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McKinsey & Company | 16
The McKinsey / ClickFox partnership brings “Big data”
insights to action in a distinctive way
▪ Quick set up (weeks)
▪ Prioritization of data to
aggregate based on
business case
▪ Integrating customers and
touchpoint data in one single
▪ Millions of touchpoints data
ingested every day (4 bn p.a.
in total)
▪ Managing disparate
sources / messy data
▪ Automatic prioritization of
Journeys / pain points driving
cost, CSAT, churn with built-
in algorithms
▪ Ability to drill / surface root
causes of pain points
▪ Leverage of McKinsey
Advanced Analytics and
predictive modeling
(e.g., churn, NPTB)
▪ Design of target Journeys
with McKinsey benchmarks
(e.g., ICE) and expertise
▪ McKinsey transformation /
change approach – starting
from the top, down to the
“shopfloor,” and across silos
▪ Real time Journey
performance tracking, across
▪ Test and learn with
immediate feedback
▪ Integration with CRM
systems / workflow
(e.g., customer outreach
alerts/ lists)
1. Stitching Journey data
across channels –
3. Accelerating execution –
Real time
2. Surfacing actionable
insights – Fast

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