McKenney's, Inc. HVAC System Installation Case Study - Georgia


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McKenney’s, Inc. installed the HVAC system, including a massive chilled water plant, install a process piping package and much more.

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McKenney's, Inc. HVAC System Installation Case Study - Georgia

  1. 1. In only a few years, this flooringcompany has become the largestresidential sheet vinyl provider inEurope, manufacturing high qualityflexible vinyl flooring. When thecompany expanded its operations tothe U.S., it wanted the manufacturingfacility to capture the innovative andprogressive spirit that sparked itsrapid, steady growth.Photo provided by IVC US
  2. 2. Crews began to build the 468,000-square-foot facility in Dalton, GA, late in 2009.McKenney’s was selected to install theHVAC system, including a massive chilledwater plant.Even though only 3,400 tons are used currently, McKenney’s built a5,100-ton-capacity central plant to manage future expansionseffectively.As a result, the system includes more than three miles of piping—ranging from 3 inches to 30 inches in diameter—to heat andcool the entire facility.
  3. 3. With multiple mechanical packages andscopes of work being performedconcurrently, the project requiredMcKenney’s to work in concert with threeother mechanical contractors.Communication and teamwork was alsocritical among the several organizationsfrom multiple countries working on theplant construction.
  4. 4. For example, the McKenney’s project teamrealized that the design for the structure in thecentral plant didn’t account for up to 400,000pounds of piping and water. They contactedthe general contractor and onsite projectmanager immediately.Fortunately, it was discovered before pipes were installed. TheMcKenney’s team also leveraged its prefabrication and shop drawingskills to ensure the project was completed quickly, in only about eightmonths.Just as important, the 30-person team completed the workwithout a single recordable safety incident.
  5. 5. Photo provided by IVC US
  6. 6. The results were even more remarkableconsidering McKenney’s completed anadditional piping project—outside the originalscope of work—on time as well.Impressed with the installation on the base scopeof work, the vinyl flooring company askedMcKenney’s to install a process piping package thatincluded a pneumatic conveying system, a liquidadditives system, a raw product system and acompressed air system.
  7. 7. McKenney’s worked on the two constructionjobs simultaneously. The team installed eachof the four process piping systems—as well as415 points of connection to pneumatics-driven devices—to transport materials usingforced air. The process piping packagerequired about 20 additional people workingat full capacity for about 12 weeks.The pneumatic conveying system is used to carry raw powderedmaterial from trucks or from a bag unloading station to the site’smassive 80-foot-tall silos and from the silos to the top of the mixingtowers.The system included about 6,500 feet of stainless steel tubing andunique ceramic-backed fittings.
  8. 8. The vinyl flooring company also requested an efficient method fortransferring liquid additives to the mixing towers and raw product tothe manufacturing floor. To accomplish this, McKenney’s installed morethan 2,200 feet of stainless steel piping with welded joints capable ofwithstanding high pressure to transport liquid additives to the top ofthe mixing towers.
  9. 9. McKenney’s also installed more than 2,000feet of carbon steel piping to transportraw product from the mixing towers to themanufacturing floor. To complete the process,McKenney’s installed a compressed air systemthat was piped to 415 control valves,diverters, pinch valves and other end devices.
  10. 10. McKenney’s was also tasked with parceling about 150huge crates—filled with valves, pumps, componentsand other equipment.The team sorted through the equipment, organizedcomponents and installed them accordinglythroughout the new facility.Managing two diverse projects simultaneously, while working witha multinational team of engineers and project managers, was adaunting task.Through persistence, acute problem-solving and effectivecommunication, both projects were completed on budget and in atimely fashion—earning McKenney’s another long-term customer.
  11. 11. Engineer: Shepherd, Harvey & AssociatesArchitects: Ruark & Wyatt ArchitectsOwner: Vinyl Flooring CompanyGeneral Contractor: The Conlan CompanyProject TeamThe ChallengeInstall massive HVAC system on large, sprawling siteAccommodate additional process piping scope quicklyWork with unusual piping systems and materialsAddress multiple projects, with multiple multinational contractorsThe SolutionSignificant pre-planning effortAssess design before work is implementedPrefabricate pipingOpen communication with managers and contractorsProjects completed on time, on budget, with no safety incidentsHighly efficient systems, continued on reverse capable of future expansionsThe Results
  12. 12. 1056 Moreland Industrial BoulevardAtlanta, Georgia 30316P: 404-622-5000sales@mckenneys.comwww.mckenneys.com3601 Performance RoadCharlotte, North Carolina 28214P: 704-357-1200Atlanta Office:Charlotte Office: