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  1. 1. Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd.Operational Headquarters19 Dhanmondi R/ARoad No. 7Dhaka 1205Bangladesh.Telephone: +880-2-8619 151 (5 lines)Fax: +880-2-8613 888 and +880-2-9663 579Email: info@bpl.netSearch, View and Navigation Search.. SearchFont-size:bigger smaller reset Home About Us Our Products Health Point Investor Relations Latest News Beximco for Doctors Contact UsYou are here: Home About UsAbout Beximco Pharma
  2. 2. Beximco Pharma aspires to become a nationally admired and globally reputed genericpharmaceutical company, committed to enhancing human health and life.Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd (BPL) is a leading manufacturer of pharmaceutical formulationsand Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) in Bangladesh. Beximco Pharma is the flagshipcompany of Beximco Group, the largest private sector industrial conglomerate in Bangladesh,and remains the only Bangladeshi company with an AIM listing on the London Stock Exchange.The company is the largest exporter of pharmaceuticals in the country and its state-of-the-artmanufacturing facilities are certified by global regulatory bodies of Australia, European Union,Gulf nations, Brazil, among others. The company is consistently building upon its portfolio andcurrently producing more than four hundred products in different dosage forms covering broadertherapeutic categories which include antibiotics, antihypertensives, antidiabetics,antireretrovirals, anti asthma inhalers etc, among many others.With decades of contract manufacturing experience with global MNCs, skilled manpower andproven formulation capabilities, the company has been building a visible and growing presenceacross the continents offering high quality generics at the most affordable cost.Ensuring access to quality medicines is the powerful aspiration that motivates more than 2,500employees of the organization, and each of them is guided by the same moral and socialresponsibilities the company values most.Today Beximco Pharma is building its presence across five continents and is the onlyBangladeshi company to market pharmaceutical products in the USA. The company has a visibleand growing presence in emerging market.We’ve built Beximco Pharma into one of the most trusted pharmaceutical companies in thecountry by delivering solid returns to our shareholders, and helping patients with life-alteringconditions so that they may live their lives to the fullest.Our StoryBeximco Pharma started its journey back in the 1970‟s. Today the company has grown tobecome one of the largest exporters of medicines in the country; employing over 2,500 peopleand expanding its presence across many regions of the world.Let‟s take a look at Beximco Pharma‟s milestones along the way ...2011: GMP certification from AGES, Austria (Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety)2010 : The only pharmaceutical company in Bangladesh to enter the US market through theacquisition of an Abbreviated New Drug Application (ANDA) for a product; Received GMPAccreditation from INVIMA, Colombia2009 : Only Bangladeshi company to receive GMP Certification from ANVISA, Brazil; IONunit was launched for producing injectables, ophthalmics and nebulizer solutions
  3. 3. 2008 : First Bangladeshi company to receive GMP Clearance from Therapeutic GoodsAdministration (TGA) Australia, and Gulf Central Committee for Drug Registration, for GCCstates; Technology transfer arrangement to manufacture Roche‟s ARV drug Saquinavir2007 : Oral Solid Dosage facility was commissioned according to US FDA standards2006 : Launched CFC free HFA inhalers for the first time in Bangladesh2005 : Only company in Bangladesh to be listed on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) ofLondon Stock Exchange (LSE) through issuance of GDRs2003 : First and only company to introduce anti-retroviral (ARV) drugs in Bangladesh2001 : First and only Bangladeshi company to enter Singapore, one of the most regulatedmarkets in Asia2000 : Only company to achieve „National Export Trophy (Gold)‟ for the third time1996 : IV unit (former Beximco Infusions Ltd.) received ISO 9001 Certification from TUV-Cert,Germany1993 : Russia became the first export destination for formulation products1992 : Export operation started with APIs1985 : Listed on Dhaka Stock Exchange1983 : Launched its own formulation brands1980 : Started manufacturing products of Bayer AG, Germany and Upjohn Inc., USA, underlicense agreements1976 : Company incorporatedWe have come a long way; but the journey only gets better …Additional InformationAbout Us About Us o Manufacturing Capabilities o Regulatory Approvals
