Finding Articles Pt. 2: Which Database is Right For You?


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Finding Articles Pt. 2: Which Database is Right For You?

  1. 1. Finding Articles Pt. II Which Database is Right for Me? McNairy Library and Learning Forum 2013
  2. 2. Now that you are familiar with the library website…
  3. 3. … let’s find the database that is right for you!
  4. 4. CQ Researcher and Points of View focus on current issues.
  5. 5. If you are off- campus or using the wireless network….
  6. 6. … you will need to login to the database.
  7. 7. Select “Millersville University” from the dropdown Then login using your D2L username and password
  8. 8. CQ Researcher includes original reports on current and controversial issues such as… Abortion Gay Marriage Gun Control Climate Change Legalizing Marijuana Death Penalty Teen Sex
  9. 9. You can browse by topic…
  10. 10. … check out today’s hot issues
  11. 11. … or search by keyword.
  12. 12. Each report is organized into sections…
  13. 13. The issue tracker connects you with other reports on related topics
  14. 14. Use the CiteNow! to get the citation for the report in MLA, APA, or Chicago
  15. 15. Points of View Reference Center also has reports on current issues. But unlike CQ Researcher, PoV also includes… Primary Sources Magazine and Newspaper Articles Videos Radio & News Transcripts Biographies Books
  16. 16. Browse by topic…
  17. 17. … or search by keyword.
  18. 18. Each topic includes four main documents
  19. 19. Tabs along the top link to related books, newspapers, biographies, primary sources etc…
  20. 20. If you are looking for scholarly articles…
  21. 21. … try Academic Search Complete or JSTOR
  22. 22. Academic Search Complete has thousands of popular and scholarly articles on both historical and contemporary (today’s) issues. You can use it to search for… Peer Reviewed Articles Magazine and Newspaper Articles Book Reviews Book Chapters Graphs and Charts Images
  23. 23. Use the key terms from your “presearch” activity as keywords for your search!
  24. 24. student debt United States
  25. 25. Results are listed in the middle of the page
  26. 26. Icons next to each result indicate the type of document
  27. 27. Scholarly Articles Magazine Articles Book Review Newspaper Articles
  28. 28. Narrow your search to include only full text or scholarly articles using the limiters on the left
  29. 29. Click on an article title to open and view the document
  30. 30. Access full text of the article by clicking the “pdf” or “html” link on the left hand side
  31. 31. Print, Email, Save, or Find the Citation for the article on the right hand side
  32. 32. If you need help, scroll to the bottom of the page to chat with a librarian!
  33. 33. Unlike Academic Search Complete, JSTOR includes only scholarly, peer-reviewed articles. All of the content in JSTOR is full text, but may not include the 5 to 10 most recent years of material. You can use it to search for… Science Psychology Social Work Art & Music Women’s & Minority Studies and more!
  34. 34. student debt United States
  35. 35. Results are listed in the middle of the page
  36. 36. Tabs across the top allow you to limit by journal, book chapter, or pamphlet
  37. 37. Click on an article title to open and view a result
  38. 38. Click the “summary” tab to see publication information and a short summary of the article
  39. 39. Click “View PDF” to see the full text of the article
  40. 40. You must accept the “terms and conditions” to see the PDF
  41. 41. I hope you found this helpful!
  42. 42. If you have any questions…
  43. 43. … remember that you can ask a librarian for help!
  44. 44. To learn more about searching for articles, see our “Finding Articles” Tutorials in D2L!