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McKenney’s, Inc. - Mechanical Contracting and Engineering for Healthcare Facilities


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Calling on years of hands-on experience in healthcare, McKenney’s delivers a wide range of services for projects across the Southeast, including new construction, renovations and upgrades, preventative maintenance, retro-commissioning, energy services, automation and controls. For more info visit

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McKenney’s, Inc. - Mechanical Contracting and Engineering for Healthcare Facilities

  1. 1. Healthcare & Research Ensuring reliability & efficiency
  2. 2. From hospitals and clinics to outpatient and ambulatory surgerycenters, healthcare facilities must operate smoothly and continuouslyto ensure patients receive the highest quality of care. McKenney’sHealthcare & Research Group specializes in innovative solutions forcritical mechanical systems in these and many other facilities.
  3. 3. Calling on years of hands-on experience in healthcare, McKenney’sdelivers a wide range of services for projects across the Southeast,including new construction, renovations and upgrades, preventativemaintenance, retro-commissioning, energy services, automation andcontrols. In every case, our customers can expect: Superior support for design/assist, design/build and integrated project delivery Creative answers based on analysis and experience Exceptional quality at a competitive cost
  4. 4. McKenney’s solutions result in HVAC,plumbing and medical gas systems thatperform reliably, creating a safe,comfortable environment for staff, patientsand visitors.
  5. 5. We design, fabricate and install these systems through six core services: New construction: Dedicated facility-specific teams participate early to collaborate with builders and design teams to install mechanical systems for maximum efficiency. Pre-fabrication and pre-assembly allow us to cost-effectively deliver high-quality systems. Renovation/upgrade: Whether you are upgrading your physical plant, expanding data center capacity, or adding imaging and procedure- specific capabilities, we can help maximize your overall value and minimize disruptions during renovation. Preventative maintenance: We can create a predictive maintenance plan for critical equipment that keeps uptime high with minimal site visits. Additional offerings include guaranteed performance at a fixed annual rate and emergency technical support.
  6. 6. Retro-commissioning: Also known as forensic engineering, thisservice enables healthcare facilities to solve operational issues,improve energy efficiency, and reduce operating costs.Energy services: Meet energy savings goals with mechanical systemupgrades, DDC upgrades, water conservation projects and otherinitiatives that improve efficiency and conserve natural resources.Automation and controls: McKenney’s installs integrated DDCcontrols for operating mechanical systems. We can also consult withyou regarding integrated platforms to combine building automation,security and life safety systems.
  7. 7. Supporting our full-service approach to healthcare are extensive in-house resources, including engineering and design, Building InformationModeling (BIM), fabrication, commissioning, service, automation andcontrols.Integrated resources are essential in healthcareand research projects. Like our bodies,healthcare facilities depend on Interconnectedsystems.If one breaks down, it compromisesothers.
  8. 8. Diagnosing and correcting theproblem requires systemic knowledgeof the entire complex,in addition to expertisein each component.
  9. 9. The McKenney’s Healthcare & Research Group is dedicated toensuring the success of your facility’s day-to-day operations.We emphasize good stewardship of your time, budget and othervaluable resources. This focus extends far beyond any single project. We are intent on earning your trust, building strong and lasting relationships, and working hard to understand your changing needs. Our approach helps our healthcare customers complete projects on time and within budget, and we can do the same for you.
  10. 10. McKenney’s collaborates with healthcareorganizations, design consultants,general contractors/constructionmanagers, medical equipmentmanufacturers and others to design andbuild high-quality mechanical systemsfor: Hospitals Medical office buildings Outpatient centers Central energy plants Clinics Ambulatory surgery centers Research facilities
  11. 11. For more than 60 years McKenney’shas been the southeast’s most trustedName in mechanical contracting andengineering. Successful projects forhealthcare and research facilities include:Georgia CarolinasAthens Regional Medical Center Bearden-Josey Center forEmergency Department Expansion, Breast Health, Spartanburg, SCAthens Carolinas Medical Center andNorth Fulton Hospital Central Energy Carolinas Medical Center-Pineville,Plant and Tower Addition, Roswell multiple renovation projects,Piedmont Fayette Community Charlotte, NCHospital Emergency Department and CMC University Women’s CenterCentral Energy Plant Expansion, Expansion, Charlotte, NCFayetteville Greenville Memorial Hospital CancerPiedmont Newnan Hospital, Newnan Treatment Center, Greenville, SCPiedmont West Ambulatory Surgery Spartanburg Regional Hospital TargetCenter, Atlanta 2004 Expansion and Operating RoomSaint Joseph’s Central Plant, Clinic Build-out, Spartanburg, SCExpansion and ER, Atlanta Village Hospital at Pelham, Greer, SC
  12. 12. Atlanta Office: 1056 Moreland Industrial Boulevard Atlanta, Georgia 30316 P: 404-622-5000Charlotte Office: 3601 Performance Road Charlotte, North Carolina 28214 P: 704-357-1200