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Convert More With Marketing Automation

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Convert More With Marketing Automation

  1. 1. by Brian McKeiver Co-Owner & Kentico MVP at BizStream Convert more with Marketing Automation
  2. 2. Myths No one reads email anymore Automation is just SPAM Automation can be impersonal Automation is difficult Automation is too expensive
  3. 3. Debunking Time Email lives across all devices, it is unique across channels, and allows for re-targeting and finding new users. 89% of marketers said email was still their primary channel for lead generation. source: Forrester Research
  4. 4. More Debunking Automation gives the ability to add more personal touches Ready to Buy Engaged Interested
  5. 5. Too Expensive? What’s the value of 1, 10, or 100 more conversions? Most MA platforms average: $2,000 per month or less source: automation-software-pricing-guide/
  6. 6. Don’t be THAT GUY Avoid SPAM words: Free, No Obligation, Buy Now!! Avoid COMIC SANS Take Unsubscribe Activity very serious Pay attention to CAN-SPAM Act
  7. 7. What Matters for Success? Easy to use Integrated Solution Training your team is crucial
  8. 8. When is it Time to Invest? You own good content There is a plan for that content Organic leads are trickling in Or you have a bunch of manual work
  9. 9. Easy Wins “80% of your conversions come from 20% of your best pages.” #1 ranked form on USA based websites: Contact Us source: Form Conversion Report 2014
  10. 10. Opt-In Subscribers Opt In automatically Contact Us
  11. 11. Opt-In MA Process This should be an easy task for your CMS.
  12. 12. Convert more by: Automatically growing your subscribers Full Example The Result
  13. 13. Solicit Reviews real world example Provide an offer: Free Shipping on next purchase
  14. 14. Site visitors who interact with both reviews and customer q&a are 105% more likely to purchase while visiting, and spend 11% more than visitors who don’t. source: Bazaarvoice, Conversation Index Solicit Reviews Show Reviews
  15. 15. Solicit Reviews MA Process
  16. 16. The Result Personalized and Targeted email marketing Utilizing an integrated solution allows Sauder to show exact images if each product purchased.
  17. 17. Purchase Optimization real world example Personalized Solution allows EPS to Save effort
  18. 18. Subscription Based Purchase Customers who purchased this online subscription needed to have a record of the subscription start and end date. This was a time consuming manual process.
  19. 19. Subscription Based Purchase MA Process
  20. 20. The Result Reduces labor cost and one less thing to worry about. Utilizing an automated solution saves EPS customer service reps time and effort.
  21. 21. Marketing Automation Ideas Reactivation emails to win back customers User Registration / Welcome campaigns Thank you emails and purchase campaigns Date specific triggered emails Event pre / post follow up campaigns
  22. 22. More MA Ideas Customer satisfaction surveys Activity / Behavior triggered emails Solicit product reviews Solicit product recommendations from friends
  23. 23. Q&A ?
  24. 24. Brian McKeiver Co-Owner, BizStream Phone: (616) 481-1631 Email: @mcbeev

Editor's Notes

  • Easy to use, no code, drag and drop, re-use assets that exist. Tools like Kentico make MA easier to do.
    Integrated, allows for full personalization, not moving across two plus different systems to see what the lead did
    Training always required, people truly succeed when they feel comfortable
  • Good content to power inbound
    And goals for the plan
    If you can’t whiteboard it, don’t think the system will for you
    If Marketing Automation is the Ferrari, Content is the gasoline that you fill it up with