  4. 4. o Our People o Research & Development o Corporate Citizenship o Global Footprint o Contract Manufacturing OpportunitiesProducts & ServicesThe name Beximco Pharma assures you of many things: outstanding product quality, leading-edge technology, advanced new products, and a commitment to serve the medical community.Our products come in a wide range of dosage forms including tablets, capsules, dry syrup,powder for suspension, cream, ointment, suppositories, metered dose nasal sprays, large volumeintravenous fluids, metered dose inhalers etc. ensuring the global standard of quality.Healthcare professionals may contact us directly or alternatively the nearest BeximcoPharma Medical Representatives for further information. Our country regulations do notallow pharmaceutical companies to offer medical advice or guidance to patients.Prescription medicines should be taken only as directed by a registered medical practitioner.Click on the product name for Consumer Medicine Information (CMI).The CMIs on this website are for Bangladeshi residents only. The CMIs were updated on 1 stMarch, 2010 and are static documents.Our Product RangeAllergic DisordersBeximco Pharma has a strong focus to offer treatment solutions for both seasonal and perennialallergic rhinitis. The journey of Beximco Pharma in this arena began with the licensingarrangement with Bayer AG of Germany for the manufacture and marketing of Incidal® inBangladesh . Products in this category also include a proprietary drug, developed by the R & Dteam at Beximco Pharma and provides 24-hour relief of allergic rhinitis with congestion(marketed under the brand name - Pretin® D) Beximco Pharma will continue to build on itstradition of launching the generic versions of all the research molecules in this category. More...Analgesics & AntipyreticBeximco Pharma is the largest provider of analgesic medicines in Bangladesh, led by the strongperformance of Napa® , a preparation of paracetamol. Paracetamol is the safest analgesic in the
  5. 5. world for more than 50 years. Napa is the number one brand in terms of unit sales in Bangladeshand is available in 13 forms and strengths. More...Anti-infectivesBeximco Pharma is one of the leading companies in the field of antibacterial and antiviraltreatments offering a wide range of products. The anti-infective products of Beximco Pharma areoffered in different dosage forms: Tablet, Capsule, Large volume and Small volume parenteralsfor systemic administration and Cream and Ointment for topical administration. BeximcoPharma is the only company is Bangladesh to manufacture antiviral products to treat mostserious infections of HIV (AIDS). More...Eye CareBeximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd has introduced its vision unit in the year 2009. Now BeximcoPharma got around 20 Ophthalmic products in its product range covering various Therapeuticgroups like Anti-infective, Anti-inflammatory, Artificial Tear, Anti-allergic, Anti-glaucoma andeye vitamins and minerals etc. Continuous enrichment of ophthalmic product range is going on.More...CardiovascularBeximco Pharma has always been the leader in Bangladesh cardiovascular market withinnovative product offerings to treat almost all type of cardiovascular diseases like Hypertension,Coronary Artery Diseases, Hyperlipidemia, Heart Failure, Arrhythmia etc. Beximco Pharmasamlodipine brand Amdocal® is the number 1 cardiovascular brand since 1996. More...Central Nervous SystemBeximco Pharma has a wide range of CNS medication provide effective treatment of differentdiseases involving CNS including anxiety, depression, migraine, epilepsy, insomnia,schizophrenia, dementia etc. More...Cough & ColdWide product range of Beximco Pharma offers the doctors freedom to choose the rightmedication for different types of cough: dry cough, chesty productive cough and other coughassociated with common cold. More...Endocrine & DiabetesBeximco Pharma offers wide range of products ensuring effective treatment of type II diabetes.It has the generic versions of all the leading research molecules including Glipizide, Gliclazide,Metformin, Glimepiride, Pioglitazone Repaglinide etc. More...
  6. 6. GastrointestinalBeximco Pharma has a robust product line to treat diseases in the areas of gastroenterology.Beximco Pharmas Neoceptin®-R, which is a H2 blocker used in the treatment of ulcer, GERD,and other hyperacidity disorders, is the number one brand in Bangladesh Pharmaceutical Market.Beximco Pharma will continue to build on its strengths in gastrointestinal category. More...Intravenous FluidsBeximco Pharma has a strong product pipeline in the large volume intravenous fluids (IV)category for the treatment of critically ill patients who are hospitalized or in any emergencymanagement for the replenishment of body fluids, electrolytes and energy. Beximco Pharma isalso the largest manufacturer of IV fluids in Bangladesh. The products are being manufactured inits state-of-the-art plant using latest blow form and seal technology which ensures completelysterile and safe products for the patients. More...MuscloskeletalOsteoarthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis, Muscle spasm, pain of musculoskeletal origin are some ofthe diseases that limit the activities of daily life of millions of patients. Beximco Pharma with itswide range of products in the musculoskeletal category offers effective treatment solution forrthose patients. More...OncologyBeximco Pharma manufactures a generic version of Tamoxifen (Tamona®) which is being usedsuccessfully world wide for the treatment of breast cancer disease. The company also has aproven drug for the treatment of nausea and vomiting associated with cancer therapy. More...Other ProductsBeximco Pharma manufactures some other important products also. More...Vitamins & Minerals SupplementBeximco Pharmas many brands in the vitamins and nutritional supplement category has gainedtrust of the physicians in treating various vitamins and nutritional deficiency symptoms. More...RespiratoryBeximco Pharma is the leading manufacturer of pressurized Metered Dose Inhalers (MDI) inBangladesh and are among the few companies in the world manufacturing CFC(Chlorofluorocarbon) free MDIs. It has a wide range of inhalers Reliever, Preventer andController for the treatment of asthma and COPD. The company also undertakes contractmanufacturing for GlaxoSmithKline for its reliever brand. In collaboration with Europes one of
  7. 7. the leading manufacturers of specialty medical devices and respiratory drug developmentcompanies, Beximco Pharma successfully developed and introduced countrys fist CFC-freeHFA based MDIs in September 2006. More...Skin CareBeximco Pharmas robust product line in the skin care category offers easy and convenientsolution to wide range of skin diseases like fungal and bacterial infections, eczema, atopicdermatitis, other inflammatory skin diseases requiring corticosteroid therapy, acne, psoriasis, andvarious other dry skin problems. More...Key Company InformationYear of Establishment :: 1976Country of Incorporation :: BangladeshCommercial Production :: 1980Status :: Public Limited CompanyBusiness Lines :: Manufacturing and marketing of pharmaceutical Finished Formulation Products, Large Volume Parenterals and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs)Main Country of operation :: BangladeshCorporate Headquarter & :: 17 Dhanmondi R/A, Road No. 2, Dhaka- 1205, BangladeshRegistered Address Phone : +880-2-8611891 (5 lines) Fax : +880-2-8613470 Email : info@bpl.netOperational Headquarters :: 19 Dhanmondi R/A, Road No. 7, Dhaka- 1205, Bangladesh Phone : +880-2-8619151 (5 lines), +880-2-8619091 (5 lines) Fax : +880-2-8613888 Email : Website : www.beximcopharma.comOverseas Offices & :: Australia, Bhutan, Cambodia, Chile, Ghana, Hong Kong,Associates Indonesia, Jordan, Kenya, Kuwait, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines,Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and YemenAuthorized Capital (Taka) :: 9,100 millionPaid-up Capital (Taka) :: 2517.6 millionNumber of Shareholders :: Around 93,000 :: Dhaka and Chittagong Stock Exchanges of Bangladesh andStock Exchange Listings AIM of London Stock Exchange
  8. 8. Number of Employees :: 2,507TIDM: (Tradable :: BXPInstrument DisplayMnemonic)Date shares were admitted :: Dhaka Stock Exchange : 3 July, 1985to trading Chittagong Stock Exchange : 11June, 1995 AIM ( Alternative 21 : Investment Market) October,2005ISIN :: US0885792061Board DetailsAhmed Sohail Fasiur RahmanChairmanSohail Rahman is the Chairman and founder of Beximco Group. He is a distinguished businesspersonality of the country and has received many awards and accolades for his outstandingcontribution to country‟s industrial development. Rahman was instrumental in introducing best-in-class corporate practice in Bangladesh and is widely credited as the architect of Group‟ssuccessful global strategy.He graduated with Honours in Physics from the University of Dhaka in 1966, and also studied inthe United Kingdom. Rahman held a number of key positions with many reputed organizations,serving as the Chairman of IFIC Bank Limited, Director of Industrial Promotion & DevelopmentCompany, Director of Arab Bangladesh Bank Limited, Director of Pubali Bank Limited andDirector of the Investment Corporation of Bangladesh.He is currently a member of the Board of Governors of North South University Foundation, thefirst private sector University in Bangladesh. Recently he has been inducted into the Board ofDirectors of Dhaka Stock Exchange Ltd.Ahmed Salman Fazlur RahmanVice ChairmanSalman Rahman, younger brother of Sohail Rahman, is co-founder of the Beximco Group. He isa renowned businessman of the country and is widely acclaimed for his contribution to thedevelopment of private sector. He anchored the key initiatives that have helped build Beximco‟scorporate identity, and led the Group into becoming a leading industrial conglomerate in thecountry.Besides being the Vice Chairman of Beximco Group of companies, he has held key positions inmany business and industry associations which include President of the Federation of
  9. 9. Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry, President of SAARC Chamber of Commerce& Industry, President of the Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce & Industry, President of theBangladesh Textile Mills Association, among others.Currently he is the Chairman of Bangladesh Enterprise Institute, a Bangladeshi institute forprivate sector advocacy and free market development, President of Bangladesh Association ofPharmaceutical Industries, President of Bangladesh Association of Publicly Listed Companies ,Chairman of Abahani Limited, a prominent sporting club in Bangladesh, and Chairman of theBoard of Editors of "The Independent" an English daily newspaper in Bangladesh.Rahman has many accolades to his name and he holds a degree from Karachi University.Nazmul HassanIqbal AhmedMohammad Abul QasemOsman Kaiser ChowdhuryDr. Abdul Alim KhanAbu Bakar Siddiqur RahmanAhsanul KarimCorporate Governance & CommitteesThe Company has a three-tier management structure, comprising the Board of Directors, theExecutive Committee and the Management Committee. There is also an Audit Committee,
  10. 10. constituted in 2006.The Board is the highest level of authority within the Company comprising mainly non-executive directors, none of whom receive directors remuneration from it. The Board meets withthe Executive Committee, comprising six executive directors, twice a year to conduct a fullreview of the Companys operations.Board DetailsExecutive CommitteeManagement CommitteeAudit CommitteeShare InformationExchanges where quoted and traded AIM (GDRs* Only) Dhaka Stock Exchange ( Ordinary Share ) Chittagong Stock Exchange ( Ordinary Share )*GDRs are not quoted and traded in Dhaka and Chittagong Stock ExchangesNumber of AIM securities in issue: :: 56,457,439 GDRsPercentage free float :: 100%Percentage of shares not held in public hands :: 0Number of shares held in treasury :: 0Percentage of shares held in treasury :: 0The identity and percentage holding of significant shareholders (i.e., holder of 3% or more AIMSecurities in issue) are as follows:-
