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LEAN Construction


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We are committed to the continuous innovation of our processes in the field, in our shops, and in our offices through our LEAN program.

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LEAN Construction

  1. 1. LEAN Construction
  2. 2. LEAN most simply defined is the practice of removing waste from a system to provide the value a customer desires with minimal resources. That system can be a job site, a manufacturing facility, or an office. There are opportunities around us every day to provide our customers with higher quality at a lower cost in a timely manner. LEAN helps identify and act on those opportunities.
  3. 3. We are committed to the continuous innovation of our processes in the field, in our shops, and in our offices through our LEAN program. Our overall goal is to eliminate waste so we can provide added value to our customers on every project. Using the Plan-Do-Adjust-Check cycle, we find innovative solutions and integrate them in the most efficient ways possible, helping us deliver results on time and on budget and increasing overall customer satisfaction.
  4. 4. LEAN Construction & Fabrication On every job, we strive to identify and eliminate waste by implementing LEAN construction. We look for opportunities to use fabrication whenever practical, allowing us to decrease installation times on site, meet tighter schedules, and introduce optimal workflow in the field.
  5. 5. We also encourage our field leaders to abide by the 30/30 Rule, which requires that all equipment, materials, tools and manpower necessary to complete a task be within 30 seconds or 30 feet of the installation site. This minimizes the space required to complete our work and the amount of movement around the site. We also practice short interval planning with our field leaders to ensure work is flowing in an orderly manner.
  6. 6. LEAN practices have also been applied in our fabrication facilities to help reduce lead times and increase productivity. By fabricating pieces just in time, we are able to help minimize job site clutter, eliminate the need to store items until they’re required, and meet aggressive project schedules. We are always looking for ways to eliminate waste, and the acronym DOWNTIME helps us remember the eight wastes common in manufacturing processes.
  7. 7. Defects/rework - not doing it right the first time. Overproduction - making or purchasing too much of an item, or producing it too early. Waiting - not being able to perform a task when ready. Not using employee ideas or skills - keeping processes the same despite new ideas. Transportation - moving materials more than needed. Inventory - having too much of an item. Motion - walking around or moving more than necessary to complete a task. Extra processing - doing paperwork for the sake of doing paperwork.
  8. 8. LEAN In The Office This customer-centric side of LEAN focuses on developing and deploying technology to streamline our procedures, control our costs, and provide faster response times. With applications in every side of our company—from accounting to engineering to logistics—LEAN Support is helping us to eliminate duplicate data entry and multiple sources of information, leading to a more streamlined, efficient customer service response.
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