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Internet Legal Research

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  1. 1. Internet Legal Research
  2. 2. Web 2.0 The Web 2.0 mainly includes works of collaboration and social networking. RSS feeds, Wikis, Blogs, Microblogging, Podcasts, Tags, Folksonomies, Social Networks, Cloud Computing and Bookmarking etc. are also part of Web 2.0. Web 1.0 may include e-mail/webmail/gmail; Intranets and Extranets; Listservs; Search engines etc. It is good to be a member of one or two job related listservs that helps when you are in need. You can post a question or read the information exchanged among others.
  3. 3. Listservs Listservs are useful resources to share and seek information when one needs. Find and register with one or two work related (topics) listservs to keep up with the recent trends in your area of interest. University of Chicago ( ) and Washlaw ( lists are good resources to find an interesting listserv.
  4. 4. Click to see the communities
  5. 5. Blawgs Legal blogs are known as blawgs are web sites belonging to an individual consisting of diaries, journals, opinions, reviews, clippings etc. posted typically daily for others to read. Blawgs contain very useful information. is a free blog hosting site. There are several legal blawgs and blog indexes. To create your own blog go to Blogger ( and follow the instructions.
  6. 6.
  7. 7. Administrative Law G.P.O.  Firstgov  or Regulations  The CRE 
  8. 8. Wiki Wiki is a collaborative website comprised of the collective work of many authors. Similar to blog in structure and logic, a wiki allows anyone to edit, delete, or modify content that has been placed on the website using a browser interface, including the work of previous authors. Wikipedia ( is one of the examples of wiki. Jurispedia (, LawBrian ( are examples for the legal information. Pbwiki ( wikihost ( are few of several free hosting sites for wikis.
  9. 9. RSS Feeds RSS (Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary) feeds allows to see when sites from all over the Internet have added new content. Feeds are written in XML language. You need to have a reader to read the feeds. There are several free readers including Bloglines ( Currently, legal news, court cases, and statutes are available as RSS feeds.
  10. 10. Case Law Official Websites  etc. U.S. Courts  Pacer; Courtlink etc.
  11. 11. Statutory Law edu Thomas  (no www) House  Gallerywatch  Statenet 
  12. 12. Podcasts Podcasting is a way to receive audio files over the Internet. Many content providers offer podcast feeds at no cost. You can listen podcasts on your computer or other mobile devices. Several legal talk radio stations and courts make cases and other legal information available as podcasts. Justia provides a directory of legal podcasts (
  13. 13. Periodical Articles Infotrieve  Publist  Ingenta  FindArticles 
  14. 14. Click on case to hear oral arguments
  15. 15.
  16. 16. Social/Legal Networks Sharing views, photos, etc. among people through free websites (registration required) offered by online services. Lawfirms and lawyers are becoming members of Popular social networking sites such as Facebook, Myspace, Linkedin etc. There are several social networks exclusively for legal community are in the offing (beta mode.)
  17. 17. Social/Legal Networks - Websites Facebook – Myspace – Linkedin – Lawlink – Martindale – Onramp –
  18. 18. What is Web 2 & WEB 3 Networks & Collaboration Blogs Wiki RSS Feeds Podcast (recruitment & research tool)
  19. 19. Acronyms What is EDD? (electronic data discovery) What is ESI? (electronically stored info), ESF (electronically stored files) What is TIFF & PDF?
  20. 20. Social Networking Facebook, Myspace Linkedin Martindale/connected Lawlink
  21. 21. Microblogging Microblogging referes to the ability to add materials such as text, photos, etc. to one’s blog when away from a computer. The postings are bare-bones (140 words), on-the-go versions of online journals in which people share their lives and dreams. Twitter –, Jaiku – are few examples. TweetLaw ( is a twitter exclusively for legal profession.
  22. 22. Comprehensive Legal Websites Findlaw – Justia – Heiros Gamos – Cornell – Megalaw – LawGuru – Washlaw – Library of Congress –
  23. 23. Caselaw - Websites U.S.Courts – U.S.Supreme Court – Findacase – Google Scholar – PLOL –
  24. 24. Provides cited by other Cases and relatedFrom Scholar select “legal opinions and documentsJournals” and enter your query
  25. 25. Statutory Law - Websites Thomas – Gallerywatch – Statenet – GPO – House of Representatives –
  26. 26. Other Popular (new) SearchEngines Cha-Cha ( for mobile Powerset ( (Natural Language search) Zuula (
  27. 27. Lawyer Directories Martindale ( Avvo (
  28. 28. Adm.Law - Websites GPO – Federal Register – Regulations – US Gov – The CRE – Statenet –
  29. 29. Secondary Materials Dictionaries Encyclopedias Law Review Articles Legal News Directories Legal Forms Useful Sites
  30. 30. Pennsylvania Specific Case Law Supreme, Superior and Commonwealth Courts  
  31. 31. Legal News/ResearchArticles Llrx  Jurist  Courttv  American Lawyer Media 
  32. 32. Administrative Law Pacode  Pabulletin 
  33. 33. Comprehensive Sites Pennsylvania Legal Research Web Sites   PaLawnet   PaLawLibrary 
  34. 34. Free Info. From Fee-BasedSites Lexisone  Incite (From Loislaw  Versuslaw 
  35. 35. Legal Forms There are sites which offer free legal forms. There are fee-based sites which offer legal forms for every type and jurisdiction. Docstoc ( and Your Free Legal Forms ( sites provide several legal forms free of cost that are uploaded by people to share with others. State and federal government sites also provide court and agency forms.
  36. 36. Public Records Knowx  ChoicePoint  Accurint 
  37. 37. People Finder 555-1212  Switchboard  Bigfoot  Worldpages  Argali (meta engine) 
  38. 38. Alternatives To LexisNexis/Westlaw LexisNexis and Westlaw offers several package deals and subscription rates (federal/state/flat/transactional etc.) There are several fee-based low cost online services available for legal research and practice. Loislaw (, Versuslaw (, Fastcase ( are few popular ones.
  39. 39. Lawyer Directories To find a lawyer several free online lawyer directories are available. Sites such as Martindale ( and Avvo ( provide ratings of lawyers and law firms. Lawyerfinder ( and Lawyers ( of LexisNexis are other popular sites. Majority of the sites allow you to find lawyers by name, city, and practice area (subject speciality) etc.
  40. 40. More Useful Sites There are several sites providing citation information, free legal advice, free legal forms, free public domain documents such as cases, statutes, administrative regulations etc.
  41. 41. Pennsylvania Legal Websites State Government – Appellate Courts – General Assembly – Legislative Reference Bureau –
  42. 42. Pa.Legal Websites - 2 Pennsylvania Code – Pennsylvania Bulletin – Palawlibrary – Rao’s Pennsylvania Site – MyPLS –
  43. 43. Pa.Legal Websites - 3 Allegheny County Bar Association – Pennsylvania Bar Association – Pennsylvania Bar Institute – Pennsylvania Board of Law Examiners – Pennsylvania CLE –
  44. 44. Pa.Legal Websites - 4 Pa.Legal Intelligencer – Pa.Law Weekly – Philadelphia Bar Association –
  45. 45. LexisNexis –Legal Practice Software PCLaw – Billing & Accounting Juris – Billing & Accounting CaseMap – Case Management Martindale – Lawyer Directory Accurint – Background Checks InterAction – CRM Total Litigator – Collaboration Tool Time Matters – Calendar Application Net Documents – Document Management Law Prediscovery – EDD Concordance – EDD LexisNexis Total Search – Knowledge Management Lexis Document Profiling – Risk Management CourtLink – Docket Search Database of Filings
  46. 46. Thomson West – Legal Practice Software LiveNote – Real Time Court Reporting Hubbard One – Prospective Client Connection PeopleMap – Public Records, Legal Filings Elite – Case Management ProLaw – Case Management West KM – Knowledge Management Case Notebook – Case Management Westlaw Litigator – Complete Litigation CourtExpress – Docket Search Database of Filings