brandedusing our clients nameWe use medical grade, high potencyingredients formulated at very highconcentrations
  3. 3. What We Do? We provide innovative high end skin care products and nutritional supplements to: Skin Care Physicians-Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists Naturopaths High-End Spas Destination and Resort Spas Medi-Spas Supplements Physicians Naturopaths Chiropractors Sports Stores Gyms Supplement Stores
  4. 4. What We Do? Provide a science based approach to formulation using experienced chemists and physicians We search world wide to source the most powerful and effective ingredients. France, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Australia and many more We use breakthrough innovative ingredients that are considered best in their class We provide the most powerful ingredients available, and they are formulated in higher than expected concentrations We offer a convergence of science, advanced engineering, and highly responsive ingredients
  5. 5. 95-99% Of Our Ingredients Are Actives
  6. 6. What We Do?Our products benefit all age groups and skin types but our focus is: oxidative stress and visual elastin beauty wrinkle Anti-Aging reduction
  7. 7. What We Do? The Skin Care Company? We stimulate the skin for rapid and dramatic improvements in its appearance Dramatically improve the appearance of: fine lines and wrinkles reduce the appearance of age spots discolorations improve skin elasticity and collagen production improve texture reduce puffiness improve skin hydration and tone
  8. 8. What We Do? Our anti-aging products are designed to produce extraordinary results Designed to be at the head of the most impressive class of skin care products Nothing currently on the market comes close to matching their effectiveness that are formulated at very high concentrations specifically designed to work synergistically designed to be highly bio-available and penetrate deeply
  9. 9. What We Do? Scientific team of chemists, physicians, para- medical aestheticians and other healthcare professionals State of the art ingredient technology High levels of bio-actives Molecular engineering Process engineering
  10. 10. Credentialed Manufacturing State of the Art manufacturing facility with an: In-house analytical & formulation laboratory Separate enclosed production clean rooms Ambient clean air system Water purification and monitoring systems Vendor certification program Ingredient authentication Global sourcing cGMP Certified NSF Certified FDA Audited
  11. 11. Owned By Healthcare Professionals Dr. Angela DeRosa DO, MPH, CPE,(Chief Medical and Compliance Officer), board certified Internist specialized in two AZ medical schools, past senior medical director for P&G Pharmaceuticals. Mirijana Potocnjak, (Chief Scientist and Operations Officer) is a biologist/chemist with 13 years of nutraceutical and skin care product development experience. Extensive background in herbs, botanicals, and organic ingredients. She is the primary formulating chemist for our products. Judy Curran RN, (Chief Executive and Marketing Officer) educated both as a Registered Nurse and in Business, has over 30 years experience in domestic and international business and product development within the health and beauty industry. Clinical experience in Burns, Wound Care, and Skin Care.
  13. 13. Biology, Peptides And SerumsUnderstanding The Basics Of Our Formulas
  14. 14. Why We Use Serums As OurProduct Base?Cosmetic serums are highlyconcentrated skin treatment productsIngredients in serums are generally10 times more concentrated andbiologically active than in creamsSerums use powerful targetedingredients of small molecular sizes inorder to penetrate deeper and morequickly than creamsSerums are considered the primaryvehicle to deliver superchargedingredients
  15. 15. Example Of Peptide Serum Results Week 3 Day 0 Week 1
  16. 16. Understanding Serums Serums do not clog pores Serums are generally selected to achieve a very focused result such as wrinkle reductions They generally offer a single or limited action verses other products which use more ingredients at lower concentrations to try to tackle a large number of actions Serums are designed to penetrate and not act as a moisturizing barrier therefore, clients with dry skin should apply a moisturizing layer after the serums have absorbed
  17. 17. Improvement Using Plant Stem Cells 4,%$*-./0*53*67*%,*%6$*8)"*9::*;<* !"#$%&"()*+,)$*-./0*123*
  18. 18. SerumsSerums often seem miraculous becausethey show some of their beneficial resultsalmost immediately and the visiblechanges can be very dramaticSerums can be used by any age clientfrom teen to adultSerums can be matched to various skintypes and conditions through ingredientselection
  19. 19. Serums vs Moisturizers Moisturizers use ingredients with larger molecular lipids topically and create a moisture barrier Moisturizers leave a fine film on the surface of the skin whereas serums deliver their ingredients deeper into the tissue Serums use more active ingredients which are targeted to change the characteristics of the skin Once our serums have been absorbed a moisturizer can be applied if needed
  20. 20. Ingredient Categories Natural Earth Harvested Ingredients Natural Lab Constructed Ingredients Lab Synthesized Synthetic Ingredients Animal Derived Ingredients Bases For Creams And Serums Delivery Systems Active vs Inactive Ingredients Preservatives
  21. 21. Natural Earth Harvested IngredientsNatural earth harvested ingredients include: Standardized botanicals, organics and wild crafted botanicals Extracts, Essential Oils, Purees Herbs Minerals Ingredients in their naturally harvested state are often not well absorbed topically due to large molecular sizes and may not be concentrated or specific enough to produce noticeable positive results on the skin It is difficult to formulate sophisticated 100% organic products that can achieve our performance goals, but the use of some organic ingredients can be a marketing advantage
  22. 22. Natural Lab Constructed Ingredients Natural lab constructed ingredients are copied in the lab, on a molecular level, to mirror nature Organic chemists build identical molecular replicas of earth-natural ingredients except that they screened and designed to focus on a particular function which will yield the targeted results we are seeking This includes many peptides, other amino acids, vitamins, some anti-oxidants etc. Most of our ingredients fit this category
  23. 23. Peptide Synthesis Methodology Generally a biomedical researcher will explore the possibility of increasing the native potency or performance characteristics of a given substance, such as a peptide. Small amounts of the peptide are used. The amino acid chain is manipulated to achieve the desired characteristics, activity, potency. A larger scale of the synthesis is then created in order to initiate studies. Upon successful validation, a larger scale production synthesis is completed
  24. 24. Lab Synthesized Synthetic Ingredients These are substances that are formulated or manufactured by a chemical process or by a process that chemically changes a substance extracted from naturally occurring plant, animal, or mineral sources, except that this does not apply to substances created by naturally occurring biological processes These ingredients are specifically designed to perform a targeted function
  25. 25. Animal Derived Ingredients Animal derived ingredients are chosen by most cosmetic manufacturers to produce certain results Examples of this would be: albumen, whey, marine oils Our products are never tested on animals
  26. 26. Bases For Creams And Serums Base ingredients such as fatty alcohols, waxes, acids, fixatives, humectants, coloring, scents, binding, stabilizing and gelling agents help the formulator achieve certain characteristics in creams and to a lesser extent serums. Bases contribute to viscosity, moisturization, texture, feel, and help to bind certain ingredients to make a smooth emulsion.
  27. 27. Delivery Systems to a carrier such as a liposome If your high-tech ingredient does not reach the intended target in the body it will not respond as intended Our products rely on increasingly sophisticated delivery systems to put active materials exactly where they are needed most Enhanced skin delivery enables our formulators to achieve targeted and timed release of actives and enhance the efficacy and delivery of the effective concentration at the required site of action Enhancing penetration, makes the right delivery system critical in formulating hard-to-use ingredients peptides, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and other vitamins, collagen and essential fatty acids as well as many other ingredients
  28. 28. Active vs Inactive Ingredients An active ingredient, is biologically active , it makes changes in the tissue or acts a catalyst for the body to act in a pre-determined way. It is responsible for producing a desired effect. It gives the product its main characteristics Materials that work physiologically within the skin or aid in protecting the skin from insult are also called active ingredients. Although a cosmetic, by legal definition, can only serve to beautify and protect the surface of the skin, many cosmetic products can be shown to penetrate the dermal layers of the skin to exact a physiological change. One must be careful to market only beautifying aspect of a product Peptides are an example of an active material They have the ability to penetrate the skin, where they can increase the production of collagen, elastin, and intracellular substances thus improving the appearance of the skin Thousands of cosmetic actives are used to affect the skin in a variety of ways. Some are used to lighten, tighten, and firm the skin Inactive ingredients are considered biologically inert and may serve as: the bases forming the products solution, waxes, emollients, coloring agents, fillers, diluents, preservatives, solvents, lubricants, etc. Most skin care products contain primarily in-active ingredients and add only a few select active ingredients at low concentrations. Our products contain 95%- 99% active ingredients, these are the highest concentrations in the market.
  29. 29. Emulsions The majority of creams and lotions are emulsions liquid is dispersed as fine droplets in the other making it homogeneous Homogenized milk is an example of a typical oil-in- water (o/w) emulsion. Using an emulsifier called sodium caseinate The majority of emollients used in personal care and beauty items are fats and oils, also called lipids. Some of the key characteristics required in good emollients are good spreading properties, low toxicity/skin irritation and good oxidative stability.
  30. 30. SurfactantsMost emulsifiers can be considered surfactants or surface-active agents.These materials are able to reduce the surface tension of water.Example: Washing a greasy pan (fat) is easy with soap, because thesoap (surfactant), binds to the oil, and emulsifies with the water, it pullsthe grease off of the pan.Fatty acids that are reacted with an emulsifier can form soaps. Theprocess of soap formation is called saponification. The negativelycharged stearic acid group is the main emulsifying unit of the soap, givingit the anionic classification. Positively charged emulsifiers are calledcationic.Nonionic emulsifiers are often used in skin-care emulsion for their safetyand low reactivity. Glycerin, commonly added to cosmetic emulsions forits humectant properties, is the backbone of a class of emulsifiers calledGlyceryl esters .Stearic acid is a major component of many of the fats and oils used inbeauty treatments, stearate-based emulsifiers are particularly useful.Fatty acids are key components of many cosmetic emulsifiers due theirmiscibility in a variety of natural and synthetic oils.Esters polyethylene glycol or ethylene glycol are called PEG esters. APEG esters solubility is determined by the number of PEG moleculesreacted per molecule of acid. In a formulation, are typically usedfor slip and feel.
  31. 31. Moisturizers The main distinction between moisturizers and emollients is their solubility in water. Healthy skin requires moisture. Moisturizers are generally polar materials that are hygroscopic in nature; they hold onto water Glycerin is a very cost-effective ingredient used to help reduce transdermal water loss Sorbitol, sucrose, glucose, and other sugars are also commonly used to hydrate the skin Aloe, which contains a mixture of polysaccharides, carbohydrates, and minerals, is also an excellent moisturizer Moisturizers lay on the surface of the skin and act as a protective barrier. But as a barrier they may block the penetration of other useful (ie. peptides) ingredients that need to reach deeper tissue levels to work
  32. 32. Waxes/ThickenersWaxes Waxes are composed primarily of long-chain esters that are solid at room temperature. Common waxes used in cosmetics are beeswax, candelilla, carnauba, polyethylene, emulsifying, and paraffin. Waxes function as structuring agents, adding rigidity and barrier properties. By combining waxes with different properties you can add shine, flexibility, and brittleness Waxes are particularly useful in hand creams and mascara emulsions for their thickening and waterproofing properties.Thickeners By incorporating enough wax into a thin lotion, a thick cream can be formed. Many thickeners are polymers. Cellulose, swells in hot water creating a gel network. Carbopol, a polyacrylic acid, swells when neutralized. Carrageenan, pectin, and locust bean gum are also all examples of cosmetic thickeners
