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Finding Articles Pt. 1 (Mobile & Ipad Compatible)


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Finding Articles Pt. 1 (Mobile & Ipad Compatible)

  1. 1. Finding Articles McNairy Library and Learning Forum 2013
  2. 2. Welcome to McNairy Library!
  3. 3. Today, you will learn how to find articles for your assignments
  4. 4. There will be activities along the way – so be sure to pay attention!
  5. 5. Start by navigating to the library homepage
  6. 6. From the MU Homepage…
  7. 7. Click the “library” link on the right hand side...
  8. 8. Welcome to the McNairy Library Homepage!
  9. 9. Library Search lets you search almost everything in the library collection at once.
  10. 10. You might find…. books articles or even film clips images
  11. 11. To target your search for just articles….
  12. 12. Click the “articles & databases” link in the lower left corner
  13. 13. Welcome to the Articles and Databases page!
  14. 14. Before you begin searching...
  15. 15. … lets look at all the options!
  16. 16. Getting Started Browse our general topics encyclopedias and current issues search engines to find background information for your research.
  17. 17. Finding Articles Our most-popular general topics databases are listed here.
  18. 18. Finding Books Search thousands of e-books to find exactly what you need – instantly!
  19. 19. Citing Sources Citations tools for APA, MLA, and Chicago Manual Styles.
  20. 20. Databases by Subject All of our library search engines organized by topic. Click on a subject to find the right databases just for you
  21. 21. Ask a Librarian Librarians are here to help! Chat live with a McNairy Library Research Assistant to get answers to all your research questions.
  22. 22. Before you begin searching for articles…
  23. 23. … make sure you have your “presearch” activity handy!
  24. 24. Continue on to “Finding Articles Pt. II” to learn about searching library databases!