  11. 11. No. of GDRs Percentage ofSignificant Shareholders held shares heldHSBC Global Custody Nominees ( UK ) Limited 3.79m 6.17%Credit Suisse Client Nominees (UK) Limited 8.63m 15.3%Pershing Nominees Ltd. 6.97m 12.4%Vidacos Nominees Ltd. 2.70m 4.8%These however do not include information relating to AIM Securities cleared through Eoroclearthat does not disclose holding because of secrecy under the Belgian Law; and also AIMSecurities held in certificated form (i.e., GDRs physically in the possession of the GDRholders,not enabling us to furnish the name, address and number of GDRs held by such holders).Rights of shareholdersAS THE COMPANY IS INCORPORATED IN BANGLADESH (NOT IN UK), IT ISHEREBY STATED THAT THE RIGHTS OF SHAREHOLDERS OF THE COMPANYMAY BE DIFFERENT FROM THE RIGHTS OF SHAREHOLDERS IN A UKINCORPORATED COMPANYThe following sets out a brief summary of the salient provisions of Bangladeshi company lawand regulation relating to rights of shareholders of the Company. It is not, and is not intended tobe, an exhaustive or definitive lists of such rights but is intended merely to provide brief detailsand information relating to such rights.GeneralThe rights of the shareholders (including the holders of AIM Securities) of the Company areincluded in the Bangladesh Companies Act 1994, the Bangladesh Securities and ExchangeOrdinance 1969 (together with the Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission Act 1993and the rules made thereunder) and the rules of the Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) and theChittagong Stock Exchange (CSE); and the Companys Articles of Association.Shareholders MeetingsResolutions to be proposed at shareholders meetings are classed as either ordinary (requiring abare majority in number of shares held by persons who attend and vote at the meeting), or specialor extraordinary (both requiring a 75 per cent. majority in number of shares held by persons whoattend and vote at the meeting).Bangladesh Companies Act, 1994 requires at least 14 days notice to be given to shareholders tocall an Annual (or Ordinary) General Meeting (or 21 days if special or extraordinary resolutions
  12. 12. are to be proposed at such meeting) and 21 days notice for an Extraordinary General Meeting.An Annual General Meeting of the company must be held once per calendar year and no morethan fifteen months after the previous Annual General Meeting. Shareholders should be sent theaudited accounts of the company together with directors and auditors reports thereon, proposedto be laid before such Annual General Meeting together with the notice convening such meeting.Further, the Annual General Meeting of a listed company for a year is required to be held withinsix months of the companys year end.As in the UK, the holders of not less than one tenth of the issued share capital of a company havethe ability to requisition an extraordinary general meeting.A shareholder has the right to receive notice of a shareholders meeting; attend such a meeting;and raise an issue related to the businesses conducted at any such meeting.At any general meeting: 1. on a show of hands, every member who is present in person shall have one vote; and 2. on a poll, every member who is present in person or by proxy has one vote for every share of which he is the holder.The quorum for a Shareholders meeting is five persons entitled to vote and present in person. Aproxy representing a Shareholder which is a company may not vote unless his appointment asproxy has been approved by a resolution of the directors of the appointing company, whichresolution remains in full force and effect at the time of the meeting.Financial DisclosuresUnder the Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Rules, 1987, Bangladeshi listed companies areobliged to prepare annual audited accounts, audited by a chartered accountant, and to send suchaccounts to the Bangladesh SEC, the relevant stock exchanges and all shareholders of suchcompany at least fourteen days prior to holding of its AGM.These financial statements, in addition to the requirements of the Securities and Exchange Rules,1987 and the Bangladesh Companies Act 1994, are required to comply with the InternationalAccounting Standards as adopted by the Institute of the Chartered Accountants of Bangladesh. Inauditing these financial statements, the auditors are also required to conduct their audit inconformity with the International Standards of Auditing as adopted by the Institute of theChartered Accountants of Bangladesh.Further, the Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Rules, 1987 require Bangladeshi listedcompanies to prepare half-yearly accounts, which do not have to be audited, but do have to besent to the Bangladesh SEC, the relevant stock exchanges and all shareholders of such company.The half-yearly accounts must contain a balance sheet, profit and loss account and cash-flowstatements prepared in the same way as the annual audited accounts are prepared, and must besent within one month of the half-year end.
