Electronic Health Record and Practice Management Solution for Improved Workflow and Enhanced Care Quality


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Discover how the The Practice Partner® system’s awardwinning, fully-integrated electronic health record (EHR) and practice management software helps you do more for your patients with less effort.

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Electronic Health Record and Practice Management Solution for Improved Workflow and Enhanced Care Quality

  1. 1. Practice Partner ®Electronic Health Record and Practice Management Solution forImproved Workflow and Enhanced Care Quality
  2. 2. A Better Way to Practice The Practice Partner system’s award- ® templates, speech recognition, winning, fully-integrated electronic transcription, digital pen, dictation health record (EHR) and practice and Web-based patient data entry management software helps you do more for your patients with less – Dashboards provide rapid access effort. At work at thousands of to schedules, task lists, messages, practices nationwide, the Practice results, overdue orders and other Partner system from McKesson helps relevant information practices of all sizes and specialties improve their quality of care and – Sophisticated coding advisor their bottom-line productivity. analyzes notes for Evaluation and Management codes for primary and The Practice Partner system includes specialty care using 1995 and 1997 these powerful applications, which are Centers for Medicare and Medicaid available individually or together: Services (CMS) documentation guidelines to maximize coding – Practice Partner® Patient Records based on documentation – Practice Partner® Medical Billing – Automated electronic encounter form eliminates paper superbills – Practice Partner® Appointment so the billing clerk can review and Scheduler post charges with a few keystrokesProductivity and Quality Improving Productivity Advancing the Quality of CareHillside Avenue Family and Practice Partner software helps Whether it is avoiding an adverseCommunity Medicine practices realize both increased reaction to a medication or helpingPawtucket, Rhode Island revenue (through increased patient to prevent or detect a disease in its volume, improved coding and pay- earliest stages, the Practice Partner- Six providers, certified patient- for-performance reimbursement) system delivers the tools needed to centered medical home and reduction in costs (through help you improve the quality of care. labor, material savings, improved These tools include patient-specific- Reduced Patient ER usage by work flow and chart access). Here reminders; point-of-care, evidence- more than 10% are a few ways your practice can based content; disease-specific flow become more productive: charts; and population-based reports.- Improved the average blood glucose level by 5% among 450+ – Unique Bright Note Technology™ – Extensive health maintenance diabetics studied design automatically updates the templates, including age/sex, entire chart from a single point of and user-configurable disease- Screened more than half of entry, including everything from and medication protocols patients for depression and 75% problem list and vital signs, to enhance patient care for smoking status allergies and medications – Sophisticated discrete data capture- Counseled more than 75% of – Documentation tools adapt to allows more flexible, detailed smoking patients on how to quit the provider’s preference, not clinical reporting the other way around, and offer a choice of data-entry methods:
  3. 3. – Extensive drug interaction, users, an award-winning design, drug/allergy, drug/disease, and decades of experience to help drug/diagnosis checking, your practice. formularies, cost and dosage – A trusted partner, McKesson information facilitate medication provides two responsive support Practice Partner v9.5 management centers in the United States in CC-1112-589589-1 different time zones to assist you– Integrated order entry manages Learn more at: mckesson.com regardless of where you are located and tracks the status of all orders – McKesson constantly strives to ONC-ATCB 2011/2012 Certification– Embedded evidence-based content deliver customers the latest in Practice Partner® v9.5, a complete EHR, provide critical information at the technology with advanced is 2011/2012 compliant and has been point of care software tools, database certified* by the Certification Commission platforms, Web technologies for Health Information Technology– Access to the Practice Partner and hardware capabilities (CCHIT®), an ONC-ATCB, in accordance Research Network (PPRNet), a with the applicable certification criteria for pioneering practice-based quality Eligible Providers adopted by the Secretary – You will join an active community improvement and research of Health and Human Services. of users who share tips, tricks, network, provides sophisticated ideas and experience; a 3,000- quality reports member online customer forum; online template and content Certifications and Awards sharing; and active customer – Certification CommissionUnrivaled Expertise advisory committees for Healthcare InformationPractice Partner has an established Technology (CCHIT)**customer base of more than 25,000 – Surescripts® – Dragon® Certified EHR – Best EHR and Practice Management System — AC Group 2004-2009 (6th consecutive year) – American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) Survey — High rankings in overall satisfaction, ease of use and functionality, quality of care (2008, 2009) – Selected to participate in the American College of Physicians (ACP) EHR Partners Program (2008, 2009) *This certification does not represent an endorsement by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services or guarantee the receipt of incentive payments. Certification was granted December 6, 2010. Practice Partner v9.5 Unique Certification ID: CC-1112-589589-1. Quality Measures Certified: NQF 0421, NQF 0013, NQF 0028, NQF 0041, NQF 0024, NQF 0038, NQF 0059, NQF 0064, and NQF 0061. ** Practice Partner v9.4 is a CCHIT Certified product for Ambulatory EHR 2011.Practice Partner Patient Records is organized in electronic file folders, similar to a paper chart, to makeit easy to navigate and use