  33. 33. PreservativesMost cosmetic products require the addition of preservative to preventmicrobial contamination and rancidityParabens and ester of parabenzoic acid are by far the most commonly usedbecause of their effectiveness against gram-positive bacteria. We do not usethis group of preservatives.Phenoxyethanol is used to protect against gram negative strains.The cosmetic chemist will generally employ a mixture of preservatives toprotect against different bacterial strains as well as yeasts and moldsAntioxidants such as tocopherol (vitamin E) and BHT are also often added toprevent oxidation of sensitive ingredients as well as protect the skin from free-radical damageShelf life and product preservation is important to consider when the dynamicsof ordering , stocking and distribution are being determinedEfficacy, safety , environmental acceptance and international compliance areall considered when we select a preservative
  34. 34. INCI NamesIngredients are required to be listed on labels in INCIcompliant formatIngredients are listed in quantity based descendingorder; listing the ingredient with highest concentration inthe product firstINCI stands for the International Nomenclature OfCosmetic Ingredientsan ingredient acceptable in both US and internationalmarketsINCI names are a combination of scientific Latin namesand the English counterpart. An example of RaspberryExtract would be Rubus Idaeus (Rasberry) Fruit Extract
  35. 35. Our Products
  36. 36. Our Products Contain 12 Peptides12 Transforming ResultsDramatically Reduced Wrinkle VolumeSubstantially Reduced Wrinkle DepthSubstantially Reduced Wrinkle DensityImproved Collagen ProductionImproved Elastin ProductionImproved TighteningImproved FirmnessDermal Substructure ReinforcedImproved SmoothnessImproved ToneTightened PoresWrinkle Producing Muscle Contractions Inhibited
  37. 37. Our Peptides1. Tripeptide-1 -restores collagen levels substantially. In vitro tests showed collagen 1 and collagen IV synthesis of 128% (collagen I) and 81% (collagen IV) respectively after 15 days. Collagen III tripled, this form of collagen is the most abundant type found in young skin. Tripeptide-1 is a technically advanced ingredient which renews the appearance of critical collagen fibers thus helping the body to rebuild the dermal structure. Study showed a 29% wrinkle depth reduction in 30 days.2. Palmitoyl Oligo Pentapeptide- It stimulates the production of collagen and fibronectin . Studies have shown collagen synthesis improved 117%, Collagen IV synthesis was improved by 327% and hylauronic acid synthesis increased by 267%. Wrinkle reduction 68%-90%.3. Dipeptide Diaminobutyroyl Benzylamide Diacetate (Synake) -Mimics a peptide found in the venom of the Temple Viper. It was designed as neuromuscular blocking compound acting at the post-synaptic membrane as a reversible block that prevents acetylcholine from binding to the receptor. One study demonstrated a 52% reduction in forehead wrinkles.4. Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 (Argireline) -Mimics the N-terminal end of Snap-25 which competes for a position in the SNARE complex. When the SNARE complex is interrupted the vesicle release the neurotransmitters that cause the muscle contractions which form a wrinkle. Studies showed wrinkle depth reduction of 17% in 15 days and 32% in 28 days.5. Pentapeptide-18 -Inhibits the release of acetylcholine across the neuro synapse. It keeps the neuron in a resting state which may interfere with the muscle contractions that form expression lines and wrinkles. In combination with Argireline studies show it reduces wrinkle depth of 25% to 47% within 28 days.
  38. 38. Our Peptides6. Acetyl Octapeptide-3 (SNAP-8) -Similar to Argireline but 30% more active. Decreases neuronal excitability by destabilizing the SNARE complex. Studies have shown wrinkle depth reduction by 63% in 30 days.7. Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5 (SynCol) - collagen. Also provides skin firming and moisturizing. In vitro tests in human fibroblasts showed a 119% increase of collagen synthesis compared to the positive standard.8. Pentapeptide-3 (Vialox) - It acts at the post-synaptic membrane blocking sodium ions. The result is that the muscles that form wrinkles stay relaxed. It inhibits muscle contractions by acting as an competitive antagonist at the AChR receptor.9. Acetyl Tetrapeptide-5 Won the technology award in cosmetics in 2005. Enhances elasticity of the skin, and improves skin smoothness. It prevents collagen cross links from glycation elasticity loss and the formation of eye bags. It also helps to prevent liquid from accumulating and inhibits vascular permeability. In vivo tests of subjects ages 18-65 resulted in elasticity being improved by 30% in 30 days, puffiness was significantly reduced in 14 days and eye bags were reduced by 70% in 28 days. Dark circles under the eyes were also reduced.10. Palmitoyl Dipeptide-5 Diaminohydroxybutyrate (syn-taks)- neuromuscular blocking compound acting at the post-synaptic membrane as a reversible block that prevents acetylcholine from binding to the receptor, resulting in no uptake of sodium ions. The effect is that it relaxes facial muscles, smoothes skin, and reduces the appearance of wrinkles. One study demonstrated a 52% reduction in forehead wrinkles.
  39. 39. Our Peptides11. Tripeptide-10 Citrulline Restores collagen levels substantially. In vitro tests showed collagen 1 and collagen IV synthesis of 128% (collagen I) and 81% (collagen IV) respectively after 15 days. Collagen III tripled, this form of collagen is the most abundant type found in young skin. Studies showed a 29% wrinkle depth reduction in 30 days. This peptide maintains a long-lasting collagen function that will help to ensure the appearance of healthy youthful skin.12. Hexapeptide-10 A peptide that promotes cell adhesion, growth and migration, regenerating the basal lamina. A study showed cell growth increased by 74.6%. In addition to promoting cell adhesion and migration it also helps with the formation of blood vessels, and improves microcirculation. Cell proliferation results in compacted epidermis which provides firmness.