  13. 13. Also, a listed company is subject to continuing disclosure requirements pursuant to the ListingRegulations of the DSE and the CSE. Accordingly, a listed company is required to inform theBangladesh SEC, the DSE and the CSE immediately of any price sensitive information (asdefined above).In addition, a listed company must notify the Bangladesh SEC, the DSE and the CSE of thefollowing:any change in its board of directors; and any change in the holding of each director, officerand/or other shareholder of the company who is or has been the legal owner of ten per cent. orabove of any class of the companys listed securities at any point of time within seven days ofsuch change; andEvery transfer of share by the companys sponsors (including every director, promoter andofficer) within seven days of such transfer.Protection of Minority InterestsMinority shareholders who feel that the Companys affairs are being conducted in a mannerprejudicial to their interests may apply to court for relief in a procedure analogous to thatcontained in the UK Companies Act 1985.Enquiries into the Companys AffairsThe holders of not less than 5 per cent. of the issued share capital of a Bangladeshi listedcompany can petition to the Bangladesh SEC to make enquirers into the affairs of the companyin which they hold shares, or its business and transactions, under the Bangladesh Securities andExchange Ordinance 1969. If the Bangladesh SEC decides to investigate, it has the power torequire the production of information from the company and its directors, officers andemployees.DividendsUnder the Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Ordinance,1969 and the rules of the DSE and theCSE, when a final or interim dividend is approved by the directors of a Bangladeshi listedcompany, the DSE, the CSE and the Bangladesh SEC require that decision to be notified to themwithin 30 (thirty) minutes. The decision (as notified) will be subject to shareholders approval inthe Annual General Meeting if the dividend is a final dividend. The dividends must be disbursedto the shareholders with 60 days of such declaration.Issue of SharesThe Bangladesh Companies Act, 1994 also gives shareholders pre-emption rights, which may bedisapplied by a resolution of the Directors. However, the Articles of Association of the Companyprovide that, subject to a Shareholders resolution to the contrary, any new shares to be issuedmust first be issued to the existing Shareholders pro rata to their holdings.Issue of Redeemable SharesA Bangladeshi company may issue and redeem redeemable shares with shareholders approval ina meeting.