  4. 4. Improving Productivity and Quality with Total Practice Partner PRACTICE PARTnER – Electronic prescription writing PATIEnT RECoRDS with drug interaction, drug/allergy, drug/disease, drug/diagnosis The Practice Partner Patient Records checking, and drug dose advice application provides a host of innovative tools to improve both – Health maintenance protocols office and clinical efficiency, while based on age, sex, disease, helping to improve quality of care. medications or other conditions specific to the patient. Includes hundreds of disease and Bright note Technology™ medication protocols Makes Patient Documentation More Efficient – Reminders appear when you The system’s unique Bright Note schedule a visit, open the chart Technology™ design means that and at the point of care in the physicians can enter data into the progress note note (e.g., problems, medications, vitals, health maintenance and lab results) and automatically update PRACTICE PARTnER the complete chart without jumping MEDICAl BIllInG from screen to screen. Practice Partner Medical Billing is a comprehensive practice management tool that improves the financial health Delivers Tools to Help You of physician practices with an extensiveA Better Way to Practice Manage Your Day set of features designed to efficiently – View information in one place manage today’s complex businessAdvanzed Health Care from the provider dashboard — requirements.Arlington, Va. from messages to new results to the provider’s schedule– Two physicians Reduces the Complexity and – Electronic prescribing (via Simplifies the Billing Process– Increased average daily visits Surescripts®) speeds workflow by 10% – Open multiple patient ledgers and improves patient safety simultaneously– Increased annual revenue by – Quickly see all overdue orders $40,000 without additional staff – Decrease data entry with and track each order by patient, electronic remittance and status and expected time for a– Made measurable improvements electronic encounter forms result to return. Incoming results in patient care: automatically update order status – Automate payment posting with - Coronary heart disease patients electronic remittance and on a lipid-lowering prescription – Review bins enable quick review of automatically calculate adjustments increased from 58% to 95% notes, documents and lab results and patient payment portion - Diabetes patients undergoing the microalbumin/creatinine – Create groups of up to thirty test to evaluate kidney function Delivers Tools to Help procedures commonly performed increased from 4% to 85% Improve Quality together and use a single code to – Built-in, evidence-based content automatically post charges and reminders embedded in progress notes
  5. 5. Improves Cash Flow and – Quickly search and find guarantor Flexible Appointment SettingCollections and patient information — by name, – Gain ultimate flexibility with ID, social security number, insurance– Reduce claim rejections with a real- customizable on-screen columns, and alternative IDs, telephone time coding wizard that checks slots of any length, support for numbers, and more claims as they are posted for wave scheduling, double booking compliance with insurance rules (with rules), customized daily – Configure posting screens, modify calendars, customizable statuses payment screens to match columns– Submit electronic claims and on EOBs payments and track progress of each – Schedule group appointments insurance claim online through the – Easily track ledger posting work Practice Partner Clearinghouse, – Use on-call scheduling for a particular time period or powered by RelayHealth® user-defined “batch” – Support resource, provider and– Store images of EOBs and link room scheduling or combinations – Print work summary for to payments reconciliation purpose – View waitlists, including automatic– Use the sophisticated collection Web waitlist requests – Create multiple fee schedules by module to manage to-dos and provider and insurance carrier automate patient and insurance follow-up Manage Your Practice More Efficiently PRACTICE PARTnER– Easily track cases, co-pays and – Gain multi-user access — many users APPoInTMEnT SCHEDUlER insurance authorizations can share the same schedule screen at The Practice Partner Appointment once (warns about double booking)– Alert schedulers about billing issues, Scheduler application provides a including collections status and flexible solution for today’s – Track patient location and time other reminders scheduling needs. waiting (with configurable alerts)– Drill down to patient accounts – Easily post co-pays during check-in directly from the interactive accounts Intelligent Design receivable screen with just one click Accommodates All Types of – Produce comprehensive management Scheduling Requirements reports including productivity analysis,– Produce a wide variety of reports – Visually search for slots using daily, no-show and canceled appointments, including: accounts receivable aging, two-day, weekly, monthly providers missing progress notes, and patient insurance payment comparables, in and provider group views reminders and follow-up RVUs by procedure/provider, insurance receivables, analysis of – Automatically find appointments – Automatically create progress notes procedure and diagnosis codes using criteria such as next available, documenting missed or canceled posted, and cash receipts date range, time of day, day appointments when used with the of week, appointment length, Practice Partner Patient Records appointment type, resources, applicationImproves Workflow and Efficiency rooms, and provider preferences– View items and tasks that require your attention in the – Easily schedule a patient’s operator dashboard, including appointments with multiple messages, electronic encounter providers, following a team forms, to-do notes and status of protocol if desired. Schedule delinquent accounts repeating appointments from a single screen
  6. 6. McKesson’s Connect SolutionsConnects Clinics and CentersUrology San Antonio, Texas– 25 providers, six clinics, one surgery center and a central billing office– $144,000 annual savings in labor costs– $360,000 annual revenue increase from coding efficiencies– Increase in daily visits PRACTICE PARTnER ConnECT™ – Integrated messaging that improves interoffice communication and Connecting the Practice collaboration, while extending to Practice Partner pulls your practice patients and external physicians together with system- and feature- and providers level integration that maximizes efficiency, minimizes errors and – A billing application that greatly optimizes return on investment. decreases data entry through The Practice Partner system features: electronic remittance and electronic encounter forms – A single database for records, billing and scheduling that creates – A scheduling application that seamless information sharing automatically creates no-show progress notes, tracks visit counts – An electronic encounter form for cases, and posts co-pays generated by the note or orders during check-in that speeds billing and prevents lost charges – A scheduling screen that shows at a glance integrated alerts (patient and guarantor), overall financials, co-pays, real-time eligibility, and overdue health maintenance as appointments are made
  7. 7. Connecting the Community recorded in the patient’s chart and the provider is alerted within theToday’s practices need to be Practice Partner application whenconnected to the wider community. they have received an incomingPractice Partner Connect™ enables message. Patients also can connectphysician practices to exchange online to self-register, check-in,data with other practices, patients, request appointments, see futurehospitals, pharmacies, payors appointments, lab results and currentand much more. This connection medications, request medication refillsfacilitates health information or even provide the HPI for a visit.exchange, a requirement for meeting“meaningful use” and receiving The Practice Partner system also offersincentive payments under patients an electronic method to beginthe American Recovery and completing their medical history priorReinvestment Act (ARRA). to the encounter. Accessed either from a waiting room computer orSend orders and receive results, all over the Web from the patient’selectronically. Exchange clinical data home, patients respond to multiple-with the hospital. Send prescriptions choice questions that are automaticallyelectronically and receive refill requests passed to Practice Partner.electronically. Exchange clinical datawith colleagues outside your practice Physicians can then quickly reviewand ease the referral process. Get the information and save time onreal-time insurance eligibility Practice Partner both visit documentation and theinformation, including formularies. Research Network visit itself.McKesson has deployed thousands of For the more than 850interfaces to all types of information FInD oUT MoRE ToDAY providers participating insystems. We offer support for well- If you are ready to learn more about the Practice Partner Researchestablished standards such as HL7, how McKesson can give your practice network (PPRnet), the data inCCR, CCD, NCPDP SCRIPT, and others. the power to improve productivity Practice Partner Patient Records and quality of care, contact McKesson has become a critical tool inConnecting with Your Patients at 1.800.770.7674 or visit us online at identifying quality of care www.mckesson.com/practicepartner. improvements. Formed inPractice Partner Connect also partnership with the Medicalstreamlines communication between University of South Carolina,providers and patients allowing them PPRnet is a practice-basedto securely communicate via e-mail quality improvement andfrom the Practice Partner EHR. All research network that offerscommunication is automatically quarterly, practice-specific reports that measure clinical performance against parameters in the areas of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer screening, immunizations, infectious disease, mental health, substance abuse, obesity and inappropriate Rx prescribing.
  8. 8. ABoUT McKESSon CoRPoRATIonMcKesson Corporation, currently ranked14th on the FoRTUnE 500, is a healthcareservices and information technologycompany dedicated to helping itscustomers deliver high-quality healthcareby reducing costs, streamlining processes,and improving the quality and safetyof patient care. McKesson has been incontinuous operation for more than 175years, making it the longest-operatingcompany in healthcare today. overthe course of its history, McKesson hasgrown by providing pharmaceutical andmedical-surgical supply managementacross the spectrum of care; healthcareinformation technology for hospitals,physicians, homecare and payers; hospitaland retail pharmacy automation; andservices for manufacturers and payersdesigned to improve outcomes forpatients. For more information, visitwww.mckesson.com. McKesson Provider Technologies 5995 Windward Parkway Alpharetta, GA 30005 www.mckesson.com/practicepartner 800.770.7674Copyright © 2011 McKesson Corporation and/or one of its subsidiaries. All rights reserved. Practice Partner and RelayHealth are registered trademarks of McKessonCorporation and/or one of its subsidiaries. Surescripts is a registered trademark of Surescripts LLC. CCHIT is a registered trademark of the Certification Commissionfor Healthcare Information Technology. All other product or company names mentioned may be trademarks, service marks or registered trademarks of their respectivecompanies. PPS115-01/11