  40. 40. High Performance Skin Care 4ce Of Nature provides a revolutionary approach to skincare using a collection of powerful serums to promote youthful skin The line includes 4 highly transformative, anti-wrinkle, peptide enriched medical grade serums that when layered form the treatment component of daily skin care regimen. Other serums in the line target a variety of skin problems experienced producing results far beyond expectations The studies in this slide series helps to demonstrate empirically the efficacy of our products
  41. 41. We Built Products With Real Substance 95%-99% of our ingredients in each product are active ingredients Our most powerful ingredients are formulated in concentrations far above the levels found in competitive high-end products Our ingredients are class leading with award winning process technology All ingredients are sourced globally for their intensive performing characteristics
  42. 42. Transforming Innovative Ingredients IntoMarketable Products The Advantage Is Yours We broke away from conventional thinking to build our products with real substance and stunning results Our highly responsive products can be private labeled to position your organization for growth Our skincare system is powerful enough to build your business by bringing customers back to you monthly, with their friends in tow as referrals wanting to try these products
  43. 43. Why We Are Unique?A Clinical Approach To Skincare We took a clinical approach to the design of our products. Our lead formulating chemist is also a biologist She along with our team of physicians approach the formulation process by analyzing the physiologic processes of the body that are compromised She looks at the cellular processes and selects ingredients that act to own repair mechanisms The skin care industry is notorious for selling low concentration, high profile ingredients that are minimally effective and highly profitable We took a different approach. We first consider the problem to be solved and the bodies physiology before ingredients are matched to solve the issue Our ingredients are selected for their targeted functions, as well as the magnitude of their force and ability to correct the issue we identified
  44. 44. Secret Formulation TechniquesWe use closely held secret formulation techniquesThey took several decades to developThese techniques improve bioavailability, absorption, intensifyaction, improve penetration, assist to transfer material to thetargeted cells, increase the results and shorten time ofresponseThese processes are what make us unique and give ourproducts a dramatic performance edgeProcess engineering and unique ingredient sources makes ourproducts impossible to duplicate without our formula, giving youone of a kind products
  45. 45. Bio-Vectored FormulasWe use bio-vectors to: Identify the depth of delivery Minimize the molecular size and use bonding to enhance penetration Achieve a high magnitude of impact and results Improve the immediacy of the solution Target the functional component in the transfer of supercharged ingredients to targeted areas
  46. 46. Our Highly Skilled Development TeamResponsive scientific team with expertise in: Analytical Chemistry Medicine (2 Physicians and a Nurse with Burn and Skin Care Expertise) Biology Microbiology Pharmacology Nutritional Supplementation Cosmeceuticals Process Engineering Aesthetics (Para-medical Aestheticians)
  47. 47. ANTI- WRINKLE PEPTIDE SERUM -1ozThe Most Targeted Peptide Enriched Product Available Re-awakens the cellular regeneration process Unique blend of eight powerful peptide ingredients Peptides are the most powerful ingredients in the anti-aging wrinkle reducing arsenal Reduces wrinkle volume, depth and density Encourages the body to rebuild collagen and elastin for visibly younger skin Process engineering and unique ingredient sources makes this product almost impossible to duplicate without our formula, giving you a one of a kind product
  48. 48. PEPTIDE SERUM INGREDIENTSTripeptide-1- patented active peptide that helps the body substantially restore collagen levels. Subjects studied from ages 35 to 55 showed a 29% wrinkle depth reduction in 30 daysPalmitoyl Oligo Pentapeptide - only a limited number of labs have access to this peptide due to patent restrictions. Stimulates the production of collagen and fibronectin promoting extracellular matrix renewal and cell proliferation. An in vivo (human based) study resulted in: the surface area of the deep wrinkles decreases by 68%, and in some cases was reduced by as much as 90% " the density of the main furrows: decreased by 47% " the area of the moderate wrinkles: decreased by 51% " the mean area of the main wrinkle: decreased by 22%Stimulated the synthesis of the extra-cellular Matrix in vitro and ex vivo to very different extents: Collagen I : +117% Collagen IV : +327% It also stimulates the production of glycosaminoglycans: +267%.
  49. 49. Palmitoyl Oligo Pentapeptide Peptide #2 Peptide #2, (one of twelve peptides used in our products) is a fragment of the C-terminal portion of collagen I synthesis of collagen I, collagen III and fibronectin It has a more marked impact on low-density cultures of fibroblasts than on higher density, confluent cultures This is relevant because it is closer to aging skin, which has a reduced population of fibroblasts
  50. 50. Deep Wrinkles Reduced By 68%-90% The surface area occupied by deep wrinkles was reduced by a mean of 68% over 6 months and in some cases was reduced by as much as 90% The density of the main furrows: decreased by 47% The area of the moderate wrinkles: decreased by 51% The mean area of the main wrinkle: decreased by 22% The concentration of this peptide in our products ranges between 8-16 times greater than the concentration used in this study
  51. 51. Significant Reduction In Wrinkles Before Peptide #2 Use 6 Months After Peptide Use
  52. 52. Focus IngredientsDipeptide Diaminobutyroyl Benzylamide Diacetate (Synake) a neurotrasmitter blocker, relaxes facial muscles, smoothes skin, and reduces the appearance of wrinkles. One study demonstrated a 52% reduction in forehead wrinkles.Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 (Argireline) - reduces the appearance of the depth of wrinkles caused by facial expressions. Studies showed wrinkle depth reduction of 17% in 15 days and 32% in 28 days.Pentapeptide-18 - interferes with the formation of expression wrinkles. In combination with Argireline studies show it reduces wrinkle depth of 25% to 47% with in 28 days.Acetyl Octapeptide-3 (SNAP-8) - reduces wrinkle depth from the expression areas of the face . Studies have shown wrinkle depth reduction by 63% in 30 days.Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5 (SynCol) - product collagen.Pentapeptide-3 (Vialox) - peptide that offers intensive wrinkle care. It reduces expression line wrinkles and relaxes muscles.
  53. 53. Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 (Argireline) Peptide #4 Peptide #4 was designed to reduce wrinkle depth caused by facial expressions (forehead and eyes) It is a neuro-transmitter blocking peptide It mimics the N-terminal end of Snap-25 which competes for a position in the SNARE complex neurotransmitters that cause the muscle contractions which form a wrinkle. Studies showed wrinkle depth reduction from use of this peptide, of 17% in 15 days and 32% in 28 days. Silicone imprints were made for this study and measured by confocal profilometry
  54. 54. How It Works Muscles are contracted when they receive neurotransmitters released from a nerve cell in a process known as neuronal exocytosis The neurotransmitter involved is acetylcholine and it is released from a vesicle into the synapse The process involves several proteins, channels and vesicles The SNARE protein complex is essential for neurotransmitter release at the synapsis and mediates the final steps of exocytosis It is a complex formed by three proteins: VAMP, Syntaxin and SNAP-25 This complex is like a cellular hook that captures vesicles (a process called docking) and brings them close to the membrane to enable their fusion
  55. 55. How It Works Neuro-transmitter acetylcholine and it is released from a vesicle into the synapse The SNARE protein complex is formed by 3 proteins, VAMP, Syntaxin, and SNAP-25 and it is essential for neuro-transmitter release at the synapse and mediates the final steps of exocytosis Acting as cellular hook it captures vesicles and brings them close to the membrane to enable fusion
  56. 56. SNAPBio-ChemicalMechanism
  57. 57. Botlinum Toxin ABotulinum Toxin A paralyses the muscle byselectively blocking acetylcholine releaseat the neuromuscular junctionBoNT-A cleaves the protein SNAP-25irreversibly, and therefore the SNAREcomplex cannot assembleThe nerve signal cannot be relayed, themuscle cannot contract and it is paralyzed.