  14. 14. Reduction of Share CapitalA Bangladeshi company may by special resolution reduce its share capital in any manner subjectto Court confirmation in a procedure analogous to that contained in the UK Companies Act,1985.Share Buy BackA Bangladeshi company may buy back its own shares only by way of a court-approved reductionof capital.Financial Assistance to Shareholders for Acquisition of SharesSubject to certain very limited exceptions, the Company, being a public company, must not givefinancial assistance to any person for the purposes of the acquisition of any shares in theCompany.Determination Shareholders Interests in SharesAs in the UK, the register of members is definitive for determining the members of theCompany.Removal of DirectorsThe shareholders of a company may, by extraordinary resolution in a general meeting, removeany director and appoint a director to fill that vacancy.Loans to DirectorsThe Company is not permitted to make any loans to directors or any person connected with adirector, unless the loan is for less than 50 per cent. of the value of the shares in the Companyheld by the director; is approved by the Company in a general meeting; is approved by thedirectors; and is specifically referred to in the annual report and accounts of the Company.Sale of Undertaking or AssetsThere is no equivalent to the UK Companies Act 1985 provisions requiring the shareholders tosanction the acquisition or sale of a non-cash asset between a director and the Company.Under the Bangladesh Companies Act 1994, the directors may not sell the undertaking of theCompany without the consent of the shareholders in a general meeting.Takeovers and Substantial AcquisitionsThe Company is not subject to the City Code on Takeovers and Mergers as, being incorporatedin Bangladesh, the Panel on Takeovers and Mergers does not regard the Company as beingresident in the UK, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man. As a result, a takeover of theCompany would not be regulated by the UK Panel on Takeovers and Mergers. Under theBangladesh Securities and Exchange Ordinance, 1969, companies listed on a Bangladeshi stockexchange are obliged to disclose to the Bangladesh SEC names and number of all holdings,amongst others, by any other person or entity of shares representing 10 per cent. or more of theissued share capital of the company. The Company will be obliged to make such a disclosure inrelation to the Depositary upon Admission but the Company will not be obliged to disclosedetails of the holders of GDRs (being the beneficial holders of the New Ordinary Shares) even if
  15. 15. any such GDR holder holds GDRs representing more than 10 per cent of the Ordinary Sharestherein issue. The Depositary and the holders of GDRs will not be subject to any disclosurerequirements in Bangladesh.In addition, the rules of the DSE and CSE require changes in substantial shareholdings to bedisclosed to the DSE and/or the CSE, as applicable, by the Company. Whilst substantialshareholding is not defined and there is no case law on the point, local market practice wouldsuggest that shareholdings of 10 per cent. and above, and changes to such shareholdings, alsoneed to be disclosed to the DSE and/or the CSE, by the Company.Where a shareholder enters into a contract or a memorandum of understanding to acquire 10 percent or more of the issued share capital of a Bangladeshi listed company from anotherShareholder, he is obliged, under the Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission(Substantial Acquisition of Shares and Takeovers) Regulations, 2002, to make a publicannouncement, through a merchant banker, within three days of such contract or memorandumof understanding, specifying details of the acquiror including his percentage shareholding in therelevant company, the salient features of the contract or memorandum of understanding, and, ifthe acquiror wishes to make a wider offer to acquire shares, the number of shares that theacquiror would be prepared to buy from the public together with the terms of such proposedacquisition. The purchase price of such offer must be the higher of the price agreed under thecontract or memorandum of understanding and the average trading price of the companys sharesduring the previous 6 months. A shareholder is not obliged to make an offer to the public in thepublic announcement, but is obliged to make a public announcement (including a statement thathe does not intend to make a public offer) upon each acquisition when such shareholder holds inexcess of 10 per cent of the issued share capital of a Bangladeshi listed company. Theseregulations will not apply to the Depositary on the issue of the New Ordinary Shares.If a shareholder does acquire over 90 per cent of the issued share capital of a Bangladeshi listedcompany, the shareholder shall make an offer for the shares remaining in public hands.Bangladeshi law does not have an equivalent provision to the mandatory transfer provisionscontained in section 429 of the UK Companies Act, 1985 which enable an offeror who hasacquired 90 per cent. of the shares in a company to compulsorily acquire the outstandingminority. However, the Bangladesh Companies Act, 1994 does contain provisions for a court tosanction a scheme of arrangement (similar to the provisions in section 425 of the UK CompaniesAct 1985) and, subject to such court approval, for the mandatory transfer of shares pursuant to ascheme if the scheme is approved by not less than three quarters of the shareholders, within 120days of the offer to acquire the entire issued share capital of a company.Shareholders holding over 10 per cent. of the issued share capital of Bangladeshi listedcompanies are not permitted to enter into derivatives contracts referenced to their shares underwhich they short sell such shares.ConstitutionThe memorandum and articles of association are the constitutional documents of a Bangladeshicompany. A companys memorandum and articles of association (other than the objects clause)
