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WS 7-4


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WS 7-4

  1. 1. Chapter 7 7.4 Name: Class: Date: Packed Together ge t Skills : r Describing Ta and analysing effectiveness1. The photograph shows the Suntec City development, which is an of methods to maximise urban example of a mixed landuse project in Singapore. landuse Antonio, a town planner from abroad, wishes to study more about mixed landuse and how it helps to maximise the limited supply of land in urban areas. Help Sarah, a local town planner, answer his questions. What is a mixed landuse project? A mixed landuse project combines shopping malls, offices, houses and hotelsAntonio in one area. The various landuse are closely packed in a small area and linked by pedestrian walkways and escalators. Sarah What are the advantages of having mixed landuse projects? People can enjoy the convenience of having their homes, jobs and a wideAntonio range of services within the same area. Mixed landuse projects also allow for the land to meet the needs of more users. (Accept other plausible answers.) Sarah Worksheet 7.4 75
  2. 2. 2. Photograph A and Photograph B show two different types of housing in Singapore. Study the two photographs and answer the questions that follow. A B (a) Which photograph above shows that landuse in the urban area has been maximised? Give a reason to support your answer. Photograph A. It shows that landuse in the urban has been maximised as there are many people living per unit area in this type of housing. (b) State two advantages of high density building. • Frees up scarce land for other landuse such as nature or military training • Helps to reduce the rate at which remaining green spaces are developed (c) State one possible disadvantage of living and working in high density areas. The crowded environment, traffic congestion and higher noise levels in high density areas may lead to increased stress levels among people. (Accept other plausible answers.)76 Worksheet 7.4