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How to get your ex back


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How to get your ex back

  1. 1. So you’ve broken up? And it was your idea? Now you realizewhat a mistake you made and want him back, but have noidea how to go about it, or even if he will come back. Thenmaybe you need to learn how to win your boyfriend backslowly, so as he does not think you are just playing with him.Some men will mistake your genuine intentions for anotherchance to hurt them, so you need to take that intoconsideration.
  2. 2. Be sure of what you want before finding out how to get yourex back. What was the breakup over, anyway? If it was somesmall thing, like the ever-present leave the toothpaste lid off,is you sure you can live with that habit in the future, after ithas given you nuts this time? Or was it his continually strayingeyes? If he goes no further than with his eyes, are youprepared to put up with that as a part of his character? Alsohave a clear look at your own behavior. Does he stare openlyat other girls because you won’t let him talk to anyone elsebut you when you are out, even if he knows them?