  58. 58. Destabilized SNARE Complex,Peptide #4 If the SNARE complex is slightly destabilized, the vesicle cannot release neurotransmitters. As a consequence, muscle contraction is attenuated and the muscle is relaxed Peptide #4 is a mimic of the N-terminal end of SNAP-25 and it competes with the natural protein for a position in the SNARE complex, so it destabilizes its formation, without breaking any of its components
  59. 59. In Vitro EfficacyInhibition of glutamate releaseat mM concentrations is aclear indicator of the potentanti-expression wrinkle activityof the peptide.Inhibition of glutamate releaseby depolarized neuron is avalidated cell assay formeasuring the potentialactivity of compounds on theinhibition of neuronalexocytosis.Untreated neuron cultureswere used as a negativecontrol and cultures treatedwith Botulinum Toxin A (BoNT-A) were used as a positivecontrol
  60. 60. Two In-Vitro Tests Related To TheFormation Of Wrinkles Reduction in the depth of wrinkles up to 17% after 15 days with 10% Peptide # 4 solution The depth of the furrow decreased a maximum value of 32% in 28 days with a cream containing 5% Peptide #4 solution. The concentration in our formula is much higher
  61. 61. Another Study This peptide reduces the severity of wrinkles around the eyes, up to 17% after 15 days of treatment and up to 27% after 30 days of treatment Objective: To determine the effectiveness of the peptide #4 cream in reducing the severity of wrinkles
  62. 62. Reducedwrinkle depthup to 27% in30 days
  63. 63. Volunteer nº5(38 years) Base Peptide 4
  64. 64. Volunteer nº3 (54 years)
  65. 65. Volunteer nº3 (54years) Video Sequence
  66. 66. Volunteer nº7 (45 years) Video Sequence
  67. 67. Dipeptide Diaminobutyroyl BenzylamideDiacetate (Synake)A neuro-transmitter blocking Peptide A small peptide that mimics the activity of a polypeptide found in the venom of a Viper Capable of reducing mimic wrinkles by inhibiting contractions Reduced forehead wrinkles by 52%
  68. 68. Ra: average roughnessRt: maximum difference between the highest peakand the deepest furrowsRz: mean value of these different maxima Study On SmoothingA decrease of the Ra expresses a smoothed reliefA decrease of the Rt and Rz expresses a decrease of And Anti-Wrinklewrinkle depth Effect Of Peptide # 3
  69. 69. Wrinkles Decrease 52% On The ForeheadMeasurements on Volunteer #29 showed that Peptide #3 was able toreduce forehead wrinkles by up to 52%In vitro measurements showed that Peptide #3 (at a concentration of0.5mM) was able to reduce the frequency of contractions ofinnervated muscle cells by 82% (p<0.05) after 2 hours of treatmentand anti-wrinkle effect on this area
  70. 70. Wrinkle Height ProfileUsing the PRIMOS® technique, parallel stripe patterns areprojected on the sample with successive phase shift.The analysis of fringe deformations provided a qualitativeand quantitative evaluation of each height profile
  71. 71. Acetyl Octapeptide-3 (SNAP-8) Peptide #6 A wrinkle reducing peptide that is similar to Argireline but 30% more active. It reduces wrinkle depth from the expression areas of the face such as the forehead and eyes. It decreases neuronal excitability by destabilizing the SNARE complex. Studies have shown wrinkle depth reduction by 63% in 30 days.
  72. 72. Inhibition Of Snare Complex FormationDemonstrates the blocking of SNARE complex formation. The lower theSNARE complex in vitro, the higher the efficacy of the anti-wrinkle cream.Evaluated the antagonistic competitive efficacy of the peptide patterned afterSNAP-25 N-Terminal domain compared to native SNAP-25(positive control).Peptide #6 has the capacity to assemble with syntaxin and synaptobrevinforming the SNARE complex, which was measured.Heat and consequent thermal decomposition was the negative control
  73. 73. Modulation Of Glutamate Release In A Neuron Cell Culture Peptide #6 Peptide #6Glutamate is the most excitatory abundant neurotransmiter in the nervous system.The release of glutamate in a primary cell culture of neurons was measured tocompare the in vitro activitiy of Peptide 6 and Botulinum Toxin A (positive control)Peptide #6 inhibits glutamate release in a dose-dependent manner
  74. 74. 63% Reduction Value Of Wrinkle Depth With Peptide #6Skin topography analyses were performed to measure the effectiveness ofa cream containing 10% Peptide #6Silicon imprints were obtained from around the eyes of 17 womenvolunteers pre-test and after the 28 day treatment.Analyses of imprints were performed by confocal profilometry
  75. 75. Bonnie After Using The Peptide Serum Day 0 Week 3
  76. 76. Stem Cell SerumUsing state of art technology to culture plant stem cellsBased on high-tech bioreactor plant cell culture technology, that was awarded the Innovation Award in 2008First stem cell ingredient is from a rare apple, known for its longevity A study with our first ingredient with subjects between the ages of 37-64, showed a significant and visible decrease in wrinkle depth for 100% of the subjects by the 28 days. Study results showed that the CFE (colony-forming efficiency) was stimulated by 92% in the presence of 0.04% of the stem cell extract. This clearly showed an improved maintenance of the stem cell characteristics of epidermal stem cells.Second plant stem cell ingredient is from a rare Gamay grape ,which has extremely high anthocyanins, this ingredient fights photo-aging and delays cell death Study results showed this stem cell extract to strongly increase CFE: the CFE was stimulated by almost 80% Clearly showing that it helps the epidermal stem cells maintain their stem cell characteristics.
  77. 77. Why Use Plant Stem Cells Epidermal stem cells rejuvenate and promote the balance of cells in the skin and help to regenerate damaged tissue. Aging reduces the number of stem cells in the skin and diminishes their ability to repair the skin. Plant stem cells contain specific epigenetic factors that help to maintain the regeneration capacity of stem cells in the skin. The result is a remarkable improvement in the appearance of the skin as well as a reduction in wrinkles, and protection against oxidative stress.
