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Assessment Sample


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Assessment Sample for Mckenna Consults

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Assessment Sample

  1. 1. Diplomate Services Training Workbook Comprehensive Final Examination American Board of Internal Medicine 510 Walnut Street, Suite 1700 Philadelphia, PA 19106 Final Exam
  2. 2. Diplomate ServicesTraining Page | 2 Instructions: The ABIM Diplomate Services Comprehensive Examination is a test of the Diplomate Service Representative’s (DSR) knowledge of ABIM policies, procedures, and processes. This is an open bookexam that consists of four sections categorized by topic. Each section contains of one of the four formats: multiple choice, open-ended scenario and navigation questions, true or false, and fill in the blank. The DSR will have one hour to complete and is able to use his/her resources with assistance to answer the questions. This exam is an evaluation of the DSR’s knowledge of the noted topics; it’s not an indication of his/her’s application of such knowledge. Scoring:A DSR can scoreup to 88 points for the successfulcompletion of the examination.
  3. 3. Diplomate ServicesTraining Page | 3 Comprehensive Final Exam True or False 1. ____ A physician can receive MOC points for the ACP Ethics Manual. 2. ____ A physician cannot view his CME Credit Report online. 3. ____ Thecostof the MOC Program when choosing the ten year option is $2560.00 for Internal Medicine. 4. ____ There are both two year and five year milestones in the MOC program. 5. ____ An update medical knowledge module (MKM) includes surveys and/or patient charts that evaluates how a physician practices medicine. 6. ____ A physician cannot obtain CME credit through the ABIM for the MKSAP 17 General Internal Medicine module. 7. ____ When a physician enrolls in the MOC program he is also scheduling the MOC exam. 8. ___ ABIM’s board eligibility policy states that a physician can represent herself as “board eligible” for a seven year period. 9. ___ Upon completing the properverification process, ABIM accepts updated contactinformation from the physician’s spouse. 10.___ If exam results were originally issued in 2014, the exam scorereport is available on the physician homepage. 11.____ The grace period is available for physicians who have completed the 100 point requirement and still have time left on their MOC exam. 12.___ The costof the MOC Program for Internal Medicine is $194.00 for physicians who choosethe annual option. 13.___ If a candidate takes the certification exam three consecutive times and fails, he/she will have to wait a year before taking the exam again.
  4. 4. Diplomate ServicesTraining Page | 4 14.___ A physician must sit an initial certification exam within seven years after completing residency. 15.___ The costof an additional recertification exam is $775. 16.____ The costfor a MOC exam retake is $400 if the physician fails the same MOC exam the first time. 17.___ A physician can cancel an exam over the phone. 18.___ There isn’t a fee associated with scheduling an international exam. 19.___ If a physician is enrolling in the FPHM MOC program, the ten year pre-payment fee will be $2060.00. INSTRUCTIONS:Please answer each of the following questions. 20.When should a physician expect to receive his certificate if he completed all of the MOC requirements by April 11? ______________________ 21.When should a physician expect to receive his certificate if he passed his Internal Medicine certification exam in August? _________________________________
  5. 5. Diplomate ServicesTraining Page | 5 22.When should a physician receive the diplomate information form in the mail: a. If he completed the MOC program June 1 _______________________________ b. If he completed the MOC program July 10 _______________________________ c. If he just completed the Internal Medicine certification exam _______________________________ 23.When should a physician expect to receive his certificate if he passed the Cardiovascular Disease certification exam during the fall administration? _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ 24.What is the MOC grace period? _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________
  6. 6. Diplomate ServicesTraining Page | 6 25.What is a VOC letter? _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ 26.If a physician requests a duplicate certificate do we offer a VOC letter first? Yes/No 27.Where should we direct a third party (i.e., patient, credentialist) who is looking for verification of a physician’s certification? _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ 28.When does a physician obtain a receipt for initial payment? _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________
  7. 7. Diplomate ServicesTraining Page | 7 29.Can a physician request a receipt after already obtaining the initial one? Yes/No 30.When a physician enrolls in the MOC program does he have an option to receive an invoice? _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ 31.Can a physician request a duplicate invoice? _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ 32.What is the new candidate form and when do we use it? _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________
  8. 8. Diplomate ServicesTraining Page | 8 33.What is a duplicate exam scorereport? _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ 34.How long do we keep exam results on file? _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ 35.How long do we keep CME credit information on file? _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________
  9. 9. Diplomate ServicesTraining Page | 9 INSTRUCTIONS:Please answer each of the following questions. 36.What is the relationship between ABIM and the ABMS?_______________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ 37.What does the acronym ABMS stand for? _____________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ 38.Name three ABIM Departments: a. _______________________________ b. _______________________________ c. _______________________________
  10. 10. Diplomate ServicesTraining Page | 10 39.What is the name of ABIM’s president? _____________________________________________________________ 40.Name three subspecialties of Internal Medicine: a. ________________________________ b. ________________________________ c. ________________________________ 41.In order to be certified in Internal Medicine a physician must: a. ________________________________ b. ________________________________ c. ________________________________ d. ________________________________ 42.Name two joint examinations that ABIM is involved with: a. ________________________________ b. ________________________________
