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Let quizlet help!


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Use quizlet flashcards to help you practice your French.

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Let quizlet help!

  2. 2. • FLASHCARDS HELP STUDY• PICTURES ARE AVAILABLE• IT DOES NOT HELP FOR ONLY FRENCH• Available on cell phones and other device
  3. 3. 1. Enter Quizlet.com2. Sign in or register!
  4. 4. As soon as you log in, you will be taken into the Dashboard. CLICK ON “CREATE SET” TO MAKE A NEW SET.
  5. 5. Here you add the EnglishHere you add the French term Term
  6. 6. This will be on the side to help you type these in faster.When you are finished adding as much as many terms as you want, remember to click on create set at the bottom Fini
  7. 7. These are two of the many apps that can be used. For apps that are not Quizlet; for example flashcards, you may still use flashcards that are made on
  8. 8. When you enter Quizlet on aphone, it will show you sets you created. You can look for any sets.