McKenney’s, Inc. Energy Services - Driving Efficiency and Sustainability


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McKenney’s, Inc. fosters greener, more efficient building environments via its energy services capabilities, including: Retro-commissioning, Equipment replacement evaluations and Environmental sustainability support. For more visit

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McKenney’s, Inc. Energy Services - Driving Efficiency and Sustainability

  1. 1. Buildings use about 40% of the total energyconsumed in the U.S. each year. This adverselyaffects the environment and a building’smarket value while sending operational costssoaring. That’s why sustainable, energy-efficient buildings are more attractive and arein demand for buyers as well as tenants.McKenney’s works closely with buildingowners and operators to recommendenvironmentally responsible strategies thatcan reduce a building’s energy consumption.
  2. 2. More importantly, we are there when youneed us.The integration of our energy-savingrecommendations can happen at any stageof a facility’s life cycle, allowing you tomaximize resources, preserve theenvironment and protect your bottom line.
  3. 3. McKenney’s team of professionals uses itsextensive knowledge of mechanical systemsto recommend strategic, comprehensivesystem upgrades. We leverage all of ourorganization’s capabilities to find innovative,high quality mechanical system solutions thatoffer exceptional value and meet yourspecific requirements. You invested in us. Inturn, we’ll help you make investments in yourfacility that pay off too.
  4. 4. Whether its HVAC, controls, lighting, security or safety, every buildingsystem is intended to meet your exacting specifications and expectations.To achieve the optimal energy efficiency for your building systems,McKenney’s Energy Services applies a time-tested evaluation andremediation process—retro-commissioning.
  5. 5. Our retro-commissioning analysis,recommendations and integration canrestore installed mechanical systems topeak performance.The engagement includes a provenfour-step process that helps youquickly recoup the cost of yourretro-commissioning investment viaenergy savings.
  6. 6. Facility assessment: Data from your utility bills are compiled by McKenney’sand benchmarked against peer facilities using an ENERGY STAR® audit toassess your site’s energy performance.Comprehensive analysis: Diagnostic monitoring and testing, energymodeling and field measurements of mechanical systems performance aresome of the techniques utilized to make energy-saving recommendations.The McKenney’s Energy Services team will also present a detailed cost andfinancial analysis.Implementation: McKenney’s leverages the expertise of its diverseorganization and comprehensive knowledge of your building’s lifecycle toimplement improvements without compromising your building operations.Continuous commissioning: Your systems never stop working—neither dowe. Regularly scheduled maintenance and evaluation of systemsoperations keep your facility operating at peak condition. Performance ofyour facility is recommended to be verified on an ongoing basis through theapplication of temporary or permanent high-quality monitoring andmetering systems.
  7. 7. Investing in sustainable andenergy-efficient building practices hasa proven track record of deliveringoperational savings that pay forthemselves quickly. In a 2009 study,researchers found commercial buildingprice premiums of 10 percent and 31percent, respectively, for ENERGY STARand LEED®-certified buildings.* As aresult, it’s critical to partner with anexperienced organization that ensuresproven green building practices areemployed at all times.
  8. 8. McKenney’s environmental sustainabilitybuilding support includes:LEED® certification: Our team of nearly50 LEED Accredited Professionals usesexact processes—adhering to theinternationally recognized greenbuilding certification system—to helpensure that your building design,construction, operations andmaintenance solutions are sustainablefor you and for the environment.
  9. 9. ENERGY STAR® certification: McKenney’s is ableto support your ENERGY STAR certificationinitiatives by evaluating your existing facility andrecommending the appropriate measures to helpyou meet or exceed your facility’s ratings goals. Strategic partnerships and turnkey solutions: McKenney’s Energy Services goes beyond the support of your core building systems. We also offer turnkey environmental services, such as rainwater harvesting and condensate harvesting systems, and have established partnerships with other building solutions providers to deliver renewable energy and water purification alternatives.
  10. 10. Energy efficiency is the foundation forsustainability in your building. Eco-friendlyinitiatives can ensure your buildingpromotes a healthy and productive workenvironment to attract and retain tenants,reduce operating costs and enhance itsvalue.For more than 60 years, McKenney’s hasdelivered industry-leading innovation,best-in-class service and customized,high-quality commercial solutions to helpcustomers realize measurable energyefficiency and cost savings.
  11. 11. Partnering with you and the environmentMcKenney’s is dedicated to green building practices, and takespride in helping our customers build and retrofit building systemsto improve energy efficiency and conserve natural resources.We’ve established an impressive portfolio of LEED-certifiedprojects, including our own corporate headquarters in Atlanta.
  12. 12. Atlanta Office: 1056 Moreland Industrial Boulevard Atlanta, Georgia 30316 P: 404-622-5000Charlotte Office: 3601 Performance Road Charlotte, North Carolina 28214 P: 704-357-1200