  16. 16. may be altered by a special resolution of the shareholders in general meeting. The objects clausecan only be altered subject to confirmation from the Court.Transfer RestrictionsBecause of the following restrictions, purchasers are advised to consult legal counsel prior tomaking any offer, resale, pledge or other transfer of the GDRs or the Shares represented thereby.The AIM Securities (i.e., GDRs) were offered in reliance on Regulation S. The GDRs may notbe offered, sold, pledged or otherwise transferred, directly or indirectly to any person inBangladesh or the United States, residents of Bangladesh or the United States, or to, or for theaccount or benefit of such persons. The GDRs have not been, and will not be registered under theUS Securities Act 1933, as amended, or with any securities regulatory authority of any state ofthe United States or any other jurisdiction, and may only be offered, sold or delivered outside theUnited States to persons other than US persons (as defined in Regulation S) in offshoretransactions in reliance on Regulation S, and in accordance with any other applicable law.Each purchaser of GDRs and each subsequent purchaser of such GDRs will be deemed to haverepresented and agreed and acknowledged as follows (terms used herein are defined inRegulation S): 1. it understands that such GDRs and the underlying Shares have not been, and will not be, registered under the US Securities Act 1933 or with any securities regulatory authority of any state of the United States or any other jurisdiction of the United States and are subject to restrictions on transfer; 2. each purchaser at the time the GDRs are purchased will be, the beneficial owner of such GDRs and (a) is not a US person and is located outside the United States and (b) is not an affiliate of the Company or a person acting on behalf of such an affiliate of the Company; 3. it understands that the Master GDR and certificates in definitive form representing the GDRs (to the extent they are in certificated form), unless otherwise agreed between the Company and the Depositary, will bear a legend substantially to the following effect: 1. THIS REGULATION S GLOBAL DEPOSITARY RECEIPT AND THE ORDINARY SHARES OF BEXIMCO PHARMACEUTICALS LTD. REPRESENTED HEREBY (THE „„SHARES‟‟) HAVE NOT BEEN AND WILL NOT BE REGISTERED UNDER THE UNITED STATES SECURITIES ACT 1933, AS AMENDED, OR WITH ANY SECURITIES REGULATORY AUTHORITY OF ANY STATE OR OTHER JURISDICTION OF THE UNITED STATES. 2. UNLESS THE SHARES HAVE BEEN LISTED ON THE DHAKA STOCK EXCHANGE AND THE CHITTAGONG STOCK EXCHANGE AND SUBJECT TO COMPLIANCE WITH BANGLADESHI LAW AND REGULATION APPLICABLE FROM TIME TO TIME, NO PERSON SHALL BE ENTITLED TO DEPOSIT FURTHER SHARES, AND NO HOLDER SHALL BE ENTITLED TO WITHDRAW THE DEPOSITED PROPERTY.
  17. 17. 3. THE HOLDER HEREOF, BY PURCHASING THE GDRs REPRESENTED BY THIS CERTIFICATE, AGREES FOR THE BENEFIT OF BEXIMCO PHARMACEUTICALS LTD. AND THE DEPOSITARY THAT THE GDRs MAY NOT, UNLESS EXPRESSLY PERMITTED BY BANGLADESHI LAWS AND REGULATIONS AT ANY TIME BE OFFERED, SOLD, PLEDGED OR OTHERWISE TRANSFERRED TO ANY PERSON LOCATED IN BANGLADESH, TO ANY RESIDENT OF BANGLADESH, OR TO, OR FOR THE ACCOUNT OR BENEFIT OF, SUCH PERSONS.‟‟4. The Company, the Depositary, the purchasers and their respective affiliates and others, will rely upon the truth and accuracy of the foregoing acknowledgements, representations and agreements.5. Any offer, sale, pledge, resale or other transfer, or attempted resale or other transfer, made otherwise than in compliance with the above-stated restrictions shall not be recognised by the Company or the Depositary in respect of the GDRs or the Shares represented by the GDRs.6. Advisers7.8. Nominated Adviser Libertas Capital Corporate Finance Limited 16 Berkeley Street London W1J 8DZ UK9.10. Broker Libertas Capital Securities Limited 16 Berkeley Street London W1J 8DZ UK11. Bangladeshi Legal Advisers to the Company Huq & Company 47/1, Purana Paltan Dhaka 1000, Bangladesh12. Reporting Accountants Ernst &Young 1 More Place London Place London SE1 2AF UK13. Depositary Bank Bank of New York 101 Barclay Street New York New York 10286 USA14. Solicitors to the Company Jones Day 21 Tudor Street London EC4Y 0DJ UK
  18. 18. 15. Auditors Messrs. M. J. Abedin & Co. National Plaza (6thFloor) 1/G Free School Street Sonargaon Road Dhaka 1205,Bangladesh16. Custodian Bank HSBC Anchor Tower, (5thFloor), 1/1-B Sonargaon Road Dhaka 1205, Bangladesh Nominated Adviser17. Solicitors to the Placing Eversheds LLP Senator House 85 Queen Victoria Street London EC4V 4JL UK18.19. Public Relations Financial Dynamics Holborn Centre 26 Southampton Buildings London WC2 1PB UK 20. 21. BEXIMCO PHARMACEUTICALS LTD.22.23. 3rd August, 201124. 25. Beximco Phrama joins Mobile Alliance for Maternal Action (MAMA) 26.27. Beximco Pharmaceuticals Limited (“Beximco Pharma” or the “Company”) has joined Mobile Alliance for Maternal Action (MAMA) in Bangladesh, an innovative coalition to use mobile phones for delivering life-saving health information to expectant and new mothers in Bangladesh. The Company has signed an agreement with D.Net, a social enterprise and the Coalition Coordinator of the MAMA initiative, at a simple ceremony held at Beximco Pharma‟s Corporate Office on July 19, 2011. Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW) and Access to Information (A2I) Programme at Prime
