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A presentation on how to use Houzz as a an advertising and marketing platform to built environment companies, architecture, interior design firms, design build contractors and those companies who supply them.

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  • Great presentation! Looks like we're doing some things right, but thankful for the new ideas!
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Houzz for marketing

  1. 1. Promoting Your Business with the Social Media Platform forbuilt environment professionals This presentation contains a
  2. 2. Michael ConwayMeans-of-Production@maconway123mc@means-of_production.com
  3. 3. About Houzz “We are a collaborative platform for home remodeling and design, bringing homeowners and home professionals together in a uniquely visual community.” - Houzz
  4. 4. Why Use Houzz?People use Houzz to find professionals to bid on projectsHouzz is a social media platform specifically designed forresidential architects, interior design firms, design buildcontractors and the companies who supply themThe Houzz community is where people seek design inspirationand advice on remodeling and new construction projectsHouzz allows clients to efficiently convey their sense of styleusing visual "ideabooks"Houzz enables you to find the latest building and decoratingproducts
  5. 5. What Are Users Saying?Drew Sivgals used to do most of his landscape design near Newport Beach,where his five-employee office is (located). Now nearly one-third of hisbusiness comes from out-of-state or overseas clients.He attributes much of his newfound clientele - including a Dubai homeownerwho wanted a semi-enclosed air-conditioned patio - to a 3-year-old websitecalled Houzz."Im getting quite a few inquiries from all over the United States andinternationally," said Sivgals. "I just got an e-mail from a lady who lives inCapri." - SF Gate, March 2012
  6. 6. Marketing on HouzzCreate An Account When setting up your account its important that all fields be filled out completely. Like any web based platform, the greater the amount of searchable keyords connected with your account, the greater the odds of being found by potential clients who are interested in your services and product. Be sure to include the links to your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts to maximize opportunities for social sharing.
  7. 7. Marketing on HouzzUp Load Photographs The image upload tool is easy to use. Keywords should, once again, be included within the description and be certain to assign credit to the image so that when its shared or chosen for an ideabook the image can be traced back to your firm.
  8. 8. Marketing on HouzzUp Load Photographs Include an image note with your keywords in the comments box. Dont check the private comment box. You want others to find your image through searchable keywords.
  9. 9. Marketing on Houzz This is what your Houzz profile page will look like. Think of it as a visual curricula vitae that other users can share with their friends.
  10. 10. Marketing on Houzz Create Ideabooks The Ideabook is the place where conversations begin. Remember, Houzz is a social media platform. By choosing to identify with the work of other professionals, you begin the process of initiating conversation and rounding out your profile. Make choices with clients in mind.
  11. 11. Marketing on Houzz Ideabooks Post great images and provide intelligent, keyword rich descriptions that give credit to the whole team. This will generate greater exposure for your firm. This image has been placed in over 11,000 ideabooks
  12. 12. Marketing on HouzzBegin a discussionDiscussions allow youto demonstrate yourprofessionalism andaesthetic. Answeringthe questions of othersis important as well.Once again, socialmedia is a two waystreet. Post imagesalong with yourquestions. Be sure thateach photograph hasappropriate descriptivekeywords for searchpurposes.
  13. 13. Marketing on Houzz Write an article Their are over 1 million three hundred thousand users on Houzz and only 326 articles have been written and posted in three years. This is a public relations goldmine. How often do you get the opportunity to directly target prospect and referral sources with such a high probability of success?