  78. 78. Focus IngredientsMalus Domestica Fruit Cell Culture - Awarded the Innovation Award in 2008. It uses a liposomal delivery system and is based on plant stem cells from an endangered fruit(apple) that is known for its longevity. Studies have demonstrated its remarkable age delaying and anti-wrinkle effects in humans.Palmitoyl Oligo Pentapeptide - Promotes collagen helps to improve the visible signs of aging.Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Fruit Cell Extract - Plant stem cells contain specific components, called epigenetic factors. They regulate the activity and the function of the cell. These plant stem cells improve the vitality of skin stem cells, and protect them against negative environmental influences
  79. 79. Improvement Using Apple Stem Cell Before (day 0) of use of our Apple Stem Cell After (day 28)
  80. 80. TIGHTENING SERUM- 1 ozReduce The Appearance Of Loose Skin And Enlarged Pores Contains peptides designed to help you look younger by increasing the elastin and collagen in your skin Reduces the appearance of loose skin and improves the skins resilience Improves cell proliferation resulting in a more compacted epidermis which provides firmness Provides a noticeable tightening effect, strengthens connective tissue, and provides protection against oxidative stress.
  81. 81. Focus IngredientsTripeptide-10 Citrulline - A peptide that substantially restores collagen levels. Showed a 29% wrinkle depth reduction in 30 days. This peptide maintains a long-lasting collagen function.Pullulan - An anti-oxidant that also helps to retain moisture.Hexapeptide-10 - A peptide that promotes cell adhesion, growth and migration, regenerating the basal lamina. Tests have been carried out to quantify the increase in cellular adhesion of keratinocytes and fibroblasts. A study showed cell growth increased by 74.6%.Palmitoyl Dipeptide-5 Diaminobutyroyl Hydroxythreonine (syn-taks) - It helps to restore the structural integrity of the skin, reducing wrinkles, and improving tone.Palmitoyl Dipeptide-5 Diaminohydroxybutyrate (syn-taks) - It helps to restore the structural integrity of the skin, reducing wrinkles, and improving tone.Enteromorpha Compressa Extract - An edible form of green algae that produces a large array of bioactive compounds found useful in the treatment of inflammation, allergies and bacterial and viral infections.Theobroma Cacao(Cocoa) Extract Provides anti-oxidant and anti-stress effects for skin preparations. Acts as a skin balancer and energizer reducing cell degeneration and protecting the skin from cell damage.
  82. 82. PEPTIDE EYE SERUM-! ozAward Winning Ingredients Used In This Powerful Peptide Serum Exciting powerful eye serum using award winning ingredients. This product provides dramatic reductions in baggy eyes, dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles. Returning the skin to a much more youthful state.
  83. 83. Focus IngredientsAcetyl Tetrapeptide-5 - Won the technology award in cosmetics in 2005. In vivo tests of subjects ages 18-65 resulted in elasticity being improved by 30% in 30 days, puffiness was significantly reduced in 14 days and eye bags were reduced by 70% in 28 days. Dark circles under the eyes were also reduced.Acetyl Octapeptide-3 (SNAP-8) It reduces wrinkle depth from the expression areas of the face such as the forehead and eyes. It decreases neuronal excitability by destabilizing the SNARE complex. Studies have shown wrinkle depth reduction by 63% in 30 daysDipeptide Diaminobutyroyl Benzylamide Diacetate (Synake) - A wrinkle reducing active peptide that mimics a peptide found in the venom of the Temple Viper. It was designed as neuromuscular blocking compound acting at the post-synaptic membrane One study demonstrated a 52% reduction in forehead wrinkles.
  84. 84. EYE LASH LENGTHENER 10mlWe Broke From Conventional Thinking When This Product Was Designed Unparalleled combination of class leading formulation processes and performance based ingredients Uses Keratinocyte Growth Factor partnered with a variety of powerful ingredients that benefit the follicles ability to add new hair. We set the stage by improving the environment for growth and then added the trigger that makes it happen.
  85. 85. Focus IngredientsL-Acetyl Carnitine - Reactivates the hair follicles. Transfers fatty acids to the mitochondria to be used as energy and to enhance active metabolism needed for cellular repair.Niacinamide - An anti-inflammatory and vasodilator. It stimulates collagen and acts as an anti-oxidant. It reduces inflammation.Soy Isoflavones - Helps preserve elasticity limiting the breakage of hair.Saw Palmetto Extract - Thought to block cell receptor sites required to absorb DHT. May improve hair growth, maintains healthy hair and helps to reverse hair loss.Keratin - Primary constituent of hair it wraps the hair follicle with a keratin bond that protects and strengthens the hair shaft.Nettle Extract - Partially blocks 2 enzymes, 5a-reductase, which makes dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and aromatase enzyme. These enzymes are thought to block hair growth.Hexanoyl Dipeptide-3 Norleucine Acetate: - A peptide that activates follicle regeneration.
  86. 86. Focus IngredientsLecithin- A natural emulsifier and lubricant. It also protects cell follicles from oxidation and breakdown.L-Arginine - An amino acid that may bring oxygen to the tissue. It may act on the follicle by promoting the formation of L-proline, an amino acid that is essential to the synthesis of collagen. It is thought to play a role in cell division.L-Glutamine - An amino acid that helps with cell rejuvenation. Acts as an eye tissue nutrient.Zinc - Benefits cellular growth and appears to limit DHT production. It helps with absorption of vitamins and proteins that are necessary for hair growth and maintenance.Keratinocyte Growth Factor (KGF) - A growth factor that promotes hair growth, it is synthesized by fibroblasts. A complex growth factor it contains an 160 amino acid chain that stimulates cell replication. This is made specifically for our product.Superoxide Dismutase - An enzyme that prevents oxidative stress and enhances antioxidant balance. SOD is found in the dermis and epidermis and is important in the production building new cells.
  87. 87. LIGHTENING SERUM 1 ozRevolutionary Serum Significantly Lightens And Reduces The Appearance Of SkinDiscoloration An aesthetic treatment that significantly reduces the appearance of skin discoloration and lighten and brightens the appearance of the skin. Each individual responds differently to ingredients, we approached this issue by using ten distinctly different skin lightening ingredients. Each ingredient operates in a slightly different way to ensure that the outcome will be what you expect.
  88. 88. Focus IngredientsDiaminopropionoyl Tripeptide-33 - A peptide that reduces the appearance of photo-aging. It promotes the DNA repair systems capacity, and provides the skin protection from aging.Arbutin - Arbutin has a depigmenting effect on the skin. Increases cutaneous luminosity, cutaneous smoothness, with a significant reduction of cutaneous tint, and cutaneous dyschromia. Inhibits the tyrosinase enzyme and has been documented by in vitro studies to have an enzymatic inhibition level of 56%.Kojic Acid - An effective skin lightener, inhibits melanin production, helps to balance skin tones, fading dark spots and freckles caused by sun exposure, aging, and cutaneaous hyper-pigmentation.Licorice Root - A skin whitener, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and anti-oxidant.Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate - It significantly affects the appearance of skin lightening acting to inhibit tyrosinase to reduce the formation of melanin. It also promotes collagen synthesis.
  89. 89. Focus IngredientsBellis Perennis (Daisy) Flower Extract - Highly efficient natural skin lightener by influencing melanin formation. An in vitro study done in the Philippines showed a reduction of tyrosinase and tyrosinase activity resulting in a significant lightening effect.Diacetyl-Boldine - A skin lightener, was shown to be 30 times more effective than kojic acid. In vitro tests showed it inhibited the activity of tyrosinase by 56%. A study of Asian subjects showed skin lightening improved by 71%, hyper-pigmented areas decreased by 54%, complexion was viewed as 65% move even, and 74% more radiant. A study of Caucasian subjects showed a 23% reduction in age spots. It provides the skin with an even, luminous and mat complexion.1-aminoethylphosphinic acid - Used as a skin lightener to reduce age spots. Acts different from tyrosinase inhibitors, it slows down melanogenesis providing a whitening effect by decreasing melanin systhesis at the DOPA-Chrome levelDimethylmethoxy Chromanyl Palmitate - Provides considerable skin lightening. A study of Asian women ages 18-46 showed a 37% inhibition of tyrosinase activity, it stopped endogenous tyrosinase activity by 43% and was found to have a better di- pigmenting effect than Kojic acid.
  90. 90. CELLULITE CREAM 5 ozFinally A Solution That Actually Works This intensely effective approach to lustrous, youthful, smooth skin, reduces the appearance of cellulite. A Brazilian study of 99 women showed more than 88% experienced a decreased circumference their thighs and arms 68% saw an additional reduction of their hip size when the caffeine ingredient was analyzed. Pseudoalteromonas Ferment Extract study showed 128% increase in collagen 1 within 15 days 81% increase in type IV collagen
  91. 91. Focus IngredientsLecithin - May reduce the accumulation of fluids, reduce inflammation and improve circulation. Helps the body improve the support structures under skin to keep cellulite from showing through.Caffeine - Vasoconstrictor, reduces fluid retention and may improve fat metabolism.Butcherbroom (Ruscus Aculatus) Root Extract - Decreases excess fluids, anti- inflammatory.Tea-Hydroiodide - Is a skin conditioning agent.Ivy (Hedera Helix) Extract - Tones, tightens and helps reduce build up of waste products in tissue.Carnitine - A naturally occurring amino acid supports the transport long chair fatty acids to the mitochondria where it is used for energy. Thought to improve appearance of dimpled skin.Tripeptide-1 - A patented peptide that acts as a skin conditioning agent.Panthenol - Provitamin B5 has the effect of filling in areas and stretching the skin.
  92. 92. Focus IngredientsMarrubium Vulgare Extract - An anti-inflammatory that assists in absorption.Pseudoalteromonas Ferment Extract - A glycoprotein found at the bottom of a glacier in Antartica, it is thought to increase elastin and collagen. One study showed a 128% increase in collagen 1 within 15 days and a 81% increase in type IV collagen.Acetyl Tetrapeptide-5 - A peptide that reduces edema in tissue.Pentapeptide-18 - A neuropeptide that helps to relax muscles and tighten the skin.Rucus Aculeatus Root Extract - Improves microcirculation in the skin, and capillary permeability.Citrus Medica Limonum Peel Extract - Benefits circulation and helps improve blood flow.Solidago Virgaurea Extract - Improves circulation, contracts tissue, reduces fluids.Astragalus Membranaceus Root Extract - Benefits micro-circulation, firms and smoothes the skin and helps to reduce the appearance of imperfections.Ilex Paraguariensis Leaf Extract(Yerba Mate) - Has a relaxing effect on muscle tissue, burns fat.Cameilia Oleifera Extract(Green Tea) - Rich in anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.Cola Acuminata Seed Extract - Provides the stimulating and fluid draining effects of caffeine. Improves texture on uneven dimpled skin.Japanese Pepper Extract: - A pepper that results in a hot or tingling sensation to the skin. It is an anti- oxidant that also benefits microcirculation. Anti-inflammatory.
  93. 93. FACIAL/BODY HAIR INHIBITOR 1 ozDramatically Reduce The Appearance Of Unsightly Hair Hair growth cycles can take 3-4 months with 80% of your hair in a growth cycle at any one time. Most cultures dictate the aesthetic level of hair for both men and women and social acceptance is affected for those who violate those norms. It effectively helps to dramatically reduce the appearance of unsightly hair A study on one of our key ingredients showed a decrease of 30% in hair length and a 16% reduction in density within 60 days.
  94. 94. Focus IngredientsLarrea Diviaricata Extract - A hair growth inhibitor that also has anti-oxidant and anti-microbal properties.Lauryl Isoquinolinium Bromide - A major hair growth inhibiting ingredient. It decreases the length and density of hair, reduces the need for shaving or depilation. It targets the hair follicle cells and decreases new hair formation. One study showed a decrease of 30% in hair length and a 16% reduction in density within 60 days.Pseudoalteromanoas Ferment Extract - It maintains natural bio-protective properties and promotes keratinocyte growth and fibroblast adhesion for a skin regenerating effect. A study showed increased collagen I synthesis by 81% after 7 days and 128% after 15 days and increased collagen IV synthesis 36% after 7 days and 81% after 15 days.Subtilisin - A keratinolytic protease that invades the hair structure and causes proteolytic cleavage which reduces intercellular adhesion and reduces hair growth. It also diminishes the size of hair follicles and hair shafts.Palmatine - Slows mitosis and therefore reduces hair growth.
