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Infographic – Sales Growth: Five proven strategies


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Sales leaders drive above market growth by focusing on these five key strategies.

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Infographic – Sales Growth: Five proven strategies

  1. 1. INVEST IN PARTNERS FOR MUTUAL PROFIT channel revenues 10-20%10-20% cost of sales 5-10%5-10% Sales Growth: Five proven strategies Sales leaders drive above market growth by focusing on five key strategies Invest enormous energy in managing performance. Stakeholder alignment is essential, as is a clear vision of how to prioritize the transformation effort. Find growth before your competitors do1 25%25% 45%45% 61%61% 33%33% do sales planning more than a year out More than 2/3 invest at least 4% of sales budget in future growth >40%>40% operating margin improvement for B2B and B2C companies Leads to up to Put advanced analytics at the heart of the sales culture IMPROVE BACK OFFICE TO FREE FRONT END SALES TIME PAY MORE ATTENTION TO PRESALES BUILD MARKETING AND SALES COLLABORATION sales time gain revenue gain new business win rates +50%+50% +10-25%+10-25% Supercharge your sales engine3 Focus on your people4 Lead the growth5 >⅔ USE ADVANCED ANALYTICS TO OPEN SALES OPPORTUNITIES Strong presales capabilities for B2B companies lead to win rates 10 - 15 points higher than those without 1 based on survey of 1,200 B2B purchasers Source: Sales Growth (Wiley, 2016) 2 “How some companies are using mobile to power growth,” McKinsey on Marketing & Sales, December 2015 @McK_MktgSales strong sales / weak marketing 50%50% weak sales / strong marketing LOOK AHEAD CASE STUDY 90%90%of change programs succeed Best practice leaders: ~30%~30% Average: of change programs succeed A European telecom operator ran a pilot that featured hands-on coaching, frequent performance discussions, checklists, and a team board. In practice, “overall sales experience” is 3X more important to B2B purchasers than they say.1 Sell the way your customers want2 3x3x USE MOBILE SALES TO DRIVE GROWTH $20-$30b$20-$30b Traditional players in retail, banking, and travel can win back $20-$30 billion in annual sales currently captured by e-commerce pure players2 of companies with both functions firing deliver above-market revenue growth 75%75% 80%80%per team member per week Contract valueOffers closed FOCUS ON THE SALES EXPERIENCE