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Sales Growth: Quotes from select interviews


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The challenges facing today's sales executives and their organizations continue to grow, but so do the expectations that they will find ways to overcome them and drive consistent
sales growth.

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Sales Growth: Quotes from select interviews

  1. 1. “A quarterly perspective can be an organization’s Achilles’ heel because you can miss the chance to adapt and make the decisions that will deliver success three or four years down the line.” CHAPTER 1: LOOK TEN QUARTERS AHEAD –Karim Amin, CEO, Global Sales Siemens Power & Gas From Sales Growth (Wiley, 2016)
  2. 2. From Sales Growth (Wiley, 2016) “My formula for growth is simple: every day, somebody has to buy a product that he or she didn’t buy before. But that person needs a reason to buy, so you have to bring something new in order to attract them.” CHAPTER 2: MINE GROWTH BENEATH THE SURFACE –Gil Steyaert, Managing Director, Western Europe adidas
  3. 3. From Sales Growth (Wiley, 2016) “What’s interesting is that the fundamentals of selling haven’t changed. We just have faster, more detailed, more data‐rich ways to answer those questions.” CHAPTER 3: FIND BIG GROWTH IN BIG DATA –Jeffrey K. Schomburger, Global Sales Officer, P&G
  4. 4. From Sales Growth (Wiley, 2016) “It is a failure of imagination if we can’t figure out how to segment properly and present the information in a meaningful way.” CHAPTER 4: MASTER MULTICHANNEL SALES –Vikram Nangia, Senior Vice president, Service Network Engineering, American Express
  5. 5. From Sales Growth (Wiley, 2016) “Digital creates an opportunity to be relevant to customers on their terms. Instead of interrupting them, you provide precise and relevant information at times the customer chooses and when they are most receptive.” CHAPTER 5: POWER GROWTH THROUGH DIGITAL SALES –Margo Georgiadis, President, Americas Google
  6. 6. From Sales Growth (Wiley, 2016) “In every interaction you need to ask questions to find what’s really going on and where we can add value. It’s a coordinated approach with everyone who interacts with the customer—administrative staff, technical staff, really everyone.” CHAPTER 6: INNOVATE DIRECT SALES –Sabine Sagaert, President, Business Unit Leader, Malt Cargil
  7. 7. From Sales Growth (Wiley, 2016) “It’s important to ensure that in our digital channels we can still provoke the same feelings, the sensations and the comfort with the brand that we used to always have in dealerships.” CHAPTER 7: INVEST IN PARTNERS FOR MUTUAL PROFIT –José Muñoz, Executive Vice President, and Chairman North America, Nissan
  8. 8. From Sales Growth (Wiley, 2016) “I’ve seen companies entering emerging markets make two mistakes. The first is trying to transfer the approach they use in mature markets to these new situations. The second is trying to control too much.” CHAPTER 8: SELL LIKE A LOCAL IN EMERGING MARKETS –Mikhail Gerchuk, CEO Eurasia,VimpelCom
  9. 9. From Sales Growth (Wiley, 2016) “We realized that our support people talk to customers daily to help them resolve problems, so we brought them into the selling process.” CHAPTER 9: TUNE SALES OPERATIONS FOR GROWTH –Alain Raes, Chief Executive, EMEA and Chief Executive, Asia Pacific, SWIFT
  10. 10. !"#$%&'()*)+,-./%( 0 12 !"#$%&'()* !3')4,%56)6/7')/)89':,;)/..:,/"9)6,)4'/<&=)69')&/<'&) 6'/-&)7%,>)69/6)$?)/)4'/<)4,'&%56)9/@')A,,4) 6'"9%$"$/%&B)69'%)$6)>,%56)>$%C +<'-'%&)D<E-B)FG'"E6$@')H$"')I:'&$4'%6)J%4E&6:()DE&$%'&& K"9%'$4':)F<'"6:$" From Sales Growth (Wiley, 2016) “We don’t take a ‘hero’ approach to deals; the sales teams know that if a deal doesn’t have good technicians, then it won’t win.” CHAPTER 10: PAY MORE ATTENTION TO PRESALES –Clemens Blum, Executive Vice President Industry Business, Schneider Electric
  11. 11. “If sales and marketing aren’t aligned as a one‐demand business, it becomes impossible to execute our commercial strategies.” From Sales Growth (Wiley, 2016) CHAPTER 11: GET THE MOST OUT OF MARKETING –Andrew Clarke, Chief Customer Officer, Mars
  12. 12. From Sales Growth (Wiley, 2016) “We realized that if we couldn’t articulate how the value we brought was different from the competition, we’d be down to competing on price.” CHAPTER 12: BUILD A TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANTAGE IN SALES –Debra Oler, Vice President & President, US Large Customer and LATAM Business, Grainger
  13. 13. From Sales Growth (Wiley, 2016) “Sales performance is the beating heart of the company. All other functions support the sales force.” CHAPTER 13: MANAGE PERFORMANCE FOR GROWTH –Mario Weiss, Executive Vice President, Würth
  14. 14. From Sales Growth (Wiley, 2016) “We can’t just rely on ‘good salespeople.’ We find that high‐quality training—really updating and exercising customer understanding and product knowledge—makes a huge difference.” CHAPTER 14: BUILD SALES DNA –Ludwig Willisch, Head of Region Americas, President & CEO, BMW North America, BMW
  15. 15. “To achieve profitable growth we set both revenue goals and standard margin targets all the way down the organization. It’s critical to have both.” CHAPTER 15: DRIVE GROWTH FROM THE VERY TOP –Eric V. Roegner, Chief Operating Officer, Alcoa Investment Castings, Titanium and Engineered Products; President, Alcoa Titanium & Engineered Products and Alcoa Defense, Alcoa From Sales Growth (Wiley, 2016)
  16. 16. “Perhaps the most important lesson I would pass on is to start with your customer, the data, and the reasons for the transformation. It is tough to argue with data and tough to argue with what the customers are asking you to do.” From Sales Growth (Wiley, 2016) CHAPTER 16: MAKE IT HAPPEN –Mark Patterson, SVP, Worldwide Sales Strategy and Operations, Cisco
  17. 17. The challenges facing today's sales executives and their organizations continue to grow, but so do the expectations that they will find ways to overcome them and drive consistent sales growth. Based on discussions with more than 200 of today's most successful global sales leaders from a wide array of organizations and industries, Sales Growth puts the experiences of these professionals in perspective and offers real-life examples of how they've overcome the challenges encountered in the quest for growth.