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bdoc® - Business Intelligence for Buildings


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McKenney’s bdoc is BI for Buildings—an integrated, intelligent software and hardware system for capturing critical information to enhance efficiencies and reduce costs for all facility stakeholders.

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bdoc® - Business Intelligence for Buildings

  1. 1. Manage CRITICAL Information EfficientlyENTERPRISE INTELLIGENCE GROUP
  2. 2. Building efficiency at your fingertips INFORMATION IS GREAT. KNOWLEDGE IS EVEN BETTER. Every facility has an abundance of information that can be gathered, analyzed and leveraged for more energy-efficient operations. But you need to know where to look for it—and more importantly, what to do with it. McKenney’s bdoc® Business Intelligence for Buildings, or BI for BuildingsTM, is a next-generation facility intelligence platform that leverages data generated by building control systems, enterprise applications, asset management systems and other associated facility management applications. The intuitive, easy-to-use interface gives energy and facility managers unprecedented access to critical data so they can make informed business and operational decisions quickly, streamline processes and enhance efficiencies throughout their facilities.
  3. 3. CONNECT to data decision-makingM ost facilities have a mix of different systems for energy and asset monitoring, physical and cyber security and traditional IP-based a ­ utomation and control that are installed over a number of years bymultiple manufacturers. McKenney’s bdoc is your single-source interface to extractdata from these standalone systems and integratethe data into a centralized platform for more McKenney’s bdoc iscomprehensive analysis. BI for Buildings—anbdoc connects to multiple open protocol building integrated, intelligentcontrol networks, databases and browsers.With its built-in, “big data” NoSQL map-reduce software and hardwaretechnology, bdoc can store virtually unlimited system for capturinginformation to track trends and performance critical information toover extended periods. It offers secure, remoteaccess from any web-enabled device and simplifies enhance efficienciesintegration with other asset monitoring systems, and reduce costs for allfrom fire alarms to inventory control to utility facility stakeholders.metering services. HVAC Power Systems Manufacturing Computer Rooms bdoc – BI for Buildings
  4. 4. Designed toBUILDINGS ARE CONSTRUCTEDto stay in one place—building work with youoperators are not. That’s why bdocis designed with proven, well-knowntechnologies to integrate seamlesslyin any work setting. It features auser-friendly, intuitive interface and —for youis accessible with a wide range ofmobile platforms for convenient accessanywhere at any time. The systemoffers other advantages, including: eal-time access to data R organized just for you urrent or historical data C available in seconds  rill down menus for easy D access to key information with less browsing  inimal set-up and training MReady to With its open framework design, bdoc can be applied to a wide variety of buildings and environments. Thegrow as application can be hosted at your facility or remotely in a secure data center. And whether your enterprise is small or large, located at one site or spread outyou do across multiple locations, bdoc can accommodate a broad range of enhancements quickly. Meter and utility cost data can be obtained from web servicesor customer portals for real-time data collection from external sources. These portalscan provide current and projected pricing to determine reduction and consumptioncurtailment strategies during electrical peak periods. bdoc also simplifies futureintegration to other facility asset monitoring systems for fire alarm, elevator operation,access control, video surveillance, inventory control and more.
  5. 5. Partnerwith aprovenleader Sometimes, it’s what you know—and who you know. With decades of experience in controls, engineering, construction and other building services, the McKenney’s Automation Control Solutions Enterprise Intelligence team brings unmatched expertise in integrating systems to improve operations for every phase of a facility’s l ­ifecycle. As a result, we’ve garnered a reputation as a prominent leader in the business intelligence (BI) and data visualization market. We know the information you need to succeed. With bdoc, we can ensure you have access to it. We work hard to understand our partners’ unique r ­ equirements, and we have the knowledgeable teams and proven technologies to deliver the desired outcomes they need to optimize performance. McKenney’s is committed to energy efficiency excellence. In fact, we’ve been at the forefront of numerous LEED®- certified projects—including our very own corporate headquarters—so we understand the critical importance of accurate measurement and evaluation.
  6. 6. Proven results   EDIA AND ENTERTAINMENT CORPORATION. McKenney’s M implemented a multi-year, hybrid solution comprising traditional controls, integration and bdoc analysis. The team continues to launch these data-driven services for the corporation’s properties division at multiple locations nationwide.  HEVRON ENERGY SOLUTIONS. bdoc is the primary data collection C and analysis tool being used by Chevron Energy Solutions for one of the largest military bases in North America.  ASSIDY TURLEY. A bdoc analytics platform was the driving force C for a comprehensive automated controls system and energy management integration for their 171 17th Street midtown Atlanta high rise property. McKenney’s bdoc Access to critical data to help you realize new efficienciesYour building is trying to tell you something. It’s time to listen. It’s also time to contact:404-622-5000 biforbuildings@mckenneys.com1056 Moreland Industrial Boulevard 3601 Performance RoadAtlanta, Georgia 30316 Charlotte, North Carolina 28214 McKenney’s Enterprise Intelligence Group  • © 2012 McKenney’s, Inc., Atlanta, Georgia. All rights reserved. Printed in the U.S.A. McKenney’s, Inc. and the McKenney’s, Inc. logo are registered trade­ arks of m McKenney’s, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.