achieve   sustainable integration
ENHANCE PERFORMANCE,EXCEED EXPECTATIONS     Operational and occupancy changes can challenge a commercial building’s mechan...
Retrocommissioning (RCx)                                                                                                  ...
A thorough, guidedreview of important                                     Take the LEED®building system                   ...
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Retrocommissioning (RCx) Services to Optimize Building Performance


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RCx is a cost-effective approach to improve system performance in buildings facing problems that stem from performance degredation or design and construction issues. For more info visit

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Retrocommissioning (RCx) Services to Optimize Building Performance

  1. 1. achieve sustainable integration
  2. 2. ENHANCE PERFORMANCE,EXCEED EXPECTATIONS Operational and occupancy changes can challenge a commercial building’s mechan- ical, electrical and controls systems—which can compromise performance and efficiency. That’s why McKenney’s offers a comprehensive, systematic commission- ing process for existing buildings to identify and implement cost-efficient operational and maintenance (O&M) improvements. Retrocommissioning (RCx) enables building owners to integrate critical equipment and processes to help buildings evolve as quickly as the world around them. McKenney’s RCx offers immediate low-cost and no-cost improvements—including data collection and analysis of existing systems. It also provides capital improvement recommendations aimed at saving energy and increasing system efficiency to reduce cost and optimize operations. A new approachMcKenney’s for old problemsRetrocommissioning RCx is a cost-effective approach to improve system performance in buildings facingServices provide a problems that stem from performance degradation or design and construction issues.comprehensive, McKenney’s RCx identifies root causes andcost-effective solution implements or recommends measures that will systematically improve building systemsto address your unique to operate more efficiently, effectively and reliably for many years. Building ownersbuilding challenges. reduce costs, managers improve operations and tenants experience greater comfort. Make the smart choice If you had the opportunity to make an investment that could deliver a 50% return on your money, would you be interested? An independent study by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory* demonstrates that commissioning is one of the most cost-effective strategies for reducing energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions in buildings today. * uilding Commissioning: A Golden Opportunity for Reducing Energy Costs and Greenhouse Gas Emissions, B Evan Mills, Ph.D., Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, July 2009
  3. 3. Retrocommissioning (RCx) Retrocommissioning (RCx) Build measurable value RCx leads to profitability. By reducing operating costs, net income canLearn how increase while total cost of ownership is reduced. Owners can garner higherto prevent problems appraised values for properties withRCx doesn’t end when our engineers leave superior operating performance.the building. It continues throughout the Reliable equipment that is wellbuilding’s lifecycle. For instance, building maintained and operates effectivelyoperator training is key to maintaining system increases asset value.performance. Our team provides this trainingand encourages the operator to participate inthe RCx process to gain equipment knowledge and enhance their troubleshooting skills.Training may include walkthroughs with the commissioning team, classroom-style pre-sentations, or even hands-on trend research and analysis. The goal is to make the opera-tor self-sufficient to maintain equipment and respond efficiently to occupant requests.Save energy, save moneyThe result of a building’s RCx analysis includes specific recommendations for reducingenergy use. This can range from simple, low-cost repairs to complex, highly integratedsystem renovations and modifications of operational practices.One key piece of the planning phase is the review and analysis of utility bills and facilityperformance as compared to peer buildings. Utility data is gathered and performanceis tracked to show before, during and after analysis of the RCx process effectiveness inyour facility.Enhance the environmentThe comfort, health and productivity of occupants is directly tied to indoor environmentquality (IEQ). From poor lighting and inconsistent temperatures to poor air circulationand ventilation, the McKenney’s RCx team conducts rigorous testing and training to helpimprove every aspect of the indoor environment.Be preparedA thorough, guided review of important building system documentation such as opera-tions and maintenance manuals, operations sequences and system diagrams with thebuilding operator is an important component of a comprehensive RCx process.
  4. 4. A thorough, guidedreview of important Take the LEED®building system For a facility to achieve LEED Existing Building certification,documentation … it must become more energy efficient. Documentation iswith the building n ­ ecessary to prove that specific guidelines have been met.operator is an This includes several related credits for monitoring energyimportant component p ­ erformance, ­ educing overall energy use and supporting rof a comprehensive o ­ perations and ­ aintenance plans. McKenney’s, along with m the U.S. Green ­ uilding Council, recognize the important role BRCx process. RCx plays in ­ aking these certification efforts a reality. mSuccessful RCx engagementsThe McKenney’s Commissioning Group together with our Energy Services Group has extensiveexperience in identifying operational issues, providing comprehensive solutions and ensuringrepairs and modifications are conducted to create long-term success. Our RCx services arecomplemented by a wide-ranging, diverse breadth of services, refined by more than 60 yearsof proven mechanical engineering service and construction performance.Proven resultsRecent McKenney’s RCx projects include:  arner Robins AFB, Paint/Depaint Facilities (6 airplane hangers), Warner Robins, Georgia W  Allen Plaza, Atlanta, Georgia 55  Marine Corps Logistics Base Building 3600, Albany, Georgia  Marine Corps Logistics Base Building 2235 Calibration Laboratory, Albany, Georgia  Georgia Power Environmental Laboratory, Atlanta, Georgia McKenney’s Retrocommissioning A comprehensive, systems-based approach to improve building operations To put your facility on the path to sustainable efficiency contact:404-635-2271 Moreland Industrial Boulevard 3601 Performance RoadAtlanta, Georgia 30316 Charlotte, North Carolina 28214 McKenney’s Energy Services Group • © 2012 McKenney’s, Inc., Atlanta, Georgia. All rights reserved. Printed in the U.S.A. McKenney’s, Inc. and the McKenney’s, Inc. logo are registered trade­ arks of m McKenney’s, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.