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McKenney's, Inc Building Security Services and Solutions - Atlanta, Georgia, North Carolina, Florida, Tennessee, Mississippi

McKenney’s, Inc offers a comprehensive, turnkey monitoring solution that integrates key building systems— including energy management, video, security and access control monitoring—into one convenient operating platform for more efficient site management. For more visit

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McKenney's, Inc Building Security Services and Solutions - Atlanta, Georgia, North Carolina, Florida, Tennessee, Mississippi

  1. 1. SITE Monitoring and Notification Advanced security services to safeguard people, property and profit Protect your investments and assets with the industry’s most comprehensive critical site monitor- ing and notification system. McKenney’s has teamed with Diebold—the industry’s global leader in site security and monitoring services—to provide innovative, reliable security that helps detect and prevent catastrophic failure, reduce costs, and increase security and operational efficiency. For more than 60 years, McKenney’s has delivered industry-leading innovation, best-in-class service and customized commercial solutions for every stage of a building’s lifecycle. By p ­ artnering with Diebold, we can offer a UL and ULC-approved, CSAA Five Diamond-certified event monitoring center (EMC) with 24/7 superior remote management that streamlines opera- tions and bolsters security. Ensure peak operating performance McKenney’s experienced team offers exceptional, responsive service for a wide range of security-related brands and technologies to provide: ALARM MONITORING Robust infrastructure and customized cutting-edge technology enable professional operators to respond immediately at the first sign of trouble. INTRUSION DETECTION Comprehensive systems to detect and prevent unauthorized access to your facility and its key areas. MANAGED VIDEO Innovative, high-quality remote video hosting reduces your overall cost of ownership both in upfront hardware and administrative time to retrieve recorded events. ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS Humidity and temperature regulated to mitigate adverse c ­ onditions that could damage sensitive equipment and disrupt operations, or worse. SENSOR NOTIFICATION High-quality sensors alert administrators immediately of possibleM threats, including water, motion, power anomalies and smoke. cKenney’s offers MANAGED ACCESS CONTROL Delegate database management and monitoring of security a compre­hensive, breaches to our trained operators while retaining the ability to instantly review activity or make turnkey monitoring modifications anytime via a secured web-enabled interface.solution that integrates Secure your future—todaykey building systems— Please contact Philip Mosley, Commercial Security Account Manager, at 404-635-4703 or for your free site assessment.including energy management,video, security and accesscontrol monitoring—intoone convenient operatingplatform for more efficientsite management. 1056 Moreland Industrial Blvd.   Atlanta, GA 30316 404-624-8600   Event Monitoring Center – 877-440-4204 (24/7) Copyright © 2011 McKenney’s Inc. Atlanta, Georgia. All rights reserved. Printed in the U.S.A.