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Legal practice software packages

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50 Law Firm Technology Sites

  1. 1. AbacusLaw<br />www.abacuslaw.com All-in-one law office software (Calendaring, Contacts, Cases, Documents, Forms, Conflicts, Billing, Accounting etc.) <br />Legal Files<br />www.legalfiles.com Case and management software (Microsoft integration, Office & Workflow management solutions etc.)<br />CompuLaw<br />www.compulaw.com Rules-Based legal calendar and matter management software. (Sets of Rules for all 50 state jurisdictions etc.)<br />11/02/2009<br />Dittakavi Rao<br />1<br />50 Law Firm Technology Sites<br />
  2. 2. Contd…<br />Orion Law<br />www.orionlaw.com Comprehensive law practice management software (Financial management, Firm management, Consulting, Data conversion etc.) <br />PcLaw<br />www.pclaw.com Practice management software by LexisNexis. (Compliance with trust accounting rules, tracking time and expenses, billing, payrole etc.)<br />RealLegal<br />www.reallegal.com A division of LiveNote (Thomson) provides litigation and management tools to law firms, courts etc.<br />
  3. 3. Client Profiles<br />www.clientprofiles.com Provides legal software including case management, accounting and time and billing, CRM, etc.<br />Blumberg Law Products<br />www.blumberg.com Law office supplies. (Forms, wills and trust kits, notary etc.)<br />Summation<br />www.summation.com Litigation solution for law firms. Products include iBlaze, WebBlaze, CaseVantage, Discovery Cracker etc.<br />11/02/2009<br />Dittakavi Rao<br />3<br />Contd… <br />
  4. 4. Contd…<br />Catalyst<br />www.catalystsecure.com Manages electronic documents and reduce discovery costs. (Document clustering, interactive culling, multi-language search etc.)<br />LiveNote<br />www.livenote.com West CaseNotebook / West LiveNote organizes case files in a centralized database, so legal teams can share facts, discovery documents, evidence, pleadings etc. (LiveNote stream broadcasts live audio, video and real-time text transcripts from depositions etc.)<br />Sanction<br />www.sanction.com Sanction solutions (verdict systems) software helps in Trial consultation, Trial preparation, Graphic and Video services etc.<br />
  5. 5. Case Central<br />www.casecentral.com Discovery software for pre-processing, processing, analysis, review and production. (Delivers Blueprint for Cloud-Based eDiscovery)<br />ESILaw<br />www.esilaw.com Esilaw software increases the productivity and profitability of law firms. (Clients, matter, time tracking, calendaring, document management etc.)<br />Deponet<br />www.deponet.com The Deponet network is the source for quality court reporters, legal video services, process service, video conferencing, interpretation etc.<br />Robert Half Legal<br />www.roberthalflegal.com Provider of highly skilled legal professionals for law firms and corporate legal departments. Places lawyers, paralegals, law clerks and legal support professionals on a temporary, project and full-time basis in high-demand practice areas. <br />11/02/2009<br />Dittakavi Rao<br />5<br />Contd. 3<br />
  6. 6. Contd…<br />vLex<br />www.vlex.com Offers full-text access to legal content from 140 countries, comprising legislation, case law, books, journals, contracts and forms, and integrating automatic translations for search and document content.<br />Lighthouse Document Technologies<br />www.lighthousedt.com Provides electronic discovery services. (Electronic data processing, data collection, data hosting, reprographic, scanning etc.)<br />PerfectLaw<br />www.perfectlaw.com Software modules for case and financial management. (Case/Matter management, document management, time & billing etc.)<br />
  7. 7. Tabs3<br />www.tabs3.com Billing and financial software. (Tracking time, client status reports, general ledger, accounts payable etc.)<br />Verdatum<br />www.verdatumsys.com Legal specific digital dictation solution. (Client/matter security, integration into legal specific applications, automated workflow etc.)<br />TrialSmith<br />www.trialsmith.com On-line Deposition bank exclusively for plaintiff lawyers. 9JurySmith (background data on prospective jurors), expert depositions, briefs & motions, verdicts & settlements etc.)<br />11/02/2009<br />Dittakavi Rao<br />7<br />Contd. 4<br />
  8. 8. Contd…<br />TechAgreements<br />www.techagreements.com A database of more than 500,000 actual agreements that have been used in all types of business transactions. Search features include by keyword, company name, agreement type or industry.<br />SydneyPLUS<br />www.sydneyplus.com Legal KM tool. SydneyPLUS International integrates between Ozmosys and SydneyPLUS that will bring new opportunities to add value to portals and content alerts.<br />Docket Navigator <br />www.docketnavigator.com A patent litigation research tool. Docket Report that is a newsletter includes: New patent cases, monetary awards, injunctions, determinations about patents (infringed, invalid, unenforceable, valid etc.) summaries of significant court orders. <br />Amicus Attorney<br />www.amicusattorney.com Integrated solution for practice management. (Contacts, calendaring, time tracking, document research etc.)<br />
  9. 9. GroupEsq<br />www.grooupesq.com Group deals for attorneys including attorney placement, CLE, court reporters, process servers, trial graphics etc. <br />Servecentral<br />www.serve-central.com Web-based application serves as a portal to distribute, track, communicate, document and manage ALL your Service of Process functions so you, or your Process Server, can access it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. <br />CVN<br />www.courtroomview.com CVN is a news gathering and reporting organization that webcasts high-stakes civil litigation, and is the exclusive provider of courtroom video to Westlaw. Legal professionals across the country and around the world rely on CVN’s live and on-demand webcasts to monitor cases as they unfold.<br />Bloomberg Law<br />www.bloomberglaw.com Is a real-time legal research system that integrates search technology, legal content, company and client information.<br />11/02/2009<br />Dittakavi Rao<br />9<br />Contd. 5<br />
  10. 10. Contd…<br />Vestige Ltd.<br />www.vestigeltd.com Helps in disputes, integrating computer systems, finding visible and invisible evidence. (Review the relevant case law, briefs and pleadings which will keeping data in computer forensics.)<br />Oce Business Services (CaseData)<br />http://rcls.obs-innovation.com/ Web-based data management system. (Media restoration, data recovery, online discovery, compliance, legal solutions etc.)<br />Omega Legal<br />www.omegalegal.com Integrated financial and practice management system. (Time, E-Billing, Case Management, Calendaring etc.)<br />
  11. 11. LexisNexis Concordance<br />www.lexisNexis.com.concordance Electronic discovery and litigation document management. Concordance makes it easy to identify, organize and analyze case-critical information so that you can collaborate and share <br />CLE Center<br />www.clecenter.com American Lawyer Media (ALM) offers CLE programs nationally accredited by MCLE boards and state bar associations. Classes are online, on time and on your schedule.<br />Planet Data<br />www.planetdata.com Exego an early cost assessment is a secure web-based platform that provides immediate access to fully processed date before case begins. Searches data in real time, identifying responsive documents.<br />GlowPoint<br />www.glowpoint.com Video communication service. (Technology hosting and management, Webcasting, multi-point video conferencing, video in the cloud program etc.)<br />11/02/2009<br />Dittakavi Rao<br />11<br />Contd. 6<br />
  12. 12. Contd…<br />nQueue<br />www.nqueue.com Information accountability service. (Captures expenses data, process data, billing analysis etc.)<br />Xact<br />www.xactids.com Data discovery service. (Forensics, electronic discovery, data hosting, data management, imaging/coding etc.)<br />Adeptol<br />www.ajaxdocumentviewer.com Support more than 300 document types. Adeptol Translation automatically translate documents from within the viewer by moving a mouse or cursor over document text. Supports 40+ languages and 200+ document formats.<br />CaseSoft<br />www.casemap.com Product by LexisNexis includes: CaseMap (case analysis tool), TimeMap (timeline graphic tool), TextMap (transcript summary tool), NoteMap (outlining tool), and DepPrep (witness preparation tool)<br />
  13. 13. MA3000<br />www.ma3000.com Docketing and calendaring software. Mobile access to calendar reports. Microsoft Outlook integration, E-mail alerts etc.<br />CyberMatrix Timesheets<br />www.cyber-matrix.com Time recording and schedule software. (Meeting manager, pro schedule, project clock, time sheets, point of sale, employee schedule etc.)<br />Lexicon<br />www.lexicon-projects.com Online document management and document imaging. Lexcondocs, a web-based (SaaS) document and file management service (cloud computing) etc.<br />CompuLaw<br />www.compula.com The court rules company. Vision calendar/docket and matter management system automatically adjusts dates as needed when rules change.<br />11/02/2009<br />Dittakavi Rao<br />13<br />Contd. 7<br />
  14. 14. Contd…<br />Hudson Legal Resources<br />www.hudson.com/us Discovery consulting, Auto-redaction, Foreign language document review etc.<br />West Km<br />www.westthomson.com/westkm Integrates law firms work product with Westlaw reference. Builds repository of searchable work product with easily readable summaries.<br />Aderant<br />www.aderant.com Practice and financial management, Time and billing, Integrated documents, records and email management.<br />