e-Finance performance outlook 2013


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Een snelle website leidt tot meer page views, tevreden bezoekers en uiteindelijk een hogere conversie. Performance is dus geen feature, maar een belangrijke voorwaarde voor elke site owner en online marketeer, vooral in sterk concurrerende online markten zoals financiën, retail en reizen.

Dit rapport geeft een overzicht van de huidige prestaties geleverd door de e-Finance 50. Op basis van verzamelde gegevens van 4 weken, analyseerden we de gemiddelde pagina snelheid zoals ervaren op zowel een desktop browser als mobiele browser. Dit rapport geeft ook inzicht in de mogelijkheden voor optimalisatie van de e-Finance 50 als we kijken naar eenvoudige optimalisatie technieken. Krijg snel inzicht in zowel de prestaties ervaren en optimalisatie potentieel voor 2013.

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e-Finance performance outlook 2013

  1. 1. E-finance performance outlook 2013Outperform your competitors with a fast user experience
  2. 2. e-Finance 50 Performance OutlookWhat you can expect: 20131. Ranking the e-Finance A fast website leads to more pages viewed, satisfied 50 visitors and ultimately higher conversion rates.2. Mobile performance Performance is therefore not a feature, but an important3. Content breakdown requirement for every site owner and online marketer,4. Optimization potential especially in highly competitive online markets like5. About MeasureWorks finance, retail and travel. This short study provides an overview of the current performance delivered by the e-Finance 50. Based on 4 weeks of data collected we analyzed the average page speed as experienced on both a desktop browser as mobile browser. This report also provides insights into the optimization potential of the e-Finance 50 when looking at basic optimization techniques. Fast insight in both performance experienced and optimization potential for 2013. Enjoy reading! The MeasureWorks team 2
  3. 3. Only 0,7 sec. for the e-Finance fastest website to appear on your desktop On average e-Finance 50 websites load in 3,97 sec. on your desktop, compared to 8,12 sec. for mobile websiteOnly 8 of all e-Finance 50 websites is optimized for mobile browsers
  4. 4. 1. e-Finance Top 10 Bottom 1050 ranking Rank Site Load time Rank Site Load timeBased on page speed (loadtime) the 50 leaders in the 1 iza.nl 0,7 41 cz.nl 5,7Dutch Finance industry (both 2 delagelanden.com 1,1 42 robecodirect.nl 6,1Finance & Insurance) are 3 leaseplanbank.nl 1,4 43 binck.nl 6,6ranked. 4 zwitserleven.nl 1,6 44 movir.nl 6,7 5 atbank.nl 1,6 45 nn.nl 6,8Fastest website in the e-Finance 50 is www.iza.nl with 6 unigarant.nl 1,7 46 asr.nl 6,90,7 seconds. Compared to 7 rabobank.nl 2,1 47 inshared.nl 7,0number 50, with 8,7 seconds, 8 eurocross.nl 2,1 48 abnamro.nl 7,9www.iza.nl is over 12 timesfaster. 9 bng.nl 2,2 49 staalbankiers.nl 8,7 10 regiobank.nl 2,2 50 home.ingdirect.com 8,7The average page speed ofthe e-Finance 50 is 3,97seconds. The bottom 10 websites are over 4x slower compared to the top 10 Average Average Top 10 Bottom 10 1,67 sec. Speed 7,45 sec.Measurement details: 710 kb Size 957 kbTool: Webpagetest.orgTest: Homepages only 34 Objects 69Settings: 10000/1500 Kbps, 40ms LatencyBrowser: Internet Explorer 8 4
  5. 5. 2. Mobileperformance Mobile optimized?Mobile is quickly becoming the Loading a url on your 8most important touch point of mobile phone takes, onyour customer with your brandand product. This journey often average, twice as longstart with a mobile browser and compared to desktopyour mobile website beforecustomers start using a nativeapplication.Your users expect a mobile Mobile sitewebsite to be as fast or even 9 8,12 42 Desktop sitefaster than your desktop site. 8Optimizing for mobile usage 7brings challenges, looking at 6screen size, limited bandwidth 5 3,97and mobile usage scenarios. 4 3Test results however show that 2few sites are optimized for 1mobile usage, with an average 0 Only 8 out of 50 mobilepage speed of 8,12 seconds sites provide a pageMeasurement details: optimized for mobileLG android phone over WIFI with trafficshaping. Connectivity: 2000/1000 Kbps, 150ms (on android)Latency.Note:Several websites do present a mobile website, Mobile vs. Desktopbut only for iOS devices. Not for androiddevices. 5
  6. 6. 3. Content Size distribution Object distributionbreakdown 0,5Size and number of objectshave great impact on 31 72 3,9performance. Every byte 57 7,2needs to be downloaded so HTMLthis makes load time of big Stylesheetspages very dependable on 351 Javascript 27transfer speed of internet Imageconnections. Impact of size 295 Flash 15,6will be noticed most on slowconnections like mobile.Ever y object on a page needs 805kb size average 54 objects averageto be requested. Ever yrequest adds time – arequest is like an errant run The top10 contains 50% lessto the server for extra objects compared to thecontent. bottom10 Average Average Top 10 Bottom 10 1,67 sec. Speed 7,45 sec. 710 kb Size 957 kb 34 Objects 69 6
  7. 7. 4. Optimization e-Finance bottom 10 performance potentialpotentialBased on basic performancebest practices MeasureW orks Unlock your potential fordetermined the performance 2013!potential for the E-finance 50,more specifically the bottom10 websites.Biggest optim ization potential Rank Site Load time Potential New rankingis detected on the website ofStaalbankiers. A few large, 41 CZ.nl 5,7 42% 25inefficient images increase 42 robecodirect.nl 6,1 44% 26performance dramatically. 43 binck.nl 6,6 5% 42 44 movir.nl 6,7 49% 26After optimization the 45 nn.nl 6,8 16% 40loadtime is improved by 75%! 46 asr.nl 6,9 32% 35 47 inshared.nl 7,0 14% 42 48 abnamro.nl 7,9 30% 38 49 staalbankiers.nl 8,7 75% 8 50 home.ingdirect.com 8,7 12% 47 7
  8. 8. 5. About MeasureWorks ensures fast and reliable websites and mobile apps. We are constantly working to analyze and optimize theMeasureWorks performance of our customers online environment, to exceed their business objectives. For this we create and combine data from different data sources. Combined with the expertise of our consultants we deliver actionable insights and optimization. Our customers, like Bol.com, Nationale Nederlanden, Achmea and GlobalCollect, manage the real-time impact of performance on their business objectives and deliver an user experience that exceeds the expectations of online visitors. www.measureworks.nl Want your own performance report or more details? Contact us via info@measureworks.nl and/or @measureworks