  11. 11. Diplomate ServicesTraining Page | 11 43.What is the exam day schedule for an Internal Medicine initial certification exam? _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ 44.Where can you find information on ABIM’s website regarding acceptable forms of identification a physician can take with him/her on exam day? _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ 45.What is Pearson Vue’s phone number? _________________________ 46.When is the physician eligibility file retracted from Pearson Vue? a. At the beginning of the registration period b. In the middle of the registration period c. During the late registration period d. At the end of the registration period
  12. 12. Diplomate ServicesTraining Page | 12 47.List the Certification Exam fees: a. Internal Medicine: ______________ b. Cardiovascular Disease: _____________ c. Transplant Hepatology:______________ d. Medical Oncology: ______________ 48.Cancellations are processedby: a. Pearson Vue b. ABIM c. ABMS d. AMA 49.A physician can pay with what type of credit card? a. American Express and Visa b. Master Card c. Discover d. All of the above
  13. 13. Diplomate ServicesTraining Page | 13 50.Doctors who call about licensure issues should be transferred to: a. Michael M. b. Dr. Baron c. Ruth H. d. All of the above 51.Using ABIM’s website, where do you find information about the Policies and Procedures for the Critical Care Medicine Certification Exam? _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ 52.What are eligibility files? _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________
  14. 14. Diplomate ServicesTraining Page | 14 53.If a physician wants to register for a certification exam, what must he/she do? a. ___________________________________ b. ___________________________________ 54.What are the registration dates for the: a. Internal Medicine Certification exam ______________________ b. Subspecialty Certification exams _________________________ 55.How long does it take for exam scoreresults to be received by the physician? a. Two weeks b. Two months c. Three months d. Two years
  15. 15. Diplomate ServicesTraining Page | 15 INSTRUCTIONS:Please answer the following questions below by selecting “T” for true and “F”for false. 56.Certification is a requirement to practice medicine T/F 57.The new candidate form is used to gather new candidate information so that physicians can be added to the Oracle database T/F 58.A physician can only schedule an exam online with Pearson Vue T/F 59.Exam blueprints include the content areas covered, their relative percentages and the approximate number of questions in each area T/F 60.Diplomate Services Representatives can answer questions about a physician’s ADA accommodation T/F 61.A representative can change a date of birth record in Oracle if it is transposed T/F 62.CME Credit is awarded by the AMA T/F 63.A physician can access his pass/fail status from his physician homepage T/F 64.Physicians have the option of requesting a rescore of their exam results T/F 65.A physician’s name on his identification must match the name in ABIM’s records T/F
  16. 16. Diplomate ServicesTraining Page | 16 INSTRUCTIONS:Please answer the following questions. 66.What is the acronym for American Board of Internal Medicine Foundation?___________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ 67.What does ABMS stand for? _____________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ 68.What does ACP stand for?________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ 69.What does ABAI stand for?_______________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ 70.What does AQI stand for?________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________
  17. 17. Diplomate ServicesTraining Page | 17 INSTRUCTIONS:Please answer each of the following questions. 71.The FPHM Program was designed for: a. IM physicians who mainly care for patients in a hospitalist setting b. Office Based IM physicians c. Gastroenterologists d. All of the Above 72.The eligibility criteria for FPHM include: a. Be certified in IM for at least 3 years, valid license, not participating in the MOC Reciprocity Program b. Current or previous IM certificate, valid license, current ACLS certification c. Self-Attestation for Entry into FPHM MOC Program d. Both b and c
  18. 18. Diplomate ServicesTraining Page | 18 73.What is the exam day schedule for the hospital medicine recertification exam? a. Approximately 14 hours b. Approximately eight hours c. Approximately ten hours d. Approximately ten hours except for Cardiovascular Disease 74.Which two threshold options are available for physicians who work full-time in a hospital practice (entry into the program)? a. 3000 hospital patient encounters in the pastthree years or 1000 hospital patient encounters per year for three years b. 2000 inpatient encounters in the past two years or 300 inpatient encounters per year for two years c. 3000 outpatient encounters in the pastthree years or 1000 outpatient encounters per year for three years d. Both a and c
  19. 19. Diplomate ServicesTraining Page | 19 INSTRUCTIONS:Please complete the following statements. 75.After the FPHM self-attestation form is received and approved, the physician will have to complete the following components: ______________________________________________________. 76.The registration period for the FPHM exam for the spring is __________ through ____________. 77.The FPHM focus is on inpatient encounters that have been completed _________years from when they enroll in the program.
  20. 20. Diplomate ServicesTraining Page | 20 INSTRUCTIONS:Please answer each of the following questions. 78.What is the name of the testing vendor for the Hospital Medicine exam?________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ 79.After scheduling the FPHM exam, the physician will receive a reminder email from what two organizations? _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ 80.To remain certified in Hospital Medicine, what components must be completed by a physician? _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________
  21. 21. Diplomate ServicesTraining Page | 21 81.What are the FPHM enrollment fees for a physician already enrolled in the MOC program?________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ 82. What are the FPHM enrollment fees for a sub-specialist already enrolled in the MOC program? _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ 83.Can a physician withdraw from the program at any time? If so, will he/she get a refund?__________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________
  22. 22. Diplomate ServicesTraining Page | 22 INSTRUCTIONS:Please answer each of the following questions. 84.What is a PIM? _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ 85.What does EQI stand for? _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ 86.What is the name of the medical knowledge module option available for clinically inactive physicians? _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________
  23. 23. Diplomate ServicesTraining Page | 23 87.Name a PIM that can be used in the patient safetycategory. _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ 88.Name a PIM that can be used in the patient survey category. _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________