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Tourism in Bangladesh

About Bangladesh

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Tourism in Bangladesh

  1. 1. Tourist Environment Group: Ikbal – Phương Tran – Thu Duong– Hanh Truong – Luong Ngo – Lam Luu
  2. 2. INDEX 2 1. Introduction 2. International tourist arrivals & receipts. 3. Economic effects of tourism: GDP , employment... 4. Impacts of tourism; 5. Supply: main tourist attractions, most important destinations (including a map). 6. Some of the trends that can affect its tourist development. 7. Recommendations & Conclusion 8. References
  3. 3. At a glance……… Name: People republic of Bangladesh Independent: 1971 from Pakistan National language: Bangla Time zone: +6 GMT Currency: Taka Neighbor country: India and Myanmar Tourist attraction: Beaches, Hill station, Island, Wildlife, waterfalls, Events etc. BANGLADESH
  4. 4. INTERNATIONAL TOURIST ARRIVAL 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 Figure 2: Statistics of tourist incoming in Bangladesh (source: Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation ,2015)
  6. 6. INTERNATIONAL TOURIST RECEIPTS International Inbound Visitors Payment made for goods Hotel cost Payment made for services International transport cost
  9. 9. THE IMPACTS OF TOURISM TOURISM Environment Social Culture Economic
  10. 10. THE IMPACTS OF TOURISM IN ENVIRONMENT  Positive effect: Conservation of natural habitats.  Negative effects: - Vandalism - Littering & pollution - Destruction of habitat - Increased carbon footprint - Increased congestion
  11. 11. THE IMPACTS OF TOURISM IN SOCIAL CULTURE  Positive: Preservation of heritage, culture and local customs List of World Heritage Sites in Bangladesh  Negative: 1. Dilution of heritage, culture and local customs 2. Increased crime
  12. 12. THE IMPACTS OF TOURISM IN ECONOMIC These are 3 types of effects: direct, indirect and induced 1. In direct - Supply investments for services and product to other industries (hotels, agri-food, transport..) ODA Loan from Japan ‘s Goverment The development of Chitaggong Airport from 1996 - 2014
  13. 13. THE IMPACTS OF TOURISM IN ECONOMIC 2. Direct - Tourist expenditure - Payment to national carriers for international airport. - Foreign Exchange Earnings 3. Induced - Household spending of income earned - Increase more job opportunities
  14. 14. GENERAL FEATURES ABOUT THE DEMAND  Tourism’s contribution to Gross Domestic Product (GDP)  The number of jobs created by tourism in an economy  The amount of tourism investment  Tourism consumption  Tax revenues generated by tourism industries  Tourism’s impact on a nation’s balance of payments
  15. 15. STATISTICAL DATA OF THE TOURIST DEMAND IN 2014 Description Amount Total tourism consumption Billions $ US 9.8 Domestic tourism consumption Billions $ US 4.3 Inbound tourism consumption Billions $ US 5.5 Domestic share of tourism consumption % 30.4 Tourism contribution to GDP % 4.9 Employment in tourism industries Thousand 1381 Ratio of tourism employment to total % 3.9 Source: Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation, 2015
  17. 17. TOURIST DESTINATION Sea Beach - Cox bazar ( world longest unbroken sandy sea beach, 150km), Patenga Sea Beach, St. Martins Island, Himchori and Inani Beach, Parki beach Wild Life - Swamp forest, mangrove forest, tea garden.
  18. 18. TOURIST DESTINATION Archaeological Site Choto Katra, Mainamati Mosque City of Bagerhat Waterfalls https://www.youtu Wzj_HKdWBUk Madobkundo, Hamaham.
  19. 19. TOURIST DESTINATION Architecture 8th-century monastery Somapura Mahavihara, Shahid minar, karjon hall Events Pohela boishakh ( Bangla new year), international mother language day.
  20. 20. SOME OF THE TRENDS THAT CAN AFFECT ITS TOURIST DEVELOPMENT People is changing the place where relaxing: ❖ natural environment ❖ various landscape ❖ ecotourism & agritourism BANGLADESH
  21. 21. SOME OF THE TRENDS THAT CAN AFFECT ITS TOURIST DEVELOPMENT ❖ The tourists have a need to learn culture, history of destination. ❖ The tourists spend living with aboriginal in Bangladesh.
  22. 22. THE TRENDS THAT CAN AFFECT TOURIST DEVELOPMENT International Travel Trends Growing As Tourism review, people who take responsibility to work for tourism field:  Cannot speak foreign language → difficult to develop international tourism.  Lack of knowledge about customer’s demand, supply and competitors.  There is a low level of co-operation and innovation in the tourism sector.
  23. 23. STRENGTHS OF TOURISM INDUSTRY  Bangladesh culture and history is distinct from many countries  Labour force is reliable and abundant  The seasonal weather is relatively stable, especially the cold season  The tourism industry is quite a young line of business  International fares from Europe and Thailand to Bangladesh are often cut- rate lights  Bangladesh is natural country
  24. 24. PROBLEMS OF TOURISM INDUSTRY Bangladesh is a deficit economy Lack of trained people Government does not apply new strategic or plan for tourism industry from 90’s Do not have night life activities Lacking of standard facilities, modern recreation facilities Poor and inadequate infrastructure facilities in the spots Lack of information related
  25. 25. RECOMMENDATIONS  Tourist attraction focus on tourism product  Develop different activities  Develop infrastructural.  Establish tourism office in the tourist generating countries  Diversify tourism product  Develop condominiums, international convention center in big cities  Develop domestic tourism, eco-tourism  Change visa policy  Create public awareness  Follow the global code of tourism ( UNWTO), cooperate by other ministry  Develop rural tourism
  26. 26. CONCLUSION • Should has stricted law to control and protect environment. • The profit from tourism field should be gave to re-bulit and maintain. • Should enhance tourist’s perceive to contribute for protecting. • Should pay better salary and create good working conditions. The environment should be taking carefully by 2 sides Travel AgentThe Government
  27. 27. REFERENCES • • • • adesh/?22142/Managing-natural-resources-better-together-conference-in- Bangkok-explores-the-status-of-co-management-in-Bangladesh-and-the- region