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Case Study

                                     Rio Pecos Family Practice
At a Glance
Case Study

“When I leave the exam room,     “When I leave the exam room,                              “The patient teach...
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Rio Pecos Family Practice Implements EHR to Boost Productivity and Brighten Financial Outlook


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Rio Pecos boosts productivity by implementing EHR and a medical claims management system medical claims management system

Published in: Health & Medicine, Business
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Rio Pecos Family Practice Implements EHR to Boost Productivity and Brighten Financial Outlook

  1. 1. Case Study Rio Pecos Family Practice At a Glance Implements EHR to Boost Productivity Organization and Brighten Financial Outlook Rio Pecos Family Practice Like many physicians operating in Like other physicians, Dr. Seidel Ruidoso and Capitan, N.M. rural areas, Walter Ray Seidel, Jr., also struggled with mastering the – One physician organization M.D., has a high-volume, diverse organizational skills required to deal – Two primary care clinics and geographically distributed with a high volume of information. practice. He often sees 50 to 60 He frequently had to rely on patients per day (in the winter patients to schedule their next Solution Spotlight months) between his primary visit or come back for lab or test – Practice Partner® office in Ruidoso (population results. Undercoding was also a Appointment Scheduler 12,000) and a clinic 25 miles away problem in the practice’s paper- – Practice Partner® in Capitan (population 850). based environment. Patient Records Burdened by paper charts, Answers Dr. Seidel could not efficiently Dr. Seidel made the transition from Critical Issues track patient records between paper to electronic charts with the – Limited access to paper-based two offices, bill completely for implementation of McKesson’s records across geographically services or schedule follow-up Practice Partner® Patient Records dispersed practice locations treatments for patients. Dr. Seidel EHR and Practice Partner® – Undercoding of visits tackled this challenge with Appointment Scheduler automated electronic health record (EHR) and scheduling system. (Practice Partner – High overhead practice management scheduling versions 9.1 and 9.2.1 from solutions from McKesson. After McKesson are CCHIT CertifiedSM Results implementing these solutions, products for CCHIT Ambulatory EHR – Increased ability to access he gained the power to boost 2006 and 2007.) and maintain patient records productivity and improve his from multiple locations financial outlook. With access to By using medical office software the right information at the right to transition from a paper to – Recouped system cost in time and improved documentation only eight months an electronic environment, he at the point of care, Dr. Seidel sees eliminated transcription expenses – 30% increase in patient volume more patients, avoids undercoding and reduced his staff overhead. and billing for the services he provides and He improved his productivity during – Decreased overhead expenses has increased revenue. patient visits allowing him to see – Increased patient visits per day more patients, which increased Challenges revenue. In addition, the ability – Improved patient education One of the biggest challenges to access patient records remotely Dr. Seidel faced was access to ensures Dr. Seidel has the right chart patient records from the various at all times. That access, combined medical facilities. He typically with the speech recognition transported the paper files from function and robust templates, one location to the next, a system allows him to quickly and accurately that was far from foolproof. complete charting responsibilities.
  2. 2. Case Study “When I leave the exam room, “When I leave the exam room, “The patient teaching function is 95% of the time the patient chart phenomenal,” relays Dr. Seidel. 95% of the time the patient is complete, billing is finished and “Patients forget 80% of what you chart is complete, billing is everything is documented,” he tell them. Now, I can print out the explains. “I rely heavily on the built-in, customizable patient finished and everything is Practice Partner templates to keep education sheets. The system me highly productive. What I can't documents that I’ve provided documented. I rely heavily cover with templates, I supplement patient education, which enables on the Practice Partner with the speech recognition/ me to bill a higher code.” dictation functionality.” templates to keep me Results Dr. Seidel also uses the internal Since implementing Practice Partner highly productive.” messaging system available in Patient Records, he has fewer Practice Partner. “If my staff needs instances of undercoding, resulting to ask me something, they can in an improved revenue stream. Dr. Walter Seidel shoot me a message. I can quickly Additionally, Dr. Seidel’s use of the respond without interrupting system’s templates combined with Rio Pecos Family Practice what I’m doing.” speech recognition have increased productivity to the point that billing Additionally, the Practice Partner and documentation are complete by Patient Records solution keeps the time he leaves the exam room Dr. Seidel in constant contact in 95% of cases. As a result, he can with his staff when he is out, which see four to eight patients per hour alleviates the burden of finding (depending on the complexity of physicians to cover his practice. the patients) with no reduction in the quality of care. The easily customizable progress note templates also make it simple “I consistently finish in the top 5% for Dr. Seidel to apply the latest among physicians in the Ruidoso- research findings and care Capitan area in terms of revenue,” recommendations to his practice, Dr. Seidel says. “I’m finishing very which is especially important for well because I have this EHR system. his patients with chronic conditions. I can’t reinforce enough how Further, Practice Partner Patient productive it makes me.” Records allows Dr. Seidel to edit and print patient educational materials, automatically documenting the activity so it can be factored into the final bill. McKesson Provider Technologies Copyright © 2008 McKesson Corporation and/or one of its subsidiaries. All rights reserved. Practice Partner is a registered trademark of Physicians Microsystems Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of McKesson Information 5995 Windward Parkway Solutions LLC. CCHIT Certified is a service mark of the Certification Commission for Healthcare Information Alpharetta, GA 30005 Technology. All other product or company names mentioned may be trademarks, service marks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. PRT287-01/08 1.800.981.8601