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WS 7-3


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WS 7-3

  1. 1. Chapter 7 7.3 Name: Class: Date: Creating Land ge t Skill: r Ta Analysing methods of land1. Complete the table below by identifying the three methods of land reclamation and their effectiveness reclamation used to increase the supply of land. Method of land Purpose reclamation This method is used to create dry land from swampy areas, marshes and shallow parts of the sea. Landfill This refers to reclaiming land that is badly damaged and cannot be Reclaiming derelict used effectively. land This method is used to create land from the sea or low-lying Empoldering coastal areas as well as inland areas such as lakes.2. (a) What method does Singapore use to reclaim land? Landfill method (b) State two limitations that Singapore faces in reclaiming land. • Current technology only allows land to be reclaimed from waters of up to 15 metres in depth. • There is a limit to the amount of land that can be reclaimed as there is a need to reserve a certain amount of sea space for shipping activities. (Accept other plausible answers) Worksheet 7.3 71
  2. 2. 3. Imagine that you are a developer who wishes to develop an area of land in Country Y. Using the fact sheet and map of Country Y shown below, answer the questions that follow. Country Y (Fact Sheet) Population • Average population density in Country Y has risen over the years to a record high of 6 000 people/km2, one of the highest in the world. Economic activities • 65% of the country’s income comes from industries and services. 35% of the country’s income comes from agriculture and fishing. • No mining activities as copper mine is exhausted. Future plans • Plans have been made to gradually increase the water supply because of an increasing population and a prolonged drought. A desalination plant, where sea water is changed into fresh water, is being built. Map of an area in Country Y LEGEND River A Forest Abandoned mine Railway Proposed desalination plant Coral reef Boundary of z ones Residential zone City zone B B Port zone N Industrial zone Agricultural zone Metres 600 0 1 2 3 4 Kilometres72 Worksheet 7.3
  3. 3. (a) Identify an area in Country Y that is unused by people. Abandoned mine (Accept other plausible answers.)(b) Suggest a method to make the area identified in (a) suitable for human use. The abandoned mine which is derelict or damaged can be reclaimed. (Accept other plausible answers.)(c) Referring to the fact sheet on page 72, what do you think are the two most important demands for land in Country Y? Explain your answers. • Land for housing because of an increasing population and high population density of 6000 people/km2. • Land for industries and services because 65% of the country’s income comes from these activities. • Land for development of water supply due to the increasing population. (Accept any two of the above.)(d) How will developments in the areas labelled A and B affect the environment? At A: • The natural habitat for plants and animals will be lost. This may affect the food chain and threaten the survival of animals, leading to the extinction of some plants and animal species. (Accept other plausible answers.) At B: • The natural habitat for marine plants and animals along the coast will be destroyed. • The coral reefs may get damaged and marine life will be affected. (Accept other plausible answers.) Worksheet 7.3 73
  4. 4. 74 Worksheet 7.3