  19. 19. Ministers Office are official partners of the initiative. 28. Read more: Beximco Phrama joins Mobile Alliance for Maternal Action (MAMA)Beximco PharmaFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaJump to: navigation, searchBeximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd (DSE : BXPHARMA LSE: BXP), also known as BeximcoPharma, is a pharmaceutical company in Bangladesh.[1] It is part of the Beximco Group ofCompanies. Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd. BangladeshType LimitedIndustry PharmaceuticalFounded 1980Headquarters Tongi, Dhaka, BangladeshKey people Nazmul Hassan (MD)
  20. 20. Website beximco-pharma.comContents[hide] 1 Corporate history 2 Factories 3 Philippines 4 References 5 External links[edit] Corporate historyBeximco Pharma was founded in 1976 and started operations in 1980, manufacturing productsunder the licenses of Bayer AG of Germany and Upjohn Inc. of USA. It has now grown tobecome a leading pharmaceutical company in Bangladesh, and it supplies more than 10% ofcountrys total medicinal needs. Today Beximco Pharma manufactures and markets its ownbranded generics for several diseases including AIDS, cancer, asthma, hypertension, anddiabetes for both national and international markets.[edit] FactoriesBeximco Pharma manufacturing facilities are spread across a 20-acre (81,000 m2) site located inDhaka, Bangladesh. The facilities comprise of a number of purpose-built plants, including a newOral Solid Dosage (OSD) plant. The site includes manufacturing facilities as well as a researchlaboratory and a number of warehouses. The plant and machinery of the facilities were designed,produced and installed by partners from Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Italy and the UnitedKingdom, amongst others.[edit] PhilippinesOn August, 2007, Beximco exported its medicines to the Philippines, the 5th country of the 10-member Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) to import Beximcos drugs.Beximco Managing Director Nazmul Hassan said that exports to the Philippines include metereddose inhalers, and nasal sprays, and other medications. The Philippine pharmaceutical market($1.3 billion in 2007), is highly dependent on imported medicines.[2][edit] References
  21. 21. 1. ^ "BD firm plans to export version of Tamiflu". Daily Times. 2006-04-05. 2006_pg5_14. Retrieved 2008-03-08. 2. ^ Reuters, Bangladesh Beximco exports drugs to Philippines[edit] External links "Beximco Pharma Official Site". "Bangladesh Pharmaceutical Society". from ""View page ratingsRate this pageWhats this?TrustworthyObjectiveCompleteWell-written I am highly knowledgeable about this topic (optional) I have a relevant college/university degree It is part of my profession It is a deep personal passion The source of my knowledge is not listed here I would like to help improve Wikipedia, send me an e-mail (optional)
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  23. 23. Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd (BPL) is a leading manufacturer of pharmaceutical formulationsand Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) in Bangladesh. The company is the largestexporter of pharmaceuticals in the country and its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities arecertified by global regulatory bodies of Australia, European Union, Gulf nations, Brazil, amongothers. The company is consistently building upon its portfolio and currently producing morethan 400 products in different dosage forms covering broader therapeutic categories whichinclude antibiotics, antihypertensives, antidiabetics, antireretrovirals, anti asthma inhalers etc,among many others.With decades of contract manufacturing experience with global MNCs, skilled manpower andproven formulation capabilities, the company has been building a visible and growing presenceacross the continents offering high quality generics at the most affordable cost.Ensuring access to quality medicines is the powerful aspiration that motivates more than 2,500employees of the organization, and each of them is guided by the same moral and socialresponsibilities the company values most.Beximco Pharma is a leading edge pharmaceutical company, based in Dhaka, Bangladesh and isacclaimed for outstanding product quality, world-class manufacturing facilities, productdevelopment capabilities and outstanding service.We produce and market branded generics for almost all diseases from AIDS to cancer, frominfection to asthma, from hypertension to diabetes, for both national and international markets.We also manufacture active pharmaceutical ingredients and intravenous fluids and contractmanufacture for major international brands of leading multinational companies. We partner ouractivities to the humanities quest for longer, healthier, and happier life.Specialtiespharmaceuticalless