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Md Swawibe Ul Alam

  1. 1. Resume MD SWAWIBE UL ALAM 1 MD SWAWIBE UL ALAM Address: Room 533, QRST Lab, Goodwin Hall, Queen's University, Kingston, CANADA Contact No: +1-343-333-8254 Email:, Website: Queen’s | LinkedIn | GitHub Objective:  My vision is to contribute in the research and advancement of Tools and Technologies specifically in the field of Security and Privacy, Reliability Analysis of Software Systems, Making Cloud More Reliable and Secure, Database systems, Algorithm and Artificial Intelligence.  Focus on Creativity and Problem Solving. Education:  M.Sc. in Computing Science – (2016 - Present) Queen's University, Kingston, Canada  B. Sc. in Computer Science & Engineering - (2009-2014) Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) Dhaka -1000, Bangladesh CGPA: 3.66 (in a scale of 4.00) Undergraduate Thesis :  Title: ATM/ POS Switching Software Analysis  Supervisor: Professor Dr. Md. Mostofa Akbar  Details: Every year our local banks spend a lot of money for installing and maintaining switching software provided by foreign vendors. Is it possible to implement ATM/POS switch software in Bangladesh cost effectively? We tried to find out shortcomings of implementing ATM/POS switching software in Bangladesh. We did survey in Banks IT sector and talked with Vendor of Switching software to study details of switching software. Name: Electronic Voting Machine and Fault Analysis Description: According to Election Data Services the percentage of electronic voting machines per country is increasing, yet a full replacement of the traditional voting procedure is very unlikely. In it essence, an electronic voting machine (EVM) is a computer assisted self-interviewing (CASI) device giving the voter the opportunity to review and change his/her vote before submitting it. The different types of voting machines allow for different kinds of interaction, such as using a touch screen technology, using a dial wheel, touching a paper panel or pressing a button on a LCD screen. Each machine provide feedback for blank ballots and under-voting and prevents selecting more choices than the maximum allowed. Our work presents an overview of the voting machines based on established theories and result from CASI and Fault tolerance of the voting machine with respect to different types of analysis. Undergraduate Research:
  2. 2. Resume MD SWAWIBE UL ALAM 2  Queen’s Graduate Award (Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada)  Dean’s list award (For brilliant result in 2nd year and 4th year during undergraduate program at BUET)  University Technical Scholarship (For brilliant result in each semester of undergraduate program at BUET) Technical Skills: Skill Name Last Used Experience Language Ruby 6 months ago 2 years C/C++ 2.5 years ago 2 years Java 3 years ago 1 year Frame WORK Rails (MVC 4) 6 months ago 2 years Code Igniter 2.5 years ago 1 year RDBMS MYSQL 6 months ago 3 years ORACLE 3 years ago 1 year Others Latex Currently using 1 year Shell scripts Currently using 1 year  Web: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap  IDE: Rubymine, Visual Studio, NetBeans, Eclipse, Code Blocks  Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10/Ubuntu 12.04 - 16.04/OpenBSD  Version control System: GIT Work experience Queen’s Reliable Software Technology Lab September 2016 — Present Research Assistant Address: 536 Goodwin Hall, School of Computing Queen’s University, Kingston Ontario, Canada K7L 3N6 Nascenia IT August 2014 — August 2016 Junior Software Engineer House: 6/14, Block A, Lalmatia, Dhaka – 1207, Bangladesh Web Address: Nascenia ACADEMIC AWARDS
  3. 3. Resume MD SWAWIBE UL ALAM 3 Projects: Projects at Professional life: Project 1: Name: Brand Reach Language: Ruby (Version: 2.1.2) Framework: Rails (Version: 4.2.2) Database: MySQL Description: It is a project where different brand will come to hire celebrities of Facebook. Suppose one of the celebrities has around 1 million followers, he/she is able to sign up as an Influencer in our website. Then authenticated brands can search that influencer according to his page, can see number of male and female followers of that page, can see age range of followers, can see page details like number of post, post reach, male and female ratio of followers. Then if brands like that Influencer, then brand can send a request to celebrity to hire for his company, Brand would send request for making a campaign with that Influencer. Campaigns are like creating post for that brand, Creating Status or Uploading video for that brand in Influencer page of Facebook. Website: Brandreach Project 2: Name: Horsecount Language: Ruby Framework: Rails Database: MySQL and MongoDB Description: Horsecount is a management system and a market & meeting place for horse-keepers. It is your one-stop resource, offering more features, more access, awareness, and opportunities for you and your horses than any other. Horsecount is also an online community of people just like you who share a passion for horses, and where you can share stories, photos, pedigrees & more with your horse-loving friends! With Horsecount you will be a more successful horseman or –woman, turning out more happy winners! Website: Horsecount Project 3: Name: Virtual Gift Language: Ruby (Version: 2.1.1) Framework: Rails (Version: 4.1.0) Database: MySQL Description: Virtual Gift gives you the ability to turn any purchase from your website into a fun, thoughtful, and interactive gift-giving experience. Currently it works with Shopify. If user of Shopify buy anything from Shopify and he wants to send it as a gift then he can use our software which is already installed in Shopify (Shopify Store owner needs to add plugin from app store). Website: VirtualGift
  4. 4. Resume MD SWAWIBE UL ALAM 4 University Projects: Project 1: (1st year / 2nd Semester) Name: Car Racing Games Languages: C, IGRAPHICS, Some Extra library File of C Description: It is a Car racing game developed in C++. We used iGraphics library which is implemented from OpenGL. In this game car starts a race from a start point, then different car come from opposite side. To win the game winner has to avoid collision from opposite cars. Project 2: (2nd year / 1st Semester) Name: Mobile Messenger Languages: J2ME, JAVA Description: Sending Message from one mobile to one mobile using socket protocol. Project 3: (3rd year / 1st Semester) Name: Online Home Rent Management Front End : PHP, HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, JQUERY, GOOGLE MAP API Database : MySQL Framework: Code igniter Description: I used PHP in this project where home owners can sign in using email address. Then fill up their profile using National Id number. After completing profile they can advertise their Flat for hiring and can give photo or description of flat. Project 4: (4th year / 1st Semester) Name: Himeji Castle Graphical Design Languages: C++, OPENGL Description: Design Japanese Himeji Castle Using OpenGL with Various camera Functions like Top View, Yaw, Pitch, Roll and with Lighting Functions.