Urology San Antonio Realizes a Dramatic Return on Investment with EHR Solution


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Urology San Antonio Realizes a Dramatic Return on Investment with EHR Solution

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Urology San Antonio Realizes a Dramatic Return on Investment with EHR Solution

  1. 1. Case Study Urology San AntonioAt a Glance Realizes a Dramatic Return on InvestmentOrganization with EHR SolutionUrology San Antonio With revenues hitting a plateau, Partner® Patient Records, PracticeSan Antonio, Texas Urology San Antonio boldly Partner® Appointment Scheduler– 25 physicians implemented an electronic and Practice Partner® Medical Billing– Six clinical offices health record (EHR) and practice modules. (Practice Partner version management system. As a result, 9.3 from McKesson is a CCHIT– One surgery center the practice increased revenue CertifiedSM product for CCHIT– Centralized business office by raising patient throughput, Ambulatory EHR 2008 and CCHIT captured missed charges by Child Health 2008. For other PracticeSolution Spotlight optimizing medical coding, and Partner certified solutions, please cut costs drastically by eliminating visit www.cchit.org.) “The Practice– Practice Partner® Appointment paper processes and reliance on Partner system has the power and Scheduler transcription services. Urology flexibility necessary to accommodate– Practice Partner® Medical Billing San Antonio broke even on its our multisite clinic and a proven track– Practice Partner® Patient Records investment 10 months after go-live record of installations in offices and improved its financial outlook similar to ours,” explains COO and quality of patient care. Michael Dermer.Critical Issues– Maintaining and improving Challenge The clinic chose a phased profitability When the physicians of Urology implementation and devoted San Antonio met to discuss their almost five months to system– Reducing costs associated with planning and installation. Initially, paper charts and paper-driven practice’s future financial status, they concluded that they needed the group went live with the processes Practice Partner Patient Records to cut costs and enhance existing– Improving coding accuracy revenue streams to maintain or application, using one site as a trial.– Enhancing clinical efficiency, improve profitability. The practice The 17 remaining offices followed patient care and service decided to meet this goal by suit a month later. implementing an EHR solution. Although a significant investment The physicians and staff at UrologyResults in human and financial capital San Antonio first worked to train– $150,000 annual savings would be required, the group users and to create Practice Partner in transcription costs realized that an EHR system Patient Records customized would boost productivity and templates. The group steadily– $144,000 annual savings became proficient using the software. in labor costs yield positive long-term financial benefits.– $40,000 annual savings Results in paper supplies costs Answer Urology San Antonio quickly– $360,000 annual revenue After evaluating EHR packages experienced the benefits of its increase resulting from from several vendors, Urology investment. “After the first three coding efficiencies San Antonio chose an integrated to four months, we were seeing a– Increased daily visits EHR and practice management substantial and consistent increase system — McKesson’s Practice in patients — without compromising Partner® system, featuring Practice our quality of care,” notes Dr. Clayton Hudnall, lead physician.
  2. 2. Case Study“After the first three The Practice Partner EHR system Patient Records to Practice Partner helps to significantly improve the Medical Billing, helping to speedto four months, we were ease and completeness of patient and reduce the labor required toseeing a substantial and visit documentation, which in turn manage the billing process. positively affects Urology Sanconsistent increase in patients Antonio’s top-line revenue. Since the scheduling module links Physicians use progress note directly to Practice Partner Medical— without compromising templates to easily and quickly Billing and Practice Partner Patientour quality of care.” record all aspects of patients’ Records, schedulers know when visits, enabling more accurate to contact patients for insured coding and boosting revenue by preventive care treatments. With an additional $360,000 per year. streamlined scheduling acrossDr. Clayton Hudnall facilities, the practice reducesLead Physician Additionally, all patient charts missed and canceled appointments, are now accessible from any automatically prints patientUrology San Antonio workstation, laptop or tablet PC — reminder cards and spends whether remote or onsite. less time scheduling patients. Physicians and staff no longer have to worry about transferring patient With the productivity gains resulting records among locations or hunting from the Practice Partner system, down patients’ paper files. Urology San Antonio reduced the FTEs required for each provider, Prior to implementing Practice saving $144,000 annually in labor Partner Patient Records, the group costs. Additionally, the elimination was spending $14,000 per month on of paper charts yields $40,000 in transcription and waiting two weeks annual savings in clerical and to receive the information. Now, the mailing supplies. “We are thrilled majority of the physicians enter data to eliminate the hassles of paper directly into the Practice Partner supplies and mailings,” notes Patient Records system, lowering Dr. Hudnall. “Now we can fax transcription costs to $1,500 per directly from the Practice Partner month, an annual cost savings system without ever having to of $150,000. stuff another envelope.” After completing its EHR Urology San Antonio was named implementation, Urology San Antonio Practice of the Year in the Financial added the Practice Partner billing Category by Physicians Practice less and scheduling modules to create a than one year after implementation. fully integrated system and gain The group anticipates its investment additional productivity improve- in Practice Partner will produce ments. Now, the superbill is sent net returns of $530,000 in each electronically from Practice Partner of the next three years.McKesson Provider Technologies Copyright © 2008 McKesson Corporation and/or one of its subsidiaries. All rights reserved. Practice Partner is a5995 Windward Parkway registered trademark of McKesson Corporation and/or one of its subsidiaries. CCHIT Certified is a service mark of the Certification Commission for Healthcare Information Technology. All other product or company namesAlpharetta, GA 30005 mentioned may be trademarks, service marks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. PRT272-11/08http://www.mckesson.com/practicepartner1.800.770.7674