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Resort bz plan. sajek the queen of clouds


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searching 100% finance from NRB bangladeshi peoples or expatriates, where return will be back, within one year or earlier. further 88-01710-962792 seekinvestor2007 at yahoo dot com

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Resort bz plan. sajek the queen of clouds

  1. 1. Business Plan for a holiday resort Bangladeshasubtropical country,alwaysattractglobal touristsforitswealthslike Cox’sBazar,the longestmarine drive of the world&Sundarban,the largestmangrove forestationof the globe. In the hillyarea, rainforest,peakof mountains&trailsalsoanotherheartbeating& adventurous pointof travel for the hitchhikers.Khagrachari isone of them.In the past era,some collision withgovernment,fromtribal/rival groupsmade loosertotourismbusinessman/investor.But, nowa days,peace agreementwithrival,made quite environmentinthe wildestforestslike Rangamati,Bandarban,Khagrachari districts,underthe divisionof Chittagong.A huge entrepreneurstryingtoexpandtheirbusinessontourism.Lack of properchannel alsofallsthem infrustration. Hafiz,the investseeker,haswell channelwiththe local influential,thatwill make areciprocal businessbenefitbetweenhe,investorandalsolocal leaders,those whohave the capabilityto control violence ontourismbusinessinthe forestarea. SWOT Analysis: Strength:  Extraordinarydemandontourism, increasesdaybyday.  Highyield.A greatreturn,incontextof any otherbusiness.  Escapistwill avail thisopportunity,if theygetall urbanfacilities,inthe remote area.  Elite people / debonairbusinessopportunity.  Verylimitedcompetitor.  Special securitymayincrease elite clients. Weakness:  Remote places,verylimitedsecurity.  Donationto the rival group / local administration, isamust,thatdecrease the profitability of thisproject.  Loweratmosphericpressure /oxygenlevelmayharmful forlow immune tourist. (cardiovascular/diabetic/aestheticdiseasedpeople)  Uses of Electricity/Water will be verylimited.  Wildrival group/terroristsmaydecrease footfallof clients.  Beneficiariesmaymake rumorstodecrease market.  In contextof our hill tractsrulesandresolution,overseastourists/ expatriates /NRB (dual citizen) peoples mayhave verylimitedopportunitiestoavail the resort hospitality.  Disaster/ rainyseasonal variationmaydecrease marketdemand.  Economicpackage program may make unsatisfiedthe masspeoples/tourists. Opportunities:  Thisbusinessmaybe integratedwithotherhospitality/entertainmentthatattract exceptionalclientinthissector.  Nearfuture,possibletomake integrationasmedical tourism.  Possibilitytobecome chainmemberwithglobal tourism family.  Corporate marketingmaymake extraordinarygoodwill of thisproject.  Mini powerplantmay make anotherincome generatingactivities.  Online Moneytransfertooverseasaccounts,apassive moneylaunderingopportunity.
  2. 2. Threat:  Long termpolitical unrestmaydecrease projectincome.  Harmful insects fromthe hillyareaalsoanotherthreatforthisproject.  Integratedwithmedical tourism,sometimessuddendeathof apatientmayhamperother touristenjoyment.  Eve teasingmaymake collisionwithlocal tribes.  Unexpectedgunshot/hijackmaymake morose environmenttoothertourists,if they operate individual tourthroughself help. Financial Analysis: ProposedBudget:1Crore 10 Lac Bd Tk. or equivalentUSDDollarconversionrate isUSD1= +/- 82 Bd Tk. Segregationof Budget: 1. Pre-operational cost: 13,00,000 2. Lease/purchase of land: 20,00,000 3. BusinessApproval fromseveral GovernmentOrg.: 5,00,000 4. Constructionof woodbasedresortfor40 rooms: 62,00,000 5. Special utilityinstallationexpenses: 30,00,000 6. Restaurant,Hall RoomExpenses: 15,00,000 7. Automationof conference hall/ securities: 10,00,000 8. Postoperational cost: 5,00,000 9. Runningcost/ stock of foodor lodgingmaterials: 3,00,000 10. Affiliation/ Promotional Cost: 7,00,000 11. RiskFactors (10% of projectcost): 15,00,000 __________________________________________________________________________________ Total: 185,00,000 Taka in words:one crore eighty-five lacBangladeshi takaonly Return: i. Income fromrooms: a. House full 104 daysX 40 rooms X @3000 Bd Tk. 124,80,000 b. 50% achievementoff peak100daysX 20 roomsX @2000 Bd Tk. 40,00,000 ii. Income fromconference hall: a. Corporate sell 60 days/yr@25000 Bd Tk. 15,00,000 iii. Income fromrestaurant:200 daysX @ 10,000 Bd Tk. 20,00,000 Note:rest61 days roombookingincome isignored&alsoignored165 daysincome,derived fromhotel. __________________________________________________________________________________ Total: 199,80,000 Taka in words:one crore ninety-nine laceighty thousandBangladeshi takaonly orhafiz:88-01710-962792
  3. 3. Some imagesfromproposedplace atKhagrachari: