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Why high-rate composting for urban organics?


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Fast, contained, and reliable, high-rate composting trumps outdoor windrows for recycling sophisticated urban organics.

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Why high-rate composting for urban organics?

  1. 1. High-rate composting A better way to manage organic waste from America’s cities
  2. 2. In the natural world, the forces of nature break down organics to feed the soil and hold water.
  3. 3. But it can take a long, long time.
  4. 4. Windrows were once considered a big improvement over Mother Nature.
  5. 5. They moved biodegradation from the forest to fields at the urban perimeter.
  6. 6. Composters were able to exert some control over the degradation process.
  7. 7. But windrow composting was not without its problems.
  8. 8. Weather exposure made the process unpredictable and unreliable.
  9. 9. This resulted in major headaches like odors, leachate and poor quality product.
  10. 10. A more contained, robust composting method was required to economically manage and recycle the high volumes of putrescible wastes generated by cities.
  11. 11. Composting evolved.
  12. 12. Scientifically-enhanced, high-rate composting entered the waste management mainstream.
  13. 13. If this is windrow composting,
  14. 14. this is high-rate composting.
  15. 15. Faster.
  16. 16. More efficient.
  17. 17. Processing 10x the volume of a windrow operation in the same footprint.
  18. 18. How does high-rate composting work?
  19. 19. Aerobic microbes, the worker bees of composting, only thrive within a specific temperature range. JUST RIGHT TOO HOT TOO COLD
  20. 20. Windrows are susceptible to high-low temperature cycling. JUST RIGHT TOO HOT TOO COLD
  21. 21. When this happens, aerobic microbes die. Populations must repeatedly rebuild, adding weeks to processing times.
  22. 22. Advanced composting systems keep temperatures within the Goldilocks Zone, speeding up the process. JUST RIGHT TOO HOT TOO COLD 3-5 days Begin process End process
  23. 23. This level of control requires containment, provided through indoor and/or encapsulated processing and curing.
  24. 24. Precise, continuous temperature control is provided by a computerized air delivery and extraction system operating 365/24/7.
  25. 25. This accelerates the process and offers ...
  26. 26. the ability to efficiently recycle all biodegradables at one high-rate facility,
  27. 27. near-invisible operations, • Odor mitigation using air extraction and biofiltration • Significant reductions in dust, flies, leachate and noise Out of sight, out of mind.
  28. 28. and the manufacture high-quality compost products. Safe and inconspicuous use by anyone, anytime, anywhere
  29. 29. Modern, industrial composting technologies meet expectations of regulators, the host community and the marketplace.
  30. 30. Indoor, high-rate composting is not stuck in the old century.
  31. 31. It allows siting facilities close to urban centers to cut transportation costs and maximize profitability ...
  32. 32. when combined with the use of preemptive site selection strategies ... • Industrial zoning • Greater distances between the facility and residences, churches, schools, shopping districts • Truck routes that avoid sensitive neighborhoods
  33. 33. and using higher design, technology and operating standards than currently required by regulations.
  34. 34. Regulations are the starting point for successful operations, not the end goal.
  35. 35. Professional marketing and sales programs are also a must.
  36. 36. What does the industry get for this investment?
  37. 37. Freedom from nuisance complaints and regulatory fines,
  38. 38. process predictability,
  39. 39. customer loyalty, Consistent product quality Boosts our recycling rate but costs lessNever misses a pick-up Saved our bacon Beats landfilling by a mile The Cadillac of compost Great price Makes us look good Many benefits The best Stellar serviceAlways on time Super PR value Great service Green & affordable
  40. 40. a healthy revenue stream from the sale of quality compost products,
  41. 41. and a more profitable operation.
  42. 42. Plus, everyone gets cleaner air and water as a bonus.
  43. 43. High-rate composting gives organics recycling a cost-effective future.
  44. 44. Read more about the benefits of high-rate composting for urban organics. CREDITS Production costs for this title were underwritten by McGill. Its use is permitted for educational purposes if presented in its entirety and without editing or other alteration. ©McGill Environmental Systems of N.C. Inc. Questions? Call McGill HQ at 919-362-1161 or use a contact form at