  95. 95. New Products Roll Off Wrinkles A strong peptide formula that comes in bottle with a roller ball. It can be carried in your pocket or purse and used throughout the day. It is particularly designed to eliminate the more difficult wrinkles Anti-Oxidant Serum A serum loaded with anti-oxidants that will protect the skin from free radical scavengers, nourish and revitalize it Telomer Protect Serum - The discovery of telomeres won the 2009 Nobel Prize in youthful cell function. Every time your cells divide, your telomeres shorten. When your telomeres become too short, cell division stops and your cells can no long divide to build new cells. This product helps maintain telomeres and extend the lifespan of your skin cells. up your sagging skin Inside Out Beauty Supplement Designed using three proprietary blends of the ingredients. The first is a powerful blend of amino acids which encourages the body to produce Human Growth Hormone. This hormone declines with aging and that loss results in a loss of energy, stamina, strength, muscle tone and skin tone, thickness and wrinkle formation. This blend can dramatically assist the body to achieve the vigor and characteristics of a more youthful state. The other two blends focus on adding anti- oxidants to the body to improve both health and beauty.
  96. 96. NutritionalSupplements
  97. 97. Why We Are Unique We use the highest quality ingredients We formulate using high concentrations of the most potent ingredients We use semi-manual encapsulation processes to eliminate the need for excipents We perform vendor audits, and all ingredients are tested for purity, potency, authentication We participate in an extensive audit by an outside auditing company We use the most cutting edge advancements to aging in recent history An unparalleled approach to beauty and wellness 95%-99% of our ingredients in each product are active ingredients Our formulation team includes physicians Our formulations use clinical strengths of medical grade ingredients All products are manufactured in house in our fully accredited manufacturing plant
  98. 98. Appetite Suppressant/Thermogenic This appetite suppressant works by Diminishing appetite Increases the sensation of fullness Improves mood Helps to develop a perceived sense of happiness Unlike other supplements this product approaches appetite suppression from many angles, and gives the body several opportunities to feel satiety. It acts as a thermogenic burning of fat. It is caffeine, and ephedra free. It controls appetite during times of boredom or emotional distress.
  99. 99. WEIGHT LOSS CARBOHYDRATE CONTROL - 180 capsThe Help You Need To Control CarbsHelps to break the vicious weight gain cycle and control carbohydrate cravings. Helps reduce the absorption of starch Breaks down carbs into absorbable sugars Helps the body better regulate glucose and insulin Improves pancreatic function by mediating insulin release Helps the body better use calories and metabolize glucose Reduces carbohydrate cravings Stimulates the brain to feel satisfied and full
  100. 100. WEIGHT LOSS FAT BURNER (LIPOTROPIC) - 60 capsPower Up Your Ability To Burn Away Fat This supplement helps to: Control appetite and improve mood Breakdowns fat and converts it to energy Removes and metabolizes excess fat from the liver its effect on fat storage formation on arterial walls
  101. 101. NATURAL HAPPINESS 60 capsRenew Your Sense Of Joy, Re-energize Your Life A non sedating formula that helps maintain and elevate mood levels Combats fatigue Increases energy levels and improves malaise Helps minimize depression and relieve tension, irritability, stress and anxiety Improves memory
  102. 102. LIVER SUPPORT 180 capsIs Your Liver Working Overtime? What Are You Doing To Protect It? Aids in liver detoxification Improves digestion Enhances bile production and flow Assists in neutralizing and eliminating toxins, provides anti- oxidant benefits Helps protect the liver from damage and supports its optimal functioning
  103. 103. MENOPAUSE SYMPTOM RELIEF 60 capsLive Comfortably As Menopause Approaches Improves menopause symptoms Helps regulate mood swings Helps regulate hormonal swings Reduces hot flashes and night sweats Minimizes weight gain Improves bladder incontinence and overactive bladder
  104. 104. JOINT SUPPORT 480 gramsReduce Pain, Swelling, Tenderness And Stiffness Helps build synovial fluid and cartilage Improves mobility and reduces discomfort Improves health and function of cartilage Reduces pain, swelling, tenderness and stiffness Improves athletic recovery
  105. 105. MUSCLE CRAMP OIL 4ozStop Painful Sudden Forceful Muscle Cramps Helps restore magnesium levels in the body Helpful to athletic recovery Helps relieve aches, pain, muscle cramps, and stiffness Helps maintain muscle function Calms nerves Supports restful sleep Highly absorbable without GI side effects common with oral version and acts quickly
  106. 106. Q IMMUNE 120 capsAn Unprecedented Approach To Immune SupportThe discovery of the biologic importance of our key ingredientGermanium has been touted as a landmark development in the field ofnutritional and metabolic medicineDramatically improves the efficiency of oxygen utilization at a cellularlevelEach atom of germanium is bonded to three atoms of oxygen, making itan efficient carrier of oxygen, it is believed oxygen cannot be properlymetabolized by cancer cellsPowerful regulator of the immune system, activating an under-activesystem and suppressing over-activity when necessaryOur unique proprietary engineered blending process transforms thiscombination of ingredients and dramatically enhances their effectiveness bioavailability provides a compounding effect with the supporting ingredients
  107. 107. 4ce Of Natureand one of a kind. technology, and process engineering as we transform our secret processes and a set of incredibly responsive ingredients, into highly responsive products. ever experienced Producing rapid and stunning changes to the skin Transforming tired, aged, wrinkled skin into vibrant youthful restored skin Protecting younger skin from the ravages of aging
  108. 108. 4ce Of NatureUsing highly concentrated peptide enriched formulas our products produce astounding results. Nothing currently on the market comes close to our products performance Process engineering offers our products a unique edge and protects against competitors attempts at duplication Small molecular sizes allow deep penetration Unique delivery systems maximize absorption Careful PH balancing help our products to penetrate deeper and respond faster