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Need GFSI? Learn about GFSI Recongized Certifications


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SQF, BRC and FSSC 22000 are popular choices for GFSI recognized food safety management certification. Learn about these standards and steps to certification.

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Need GFSI? Learn about GFSI Recongized Certifications

  1. 1. Need GFSI?Your organization has been asked toachieve Certification to a GFSIrecognized standard.Your Next Steps:
  2. 2. Choose aCertificationProgram:GFSI is not a standard, andyour organization cannot be“GFSI Certified”.GFSI is an organization thatidentifies CertificationPrograms that meet itsrigorous requirements.These Certifications are“GFSI Recognized”SQF Code, 7th Edition, Level 2BRCGlobal Standard, Issue 6FSSC22000Others..(see
  3. 3. Why GFSI?Many large retailers andmultinational foodmanufacturers are demandingthat their suppliers are certifiedto a GFSI recognized standard.Obtaining a GFSI recognizedFood Safety Certification is a“must” to do business withthese organizations.Food processors, manufacturers,and packaging manufacturersare all finding that more andmore customers want to seethis type of certification.www.22000-Tools.com800-746-3174
  4. 4. Comparingthe programsIn this presentation wewill focus on threepopular certificationprograms:SQFBRCFSSC22000www.22000-Tools.com800-746-3174
  5. 5. Comparing thePrograms:SQF is a program managed by the Safe QualityFood Institute, SQFISQF can be applied to all industry sectorsthrough the use of the applicable GMP module inthe standardSQF has two levels that are recognized by GFSILevel 2 - Food Safety PlanLevel 3 - Food Safety and Quality PlanThe Code and guidance documents are availableto download from the SQFI website free ofchargeMore than 5000 certified organizations worldwide
  6. 6. Comparing thePrograms:BRC is managed by BRC Global StandardsThe BRC Global Standard for Food Safety appliesto food packing and processing organizations.For food packaging manufacturers and converters,the standard “BRC/IOP Global Standard forPackaging and Packaging Materials applies.Purchase the standard and guidance documentsfrom the BRC websiteMore than 18000 certified companies worldwide
  7. 7. Comparing thePrograms:FSSC 22000 is managed by the Foundation forFood Safety CertificationFSSC 22000 applies to food processors andmanufacturers and manufacturers of foodpackaging materialsFSSC 22000 is an ISO Based program that usesISO 22000 and additional requirements forPrerequisite ProgramsDownload scheme documents at the FSSC 22000website, and purchase the standards from ISO orwww.techstreet.comMore than 5000 certified companies worldwidewww.fssc22000.comwww.22000-Tools.com800-746-3174
  8. 8. Comparing thePrograms:All of these programs include the principles of HACCP found in the Codex AlimentariusAll the programs include management systems requirements andGMP/Prerequisite ProgramsThe organization of the standards varyThe SQF code has modules. Every company must comply with module 2containing the management system elements and choose the module that appliesto their sector for GMPsThe BRC standard has the management system requirements, prerequisiteprogram requirements and site standards in one document.The FSSC 22000 scheme requirements are found in several standards, FSSC22000, ISO 22000 and one of the prerequisite program documents (ISO/TS22002-1 or PAS 223)www.22000-Tools.com800-746-3174
  9. 9. Comparing thePrograms:Because they are GFSI Benchmarked, the programs are all wellrecognizedTo choose the best certification program for your organization, youmay want to consider what program your customers useConsider the target market (geographic, product)GFSI has benchmarked these standards and determined that theymeet the requirements outlined by GFSI, leading to a similarity ofrequirements between the programs, though they are not exactly thesameLets take a closer look at GFSIwww.22000-Tools.com800-746-3174
  10. 10. The Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) hasbenchmarked food safety certification programs.www.22000-Tools.com800-746-3174
  11. 11. GFSI requires proceduresfor:Food Safety ManagementFood Safety PolicyFood Safety ManualManagement ResponsibilityManagement CommitmentManagement ReviewResource ManagementDocumentationSpecificationsProceduresInternal AuditsCorrective Actionwww.22000-Tools.com800-746-3174Control of Non-conformityProduct ReleasePurchasingSupplier Performance MonitoringTraceabilityComplaint HandlingSerious Incident ManagementControl of Measuring and MonitoringProduct AnalysisPrerequisite Programs (PRPs)Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point(HACCP)
  12. 12. Establish prerequisite programs and GMPsIf you do not already have these in place, start byimplementing programs. Use the standard as aguide. Each standard includes requirements forPRPs and GMPsDevelop and implement your HACCP PlanThis will be your next step if you do not have onein place already. Be sure someone in your facility isHACCP trained and can develop your HACCPplan.Follow the requirements in the standard you havechosen.First steps:www.22000-Tools.com800-746-3174
  13. 13. Next StepsTrain your project leader on the requirements ofthe standard that you chose.Online training programs are available for each of the standards.Train your team leader:SQF Practitioner“Introduction to SQF System Elements” and “FoodSafety Fundamentals”FSSC 22000 Food Safety Team Leader“Understanding FSSC 22000”BRC HACCP Team Leader“Introduction to BRC”www.22000-Tools.com800-746-3174
  14. 14. Build your Food SafetyManagement SystemPerform a Gap AnalysisDevelop your processes and document proceduresto address requirementsTrain employeesImplement the systemStart Internal Audits and Management ReviewsAll-in-One kits provide you with tools to completeall these tasks.Available for SQF, BRC and FSSC 22000Available for:SQFBRCFSSC 22000 atwww.22000-Tools.comwww.22000-Tools.com800-746-3174
  15. 15. Contact a CertificationBodyChoose a certification body toperform your certification audit andCertify your organizationCheck the webpage for your standard for alist of accredited certification bodiesYour certification body will workwith you to schedule your audits.Most will require two audits, a preliminary,desk audit or stage 1 audit, followed by thecertification audit.www.22000-Tools.com800-746-3174
  16. 16. Celebrate yourachievementAfter your audit you may have somenonconformances. If so, you will needto submit your corrective action planto the auditor.Once they have approved yourcorrective action plans you will berecommended for certification.Your certification auditor will comein once a year or according to yourplan with them to ensure continuingcompliance and improvement.www.22000-Tools.com800-746-3174
  17. 17. SQF PremiumImplementationPackageFSSC 22000 PremiumImplementationPackageBRC PremiumImplementationPackage• 6 Hours of Computer-basedTraining• Training for SQF Practitioner,HACCP Team, Employees &Management• Audit checklists• Project Plan and Task Lists• Food Safety ManualTemplate• Procedure Templates• Form Templates• GMP Templates• 6 Hours of Computer-basedTraining• Training for Food SafetyTeam, Employees &Management• Audit checklists• Project Plan and Task Lists• Food Safety ManualTemplate• Procedure Templates• Form Templates• PrerequisiteProgramsTemplates• 6 Hours of Computer-basedTraining• Training for HACCP Team,Employees & Management• Audit checklists• Project Plan and Task Lists• Food Safety ManualTemplate• Procedure Templates• Form Templates• GMP and Site StandardsTemplatesEverything you need for your Implementation Project!www.22000-Tools.com800-746-3174